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Korean Zombie saddened by fans stealing last pair of UFC gloves: ‘You’ve crossed the line’

“The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung has left the fight game without his greatest souvenir.

UFC Singapore marked the final time that one of Korea’s all-time greatest fighters entered a mixed martial arts (MMA) cage. Unsure of whether or not his fight with former Featherweight champion, Max Holloway, was going to be his last, Jung knew once it had finished that it was time to walk away.

Jung, 36, finished his career with an entertaining 17-8 record (7-5 in UFC), falling short against “Blessed” via a wild third round knockout (watch highlights). As is tradition for retiring fighters in the sport, Jung took off his gloves post-fight and briefly left them in the Octagon before exiting. Unfortunately for “Zombie,” his departure from the arena led to a greedy fan taking the memorable possession from his grasp.

“So, I took off my gloves in the Octagon, and I was walking backstage with the gloves in my left hand,” Jung said on his YouTube channel. “While I was high-fiving the audience during the walk back, I kept my left arm folded on purpose because I had the gloves in my left hand, but then someone held onto my wrists and took one of my gloves.

“Dude, seriously?” he continued. “I really wanted to keep those gloves, but one went missing. So, I was like, ‘Whatever,’ and just threw the other one into the crowd. Whoever took my glove, you’ve crossed the line. Those were my last pair of gloves.”

Jung challenged for UFC Featherweight gold twice in his unforgettable career, coming up short on both occasions against the legendary duo of Jose Aldo in 2013 and Alexander Volkanovski in 2022. Regardless, Jung was always must-see television, which was evidenced by his UFC career landing him exclusively in main event slots since his third bout opposite Dustin Poirier in May 2012.

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