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UFC attacks! Dana White and Co. file suit against Pillow Fight Championship (PFC) to save clueless fans from ‘confusion’

Welcome to PFC, where “pillow hands” is now considered a compliment.

Pillow Fight Championship (PFC), which bills itself as the world’s first professional pillow fighting league — clearly ignoring the ground broken by Toronto’s Pillow Fight League (PFL) back in 2004 — was forced to change its logo from red to orange because mixed martial arts (MMA) fans might be too dumb to realize it’s not affiliated with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

UFC President Dana White and Co. recently filed suit citing brand “confusion.”

“It’s ridiculous,” PFC CEO, Steve Williams, told The Post. “Out of the 100 million comments nobody ever said anything. I’d definitely like to get Dana in the ring. He’s a decade younger and spent his entire life around MMA fighters but I’m 100 percent sure that I’d stomp his skinny a** in the first round.”

Here’s a comparison:

Perhaps the new orange-tastic PFC can file a countersuit over this color “confusion.”

PFC: “Pillow Fight Championship” recently aired on ESPN8: The Ocho and ESPN2 back on Aug. 4. The promotion is expected to return to action for a special “Fight Night” event later this month. Athletes looking to compete for PFC can apply here.

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