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UFC 293 results, live streaming PPV play-by-play updates | Adesanya vs. Strickland

*** Highlights! Watch Strickland Score MASSIVE upset over Adesanya !!! ***

UFC 293 live stream results and play-by-play updates: Reigning middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will defend his 185-pound strap against No. 6-ranked title contender Sean Strickland (thanks to the unexpected absence of No. 1-ranked Dricus Du Plessis) in UFC 293’s pay-per-view (PPV) main event TONIGHT (Sat., Sept. 9, 2023) streaming exclusively on ESPN+ (sign up here) from inside Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia. Before that 25-minute war of attrition gets underway “Down Under,” heavyweight fan-favorite, Tai “Bam Bam” Tuivasa, looks to add heavyweight hurter, Alexander Volkov, to his list of 265-pound conquests, which would also give fans the much-ballyhooed (and disgusting) “Shoey” from atop the cage.

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TWO TITLES UP FOR GRABS! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) makes its highly anticipated return to Madison Square Garden in New York City on Sat., Nov. 11, 2023, with a re-worked pay-per-view (PPV) main card. In the ESPN+-streamed main event, former 205-pound roost-ruler, Jiri Prochazka, will lock horns with ex-Middleweight kingpin, Alex Pereira, for the promotion’s vacant Light Heavyweight title. In UFC 295’s co-main event, top-ranked Heavyweight contenders, Sergei Pavlovich (No. 2) and Tom Aspinall (No. 4), will collide for the interim strap after division champion, Jon Jones, was injured with a torn pectoral muscle and forced to withdraw (video).

Don’t miss a single second of EPIC face-punching action!

UFC 293’s five-fight PPV main card gets underway TONIGHT at 10 p.m. ET, beginning with the 205-pound showdown between Australia’s own Tyson Pedro and Swedish “Pleasure Man” Anton Turkalj. Get complete UFC 293 PPV main card LIVE results and real-time play-by-play updates below. In addition, we’re also covering the UFC 293 “Prelims” undercard bouts streaming on ESPNN and ESPN+ in a separate thread RIGHT HERE, beginning promptly at 6:30 p.m. ET. Bet on all the UFC 293 action at DraftKings Sportsbook right here.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Adesanya vs. Strickland.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 293 main card PPV results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward 1the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Israel Adesanya vs. Sean Strickland — Strickland def. Adesanya by unanimous decision (49-46 x3) — HIGHLIGHTS!
Tai Tuivasa vs. Alexander Volkov — Volkov def. Tuivasa by submission (Ezekiel choke) at 4:37 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS!
Manel Kape vs. Felipe dos Santos — Kape def. dos Santos by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Justin Tafa vs. Austen Lane — Tafa def. Lane by TKO (punches) at 1:22 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!
Tyson Pedro vs. Anton Turkalj — Pedro def. Turkalj by KO (punches) at 2:12 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!


205 lbs.: Da Woon Jung vs. Carlos Ulberg — Ulberg def. Jung by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:49 of Round Three — HIGHLIGHTS!
145 lbs.: Jack Jenkins vs. Chepe Mariscal — Mariscal def. Jenkins by TKO (elbow injury) at 3:19 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS!
155 lbs.: John Makdessi vs. Jamie Mullarkey— Mullarkey def. Makdessi by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
155 lbs.: Nasrat Haqparast vs. Landon Quinones — Haqparast def. Quinones by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
170 lbs.: Blood Diamond vs. Charlie Radtke — Radtke def. Diamond by unanimous decision (29-27 x3)
145 lbs.: Gabriel Miranda vs. Shane Young — Young def. Miranda by technical submission (rear naked choke) at 0:59 of Round One
170 lbs.: Kiefer Crosbie vs. Kevin Jousset — Jousset def. Crosbie by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:49 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!


185 lbs.: UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya vs. Sean Strickland

UFC 293 Weigh-in Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images

Round 1: Adesanya circling, picking away at Strickland’s lead leg. One minute in. Inside low kick from Strickland. Adesanya tries a head kick. Low kick lands for him. Strickland plodding after him as always. Two minutes in. Strickland catches a body kick, can’t use it. 1-1-2 goes wide. Adesanya tries a Brazilian kick. More pressure from Strickland, neither man connecting with anything significant. Adesanya low kicks. Two minutes to go.

Strickland body kick. He’s shuffling after Adesanya a bit faster, lands a straight right, eats jabs. 1-2 against the guard. Adesanya flicking out his jab as he circles against the fence. One minute to go. Out of nowhere, Strickland hurts Adesanya with a huge straight right that takes his legs out. Strickland absolutely hammers him with a follow-up flurry, but somehow Adesanya manages to weather it and walk clear-eyed to his corner. 10-9 Strickland.

Round 2: Strickland continues his traditional plod. Body kick lands for him. Adesanya throwing a lot of feints. Straight left a minute in. 1-2-head kick falls short. Adesanya body kick. Two minutes in. Quick body shot. The feints seem to be muzzling Strickland a bit. Jab exchange, 1-2 from Adesanya. More low kicks. Two minutes to go.

Hard body shot and low kick from Adesanya. Stiff jab. Strickland’s output has dropped quite a bit. Big lead right by Adesanya, his best head shot of the night. One minute to go. 1-2 falls short. Body kick lands. Strickland 1-2. 10-9 Adesanya.

Round 3: Back to the slow-motion chase. Adesanya keeping up the low kicks as he circles along the fence. Body kick falls short. One minute in. Adesanya falling short with a lot, as is Strickland. There’s a right cross by Adesanya. More low kicks. Two minutes in. Strickland double jab. Adesanya 1-2, avoids the counter right, tries a Brazilian kick. Two minutes to go.

Counter hook lands for Strickland, not a ton on it. Teep after eating a couple jabs. Good jab of his own. Big exchange, another long hook by Strickland. Two-piece from Adesanya. Quick jab. Strickland’s corner pushing him to close strong. Adesanya evades him until the bell. 10-9 Adesanya.

Round 4: Adesanya still playing keep-away. Strickland body kick, Adesanya low kick. One minute in. Body kick. Overhand left falls short. Teeps from Strickland, straight right. They trade, left hook lands for Strickland and he follows with a three-piece. 1-2 from Adesanya. Body kick. Two minutes in. Trading jabs. Both fall short with punches. Left hook by Adesanya. 1-2 from Strickland kicks off a flurry. Shifting hook by Adesanya with two minutes to go.

Cross counter lands for Adesanya, left hook and body kick behind it. He tries to flurry, can’t land clean. One minute to go. Good counter right by Adesanya, Strickland answers immediately. Nice counter hook by Strickland. 10-9 Strickland.

Round 5: Lots of kicks from Adesanya to start. Strickland keeping up the pressure. One minute in. Strickland teep, Adesanya low kick. Adesanya body kick. Strickland teep two minutes in. Adesanya tries some left hands, falls short. 1-2 from Strickland connects. Low kick and right hand by Strickland. Two minutes to go.

Hard jab by Adesanya. Low kick lands as he circles on the fence. Good Strickland straight right. Teep. One minute to go. Both swing punches, neither connect. Another STrickland right hand. Strickland roaring in Adesanya’s face, Adesanya with no answer but to retreat. 10-9 Strickland.

Final result: Strickland def. Adesanya by unanimous decision — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

265 lbs.: Tai Tuivasa vs. Alexander Volkov

UFC 293 Ceremonial Weigh-in Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Round 1: Volkov meeting Tuivasa with kicks as the latter tries to close the distance. Both land well to the body. 1-2-body kick from Tuivasa strays low a minute in. Volkov doing well with his lead leg. Tuivasa rushes him with some big swings, can’t land clean. Volkov catches a kick and lands a right hand, then briefly holds a front headlock on the way up. Two minutes in. Tuivvasa leg kicks, counters from Volkov. 1-2-low kick-head kick land for Volkov with two minutes to go.

Uppercut finds the mark for Tuivasa, who eats a sharp counter right on a naked low kick. Combinations from Volkov. Tuivasa backs him to the fence and tries to open up. Nice body shots from Volkov. One minute to go. Tuivasa trying to dial in teh shovel hook as Volkov leans away. Tuivasa gets a little too eager to get inside and Volkov drops him with a counter right, then lands elbows against the fence. Tuivasa trying to land low kicks. Hand trap to left hook by Volkov, who hammers Tuivasa with a lengthy combo until the bell. 10-9 Volkov.

Round 2: Tuivasa leading with low kicks and trying to swing hard against the fence. Volkov trying to time the kicks with counter rights. Volkov body kick. Short left hook. One minute in. Clinch knee to left hook land for VOlkov. Counter right lands clean. Tuivasa knocks him back with an overhand right and they smile at each other. Combination by Volkov, who’s on fire tonight. Another naked low kick from Tuivasa and another counter right from Volkov, which again sends “Bam Bam” to the mat. Volkov on top in half guard. Tuivasa works his way up two minutes in. He’s going for it, walking through Volkov’s right hands. Volkov 1-2, who catches a low kick and lands on top again, dropping punches and hammerfists. He moves right to mount and drops a huge elbow with two minutes to go.

Good shots from Volkov. Looking for the arm triangle, can’t get it, postures up for some more punches. Shots from back mount, back to mount, piling up punches and elbows. One minute to go. Volkov looking for the Ezekiel choke and it’s deep. Oh my goodness he’s got it. Tuivasa tries to push him away, but he’s forced to frantically tap. What a submission by Alexander Volkov.

Final result: Volkov def. Tuivasa by submission (Ezekiel choke) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

125 lbs.: Manel Kape vs. Felipe dos Santos

UFC 293 Weigh-in Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images

Round 1: Low kick from dos Santos to start. Heavier one from Kape. Continuing to trade kicks at range. Solid hook from dos Santos and he follows with a flying knee. Nice counter jab, but Kape answers with a straight left that floors him. dos Santos is awake by the time he hits the mat, and after briefly trying to put him away, Kape lets him up a minute in. Heavy exchange. Kape stalking after him. Hard leg kick. Good jab from dos Santos, who’s being unusually patient tonight by his standards. dos Santos catches a body kick and tries to jump on top, but Kape hooks his arm under his knee and sweeps him, then lets him up after a few good swats. dos Santos puts together some flurries on the feet. Hard knee catches Kape leaning. Two minutes to go.

Low kicks by dos Santos. Front kick downstairs. Kape lands a low kick, steps in with a knee. dos Santos pressuring well. They trade knees inside, dos Santos tries an elbow on the break. Spinning elbow from Kape lands clean to no apparent effect. One minute to go. dos Santos catches a body kick and ties up on the fence, looking for a head kick on the break. Both attack the body. Body kick and right hand from Kape and they slug it out, slamming each other with elbows before knocking each other back with power punches. Hell yeah. 10-9 Kape.

Round 2: dos Santos tossing out kicks. Hard left hand by Kape. dos Santos continuing to spam kicks. Big right cross knocks Kape back a minute in. Low kick, right cross. Kape knocks him over with a calf kick. Big right cross from Kape inside. Counter right by dos Santos soon after. Two minutes in. More kicks from dos Santos. 1-2 met by a Kape hook. Stiff Kape jab. dos Santos flying knee falls short. Two minutes to go.

Both land 1-2s. Heavy exchange. Stiff punches rattle dos SAntos for a moment. Kape staying overly patient. Big exchanges in center cage. One minute to go. Spinning back kick from dos Santos. He follows with a 1-2, runs into a counter right. Kape backs him to the fence and tees off. Huge shots form both men. dos Santos right hand met by a flurry from Kape. Kape’s woken up in the last two minutes. 3-2. 10-9 Kape.

Round 3: Heavy pull counter by Kape early on. dos Santos keeping up the steady diet of kicks. Kape 1-2, dos Santos lead right. Good two-piece by dos Santos a minute in. Kape pops him with a stutter-step left, eats a 1-2 in return. Brutal straight left from Kape. dos Santos comes back with a good straight and chases Kape to the fence, where he answers with big counters. Nasty shots and it’s Kape who gets the worst of it for once, wobbling from a straight right as they get back to brutaizing each other. Two minutes in. Hard four-piece by Kape. Counters knock dos SAntos to a knee for a moment. Kape mimes dribbling a basketball and dos Santos answers with hard punches. Two minutes to go.

dos Santos continuing to push forward behind his kicks. Another hard pull counter lands for Kape. dos Santos pursuing, eats a lead right. Big exchange in center cage. One minute to go. dos Santos whiffs on a wheel kick. Both land heavy right hands. Counter right by Kape off a body kick. dos Santos lands a jumping front kick and Kape responds by taking him down into guard. Each one blasts the other with punches and elbows until the bell. What a fight. 10-9 dos Santos.

Final result: Kape def. dos Santos by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Justin Tafa vs. Austen Lane

UFC 293 Ceremonial Weigh-in Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Round 1: Lane lands a couple kicks, then pokes Tafa in the eye again about 20 seconds in while trying to push off his face. Lane continues to fire kicks as Tafa tries to work his way inside. Hard 3-2 from Tafa. Lane tries a hook kick, which lets Tafa get close enough to land a right hook a minute in. Lane reaches in too far with a right cross and Tafa is waiting with another counter right hook. Lane backs off, but not far enough to avoid an overhand left that folds him. He’s still awake when he lands, which works against him as Tafa carpet bombs him for the finish.

Final result: Tafa def. Lane by TKO (punches)

205 lbs.: Tyson Pedro vs. Anton Turkalj

UFC 293 Ceremonial Weigh-in Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Round 1: Turkalj on the front foot to start, firing kicks from out of range. Pedro 1-2 just misses, Turkalj low kicks do not. One minute in. Lead right from Turkalj. Pedro lands his own low kicks. Clash of shins, then a clinch from Turkalj, who tries to sneak in some knees. Heavy 1-2 from Pedro knocks Turkalj off-balance and now Pedro’s on the attack. Turkalj absorbs some huge blows, but a right cross proves one too many, sending him sprawling to the mat and into prime position for Pedro to blast him into unconsciousness.

Final result: Pedro def. Turkalj by KO (punches) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

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