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Ebanie Bridges: ‘I’d be working at f—king McDonald’s’ if it weren’t for OnlyFans

Katie Taylor v Chantelle Cameron - Undisputed Super Lightweight Championship Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Ebanie Bridges has gone all of 2023 without a boxing match, but manages to make ends meet outside the ring.

Currently the International Boxing Federation (IBF) Bantamweight champion, the 9-1 Bridges rides a four-fight win streak that saw her last fight come in Dec. 2022, defeating Shannon O’Connell via eighth round technical knockout (watch highlights). Bridges received a career-high payout of $250,000 for the bout, according to Sports Payouts. Unfortunately for the Australian titleholder, she hasn’t been seen in action ever since.

Bridges, 36, doesn’t look at her inactivity as the end of the world despite wanting to compete sooner rather than later. Having found success on the influencer platform, OnlyFans, Bridges would admittedly be struggling without it.

“I’m in the top 0.1 percent of earners on OnlyFans,” Bridges told Lucky Block. “I haven’t had a paycheck from boxing since December f—king 2022. So I suppose, thank f—k for OnlyFans, otherwise I’d be working at f—king McDonald’s or something in order to support myself over here. So, thank god for OnlyFans because it keeps me going and it keeps me being able to train at the gym full time, and saves me from not having to go get a second job. Because I’m not getting paid because I’m not boxing, it just helps me with my life, It helps me set up my future.

“God willing I have children, it helps set up their future,” she continued. “I think the people that judge me for OnlyFans and what I do on OnlyFans clearly haven’t subscribed because if they did, they wouldn’t be talking the s—t that they talk. It’s exclusive content and you get to chat with me there and I enjoy it. I enjoy getting to know my fans. So people can complain as much as they want.”

Bridges is one of the first female boxers to have joined OnlyFans and made a decent living off of the platform. The “Blonde Bomber” notes that she no longer needs her boxing career to make money, but the bigger picture and goals still surround being an undisputed great in the sport. The financial aid of OnlyFans has just further allowed her to keep focus on what she wants to achieve and accomplish.

“My priority right now is to bash some b—ches,” Bridges said. “I want to defend my belt because I’ve put my life on hold waiting to box. I can’t travel. I can’t eat, I can’t go home and see my family. I can’t do all these things because I’m in camp and always training, and always making sure I’m staying fit and ready, so I can get a fight. It’s very hard.”

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