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Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo results, live stream fight updates

Canelo Alvarez v Jermell Charlo - Press Conference Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Undisputed Super Welterweight champion, Jermell Charlo, attempts a preposterous feat in Las Vegas, Nevada, tonight (Sat., Sept. 30, 2023) when he moves up two weight classes to challenged undisputed Super Middleweight kingpin and pay-per-view (PPV) box office sensation, Canelo Alvarez. will deliver LIVE coverage of the Canelo vs. Charlo main card right below. The PPV main card broadcast kicks off on Showtime/ at 8 p.m. ET, while Canelo and Charlo are expected to make their ring walks around 11 p.m. ET (watch it here).

Charlo jumped at the opportunity to make history when twin brother Jermall Charlo — WBC’s Middleweight champion — passed on winning the Canelo Sweepstakes. This will cost him his undisputed status, however, as WBO ruled that he’ll be stripped upon entering the ring after failing to fight mandatory challenger, Tim Tszyu, in a timely fashion.

The co-feature sees top 154-pound prospect, Jesus Ramos Jr., fight former title challenger, Erickson Lubin. Seven pounds south, Yordenis Ugas faces Mario Barrios for interim WBC gold, while champion Terence Crawford sorts out a potential rematch with Errol Spence Jr. The opener sees 20-year-old Middleweight prospect, Elijah Garcia, face 24-year-old Armando Resendiz, who reignited his career by battering former unified champion Jarrett Hurd.

Canelo Vs. Charlo Quick Results:

Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo — Alvarez def. Charlo by unanimous decision (119-108, 118-109 x2)
Jesus Ramos Jr. vs. Erickson Lubin — Lubin def. Ramos by unanimous decision (115-113, 116-112, 117-111)
Yordenis Ugas vs. Mario Barrios — Barrios def. Ugas by unanimous decision (117-108, 118-107 x2)
Elijah Garcia vs. Armando Resendiz — Garcia def. Resendiz by TKO at 1:23 of Round Eight — HIGHLIGHTS!

Canelo Vs. Charlo Round-By-Round Updates:

Undisputed Super Middleweight Championship: Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo

Round one: Circling and feinting for the first 30 seconds. Canelo whiffs on a left hook. Halfway through, no landed punches yet. Charlo tries jabs, Canelo tries a left hook, neither lands. Canelo loads up on a body shot against the ropes. Two-piece hooks. Canelo stalking, tries to attack on the ropes, gets clinched. 10-9 Alvarez.

Round two: Canelo slowly advancing. Overhand right. Charlo not really doing anything to keep Canelo away besides circling. Now Charlo trying to throw left hands. Canelo blocking most of what comes his way. Charlo lands a body shot, tries to clinch, gets shoved. Canelo to the body halfway through. Clinch. Charlo ducks a left hook, clinch. Nice body shot from Canelo. Canelo backs him to the ropes, overhand right and left body shot. Charlo 1-1-3 blocked. Canelo digs a right downstairs. 10-9, 20-18 Alvarez.

Round three: Charlo trying to pump the jab now. Clinch. Canelo with a right downstairs. Another one, warned for landing to the back. Canelo pressuring without much respect for what’s coming back. Charlo clinches. Canelo backs him to the ropes, lands a good right hand, gets clinched. Halfway through. Clinch. Charlo has no answer so far. Canelo walks in, lands a right downstairs, gets clinched. Charlo with a glancing uppercut. Left hook exchange, overhand right from Canelo, clinch. Charlo keeps ducking his head under Canelo’s armpit. Left hook from Canelo, jab as Charlo circles off. Nice liver shot from Canelo, 1-2 just misses. 10-9, 30-27 Alvarez.

Round four: Canelo walking him down with impunity already. Solid left hook from Charlo, then a right around the guard. Canelo denies a clinch and rips him with a pair of left hooks. Jabs from Charlo bounce off, body shot from Canelo. Right hand downstairs. More body work. Halfway through. More hooks from Canelo, mostly blocked. Big right hand upstairs, body shot, overhand right. Charlo clinches. More pressure from Canelo, more ducking into the clinch by Charlo. Canelo body shots. Charlo tries some jabs on the retreat, eats a heavier one. 10-9, 40-36 Alvarez.

Round five: Charlo has nothing for him so far. Clean left hook and jab from Canelo. Canelo hook, counters from Charlo. Clinch. Body shot from Canelo. Canelo blocks a combo, hits the body, clinch. Halfway through. Canelo just walking through all of Charlo’s shots to methodically attack the body. More body shots, right hand upstairs. Long combo from Charlo, Canelo tries to get it back before getting clinched. Nice left hook by Charlo, Canelo answers to the body. 10-9, 50-45 Alvarez.

Round six: More pressure from Canelo. Short hook, gets clinched. Both attack the body. Clinch. Left hook from Charlo as he circles off. Counter hook halfway through, jab from Canelo in return. Canelo tries to bully him on the ropes, gets clinched. Clinch again. Nice body shot from Canelo as he avoids the return fire. Charlo tries a combo, ties up. Canelo corners him and lands some decent shots. Body shot, uppercut. 10-9, 60-54 Alvarez.

Round seven: Canelo in cruise control. Charlo can’t hurt him or land enough punches to make up for it. Long Charlo combo whiffs, Canelo comes back to the body. Huge overhand right from Canelo splits the guard and Charlo takes a knee. He’s up in time and here comes Canelo. Charlo clinches after eating a right hand. Halfway through. Charlo continuing to hold to smother Canelo. Huge hook from Charlo, Canelo walks through it. Charlo showing some life, firing left hands. Canelo slams home some right hands against the ropes before getting clinched. Stiff jab. Canelo body shot, warned for landing to the hip. 10-8, 70-62 Alvarez.

Round eight: Canelo pressuring, Charlo trying and failing to keep him at bay with the jab. Canelo body shot, Charlo jab. Canelo corners him and they trade before Charlo clinches. Charlo body shot, clinch. Halfway through. Nasty body shot from Canelo, Charlo clinches again. Charlo hook, Canelo combo, Charlo straight right. Canelo body shot, gets clinched. Nice body shot against the ropes, Charlo clinches again. All Charlo has at this point are jabs, clinches, and one or two decent power shots per round. 10-9, 80-71 Alvarez.

Round nine: Brief delay to clean up a corner. Canelo still walking him down, landing hard body shots. Solid combo from Charlo in center ring. Canelo body shot, clinch in the corner. Charlo tries to clinch, eats an uppercut, ties up anyway. Halfway through. This is just not competitive at all. Charlo body shot. Canelo lands one against the ropes. Hook upstairs from Charlo around the guard, nice right downstairs. Canelo wades in, gets clinched. Charlo hook, clinch. High-low combo by Canelo against the ropes. 1-2. 10-9, 90-80 Alvarez.

Round ten: More bullying from Canelo. Charlo content to punch-and-clutch despite the fact that it’s not working. Hard hooks from Canelo against the ropes, then a hard uppercut that prompts a clinch. Pressuring, landing combos halfway through. Charlo doing nothing to dig himself out of this hole. 1-2 from Canelo. Double left from Charlo in the corner. Combo bounces off the guard. 10-9, 100-89 Alvarez.

Round eleven: Eleventh verse, same as the first 10. Canelo walking forward and winging bombs, Charlo jabbing and clinching. Charlo with some decent shots against the ropes. Clinch halfway through. Canelo body shots. Uppercut just misses. Charlo 1-2, Canelo jab. Clinch. They trade on the ropes, heavy right hands from Canelo. Stiff up-jab. 10-9, 110-98 Alvarez.

Round twelve: Charlo’s lost every round and doesn’t seem interested in trying anything different. Mostly just holding from him in the first half of the round. Canelo lands against the ropes, clinch. Big counter hook lands for Charlo to no effect. Another hook from Charlo and a 1-2 behind it. Canelo to the body. Canelo tries to open up on the ropes, gets clinched. Clinch again. Eh, Charlo landed a couple decent shots. 10-9 Charlo, 119-108 Alvarez.

Final result: Alvarez def. Charlo by unanimous decision

Super Welterweight: Jesus Ramos Jr. vs. Erickson Lubin

Round one: Trading southpaw jabs in the early going. Neither man getting the better of it at the halfway point. Short right hook from Ramos. Lubin moving well so far, staying busy with the jab. Body shots from Ramos. He backs Lubin to the corner, can’t get much done before the bell. 10-9 Ramos.

Round two: Lubin potshotting off the back foot. Ramos not pressing the issue thus far. As I type that, he corners Lubin and lands some body shots before he escapes. Lubin continuing to circle and pump the jab. Halfway through. More body shots from Ramos against the ropes, then a two-piece upstairs. Lubin fires some combos that bounce off the guard. Ramos cutting off the ring fairly well. A few more body shots before the bell. 10-9, 20-18 Ramos.

Round three: Ramos continuing to target the body to good effect. Lubin keeps finding himself on the ropes. Heavy left downstairs from Ramos. Lubin firing a lot of jabs but not landing many clean. There’s a left to the body from him. Ramos answers with jabs downstairs two minutes in. Lubin jab, Ramos counter left. Exchanges starting to pick up. Heavy pressure from Ramos, meeting Lubin’s jabs with his own. Lubin catches him leaning with his back to the ropes. Ramos rips the body against the ropes. Lubin puts together some decent shots before the bell. 10-9, 30-27 Ramos.

Round four: Ramos stalking, looking to jab the body. Lubin largely content to jab off the back foot. Right hook downstairs. Lubin getting a bit of momentum, landing more jabs. Counter left in the corner. Halfway through. Ramos warned for a low blow. Lubin to the body, eats one in return. He’s sticking and moving well this round. Ramos loads up a body shot against the ropes. Solid return fire from Lubin. Ramos responds with some clean uppercuts. Trading jabs, counter left from Lubin. 10-9 Lubin, 39-37 Ramos.

Round five: Lubin still doing fairly well on the back foot. Ramos not forcing the issue as much as in previous rounds. There’s a nice left downstairs. Both rip the body in the center. Ramos backs him to the ropes and lands a series of body blows. Lubin jabbing and circling halfway through. Left hand and right hook around the guard. Ramos digs in with body shots against the ropes. Clinch. Two-piece upstairs. Both land well downstairs. Ramos getting him to the ropes consistently, landing well at close range. He’s retaken the momentum. 10-9, 49-46 Ramos.

Round six: Lubin with another good start to the round, firing volume. Ramos steadily forces him to the ropes again, eating jabs. Lubin ties up. Ramos goes right back to the body and they engage at point blank. Halfway through. Ramos walking him down like usual. 1-2 downstairs. Lubin circling and jabbing. Body shot and clinch. Body shots from Ramos. Clinch. 10-9, 59-55 Ramos.

Round seven: Lubin sticking and moving, Ramos steadily advancing. Hard lead left by Ramos. He backs Lubin to the ropes again and goes to work downstairs. Again. Overhand left by Lubin backs him off. Lubin clinches, lands a short left on the exit. Another clinch. Ramos backs him to the ropes, body shot and uppercut. Lubin clinches again. Overhand left from Lubin, avoids the lefts in return. More body work from Ramos, mixing in some heavy shots upstairs in the corner. More body work against the ropes. Lubin tries to fire back in the last 10 seconds. 10-9, 69-64 Ramos.

Round eight: The story so far is Ramos walking through the jab-heavy fire of Lubin to pressure him to the ropes and tear up the body. He does it again as I type that. Clinch. More jabs from Lubin. Overhand left. Ramos ties up halfway through. Ramos walks through a hard counter to go to work against the ropes. Good body shots. Lubin ties up. Sharp jabs as he circles. Ramos body shots in the corner. Solid left upstairs. Lubin digs a right to the body as well. High-low goes Ramos. Long left cross. 10-9, 79-73 Ramos.

Round nine: Lubin’s trainer wants him to let his hands go, but the story hasn’t changed in a while. Lubin fires combos, Ramos blocks most of it, then just walks him to the ropes and goes to work. Less pressure from Ramos in the early going. Clinch. Halfway through. Lubin doing well this round by virtue of Ramos not keeping the pressure up. Clinch. 1-1-2 from Lubin. Ramos tries a pull counter; his output has been surprisingly limited. Left crosses land for Lubin. 10-9 Lubin, 88-83 Ramos.

Round ten: Lubin launching volleys as Ramos slowly advances. He’s not getting cornered as easily lately. Body shot exchange. Halfway through. Ramos has been a non-factor since the start of the last round, allowing Lubin to potshot his way into the driver’s seat. Nice combo from Lubin. He’s circling away from the ropes pretty well. 10-9 Lubin, 97-93 Ramos.

Round eleven: It’s been a dud of a fight for the most part and the previous two rounds were even more so. Ramos’ foot is completely off the gas and Lubin is content to just edge out rounds instead of committing to anything meaningful. Halfway through. Lubin to the body. Double jab after Ramos whiffs on power shots. Lubin picking away with jabs to good effect. 10-9 Lubin, 106-103 Ramos.

Round twelve: Ramos slowly plodding, doing very little to back Lubin to the ropes. He tries to do so, gets clinched. Now Ramos landing some body shots as Lubin latches onto his arm. Ramos finally pressuring again, landing well against the ropes. Sitting down on some big shots. Clinch halfway through. 1-1-2 from Lubin, low-high jabs behind it. Ramos walking after him with jabs of his own. They stare at each other for a bit, then whiff before the bell. What a flop. 10-9, 116-112 Ramos.

Final result: Lubin def. Ramos by unanimous decision

Interim WBC Welterweight championship: Yordenis Ugas vs. Mario Barrios

Round one: Trading jabs to start. Halfway through, no major connections yet. Ugas to the body in combination. Barrios combo. Ugas 1-2 downstairs. Sharp jab from Barrios, Ugas body shot. Counter 1-2 from Ugas, stiff Barrios jab. 10-9 Barrios.

Round two: Quick exchange to start. Counter right from Barrios, Ugas trips but doesn’t go down. Ugas goes high-low. Jabs from Barrios. He’s moving well so far, keeping Ugas from getting comfortable. Barrios right hand, Ugas answers to the body halfway through. Barrios jabs met by an Ugas left hook. Nice overhand right from Ugas. Trading jabs. They exchange in the center, seemingly even until Barrios catches Ugas coming in with a piston jab for a knockdown. Ugas beats the count and looks lucid. 10-8, 20-17 Barrios.

Round three: High-volume jabbing from both. Ugas on the front foot, tries to rip the body. Right hand upstairs. Nice body shot from Barrios and a clean jab behind it. Barrios flurry to the midsection. Halfway through. Solid pull counter lands for Ugas. Both whiff on two-pieces. Ugas jabs, continuing to slowly advance. Nice left hooks downstairs and Ugas follows with heavy artillery. Barrios weathers it and goes back to jabbing. Ugas whiffs on a lunging left hook at the bell. 10-9 Ugas, 29-27 Barrios.

Round four: Stiff jabs from Barrios to start. Now he’s on the front foot. Nice body shot. Jabs working well for Barrios. Ugas attacks the body. Barrios forces him back with a lengthy combo, eats a 1-2. More body work by Ugas. Halfway through. Brief clinch. Barrios body shots, straight right by Ugas. 1-1-2 by Ugas. Heavy counter right. More jabs by Barrios. Ugas comes back with a right hand, eats a couple more jabs at the bell. 10-9 Ugas, 38-37 Barrios.

Round five: Body hook from Ugas. Barrios keeping the jab in his face but not following with a lot of power shots. Ugas double jab. Counter body shot. Ugas starting to match the volume. Halfway through. Counter body shots land again for Ugas. Barrios lands a body shot and eats two right hands. Trading jabs in center ring. Ugas right to the body, eats an overhand right in return. Low-high 3-2 from Ugas. Overhand whiffs and they clinch. Ugas lands a right downstairs and a combo before the bell. 10-9 Ugas, 47-47.

Round six: Early right hand sends Ugas stumbling back. He regains his bearings but Barrios tries to press the advantage. Things slow back down until Ugas lands a two-piece downstairs. Exchanging in center ring, good body shots from Barrios. Even exchanges halfway through the round. Combo from Ugas. More jabs from Barrios. Ugas straight right. Another right by Ugas. On the counter this time. They trade inside, neither connects. Ugas swats him with an overhand right, then another in the final seconds and one slightly after. 10-9, 57-56 Barrios.

Round seven: Slow start to the round. They exchange in center ring. 1-2 from Ugas. Short right and uppercut land for Barrios, Ugas comes back with a combo. That Barrios jab remains a major factor. Both rip the body back to back. Overhand right from Ugas halfway through; his right eye is starting to deteriorate. Low-high 3-2 by Ugas as they trade. Barrios triples the jab in return. Keeping it in Ugas’ face. Nice 1-2 from Barrios. Ugas to the body, backed off by a combo. Both fire heavy rights and trade in the final seconds. 10-9, 67-65 Barrios.

Round eight: Combo from Barrios, mean mug from Ugas. Ugas just hasn’t thrown enough the last couple rounds, while Barrios continues to sharpshoot with the jab. Ugas body shots, warned for landing to the hip. Halfway through. He whiffs big on an overhand, lands a counter right. They trade in the center. Both bang the body. More jabs by Barrios keeping Ugas honest. Glancing overhand from Ugas and they trade jabs. 10-9, 77-74 Barrios.

Round nine: Barrios comfortably outworking Ugas, who can’t seem to keep his foot on the gas or find the body shots that worked so well for him earlier. Body shots from Barrios. They trade body shots and Barrios follows with a combo upstairs. Halfway through. Low-high rights by Ugas. More jabs by Barrios, left hook from Ugas. Ugas not pulling the trigger. Low-high combo by Barrios, in and out before Ugas can react. Ugas unable to corner him before the bell. 10-9, 87-83 Barrios.

Round ten: The ref delays the start to check out Ugas’ eye, but gives him the all-clear. Ugas knows he’s down but not fighting like it. Clean jabs and combos from Barrios. 3-2 lands for Ugas, combo from Barrios in return. Halfway through. Barrios is getting in and out with impunity at this point. There’s a right hand from Ugas. Barrios gets it back with interest, racking up jabs. They trade near the ropes and Ugas lands his best right in a while. 10-9, 97-92 Barrios.

Round eleven: Ugas’ eye is in bad shape but he’s again cleared to continue. He attacks the body, eats body shots in return. Barrios turning up the volume; it’s giving Ugas some more opportunities to land but Barrios is still getting the better of it by far. Halfway through. Barrios continuing to outland Ugas with power shots alongside the omnipresent jab. Ugas game as hell but starting to reel. Barrios pours it on late, walking through the return fire. 10-9, 107-101 Barrios.

Round twelve: One last check on the eye, and to a vehement Ugas’ satisfaction, he’s sent out for the final round. Barrios is just as happy, meeting him with a barrage of power shots until a left hook sends Ugas wobbling down. He beats the count but Barrios wants the finish, stalking Ugas and unloading. Ugas buys a bit of time by losing his mouthpiece and Barrios dials it back a bit. Halfway through. Ugas’ mouthpiece comes out again as Barrios picks his shots and he loses a point for it. Barrios continuing to stalk and punch through Ugas’ guard with rapid-fire combos. Ugas backs him off with a 3-2. Heavy right hand wobbles Ugas, who immediately knuckles down and hurls heat in return. Big right hands from Ugas. Barrios forces him back with a volley, continuing to chase and throw until the bell. Phenomenal performance from Barrios. 10-7, 117-108 Barrios.

Final result: Barrios def. Ugas by unanimous decision

Middleweight: Elijah Garcia vs. Armando Resendiz

Round one: Garcia southpaw, Resendiz orthodox. Straight left from Garcia. Both just prodding with jabs and straights so far. Another quick left from Garcia as both pump their jabs. Halfway through. They’re staying just on the edge of punching range, going back and forth. Both men picking up the pace, trading in the center almost forehead to forehead.. Heavier shots from Garcia, Resendiz getting in his licks. Big Garcia uppercut, looping right by Resendiz in return. Garcia still finding the mark with bigger shots and a straight left wobbles Resendiz. Resendiz survives, mugs, and weathers a patient attack for the rest of the round. 10-9 Garcia.

Round two: Right back to the center they go, fencing with their lead hands. Resendiz staying active but still eating the cleaner shots from Garcia. REsendiz puts together combos upstairs a Garcia rips the body. Back-and-forth action halfway through the round. Nasty hooks from Resendiz after eating a hard straight left. Resendiz suddenly finding the mark and a pair of looping rights wobble Garcia. Garcia gets his bearings back and sits down on his own shots. Garcia starting to retake the momentum as the high-volume exchanges continue nonstop. Sharp straight lefts snap Resendiz’s head back in the final seconds. 10-9 Resendiz, 19-19.

Round three: Heavy 1-2 from Garcia as the fight gets a little more mobile. Straight left, pull counters, straight left. Body shot and 1-2. Resendiz with some volleys in center. They’re back to trading dead center on the DraftKings logo. Resendiz finding the mark, shrugs off a pair of heavy lefts halfway through. Straight lefts by Garcia. They’re trading momentum back and forth. Lengthy volleys from Resendiz. Garcia picking his spots with straight lefts. Resendiz four-piece draws a smile and they slug it out in the last 10 seconds. 10-9, 29-28 Resendiz.

Round four: Garcia looking for lefts, digs an uppercut to the body. Lead right by Resendiz. Garcia 1-2. Sharp counter left, then anotehr clean 1-2. Slower round so far, favoring Garcia’s accuracy. Resendiz picks it up and they’re trading again halfway through. Battling forehead to forehead, neither man taking over. Garcia’s punches are a lot cleaner but Resendiz’s volume is keeping him at pace. Resendiz clubs him with some rights before the bell. 10-9 Garcia. 38-38.

Round five: Both land good straights. Big uppercut by Garcia. Heavy straight left. Resendiz willing to exchange but having issues with the jab and sharper hands of Garcia. Body shots to 1-2 from Garcia, Resendiz fires a series of rights in return halfway through. Phone both exchange. Garcia gets a bit of distance and lands some accurate combos. Big overhand right from Resendiz, 1-2s come back at him. Resendiz racks up a bit of momentum before getting knocked back by a 1-1-2. Garcia stings him with a straight left and check hook at the bell. 10-9, 48-47 Garcia.

Round six: Low-high 2-3 from Garcia, then another heavy hook upstairs. It’s been a more medium-range fight for the last couple rounds and he’s taking full advantage. Nasty straight left a minute in. Resendiz trying to chisel away inside. Garcia 1-2, Resendiz double jab. Six-punch combo from Garcia and a body shot bonus. Resendiz 2-1. Garcia mixing it up to the body and head. Resendiz cracks him with a right hook after a brief burst of success. Garcia quickly retakes the lead. Huge straight left with 15 to go. Resendiz tries to assert himself but is on the wrong end of the exchanges at the bell. 10-9, 58-56 Garcia.

Round seven: Resendiz still game but there’s a clear difference in levels at this point. Garcia too sharp and too accurate for him. Straight lefts and right hooks, brief clinch. Halfway through. Garcia blocks a combo and comes back with some accurate ones of his own. Counter uppercut and straight left. More straight lefts landing clean. Looping right by Resendiz, then another on the counter. Solid sequence from him but Garcia comes back and out-slugs him in a furious final stretch. 10-9, 68-65 Garcia.

Round eight: Strong start from Resendiz. Garcia takes about 30 seconds to rev up and then it’s back to out-shooting Resendiz with clean combos. He follows a two-piece downstairs with a right hook to the chops that takes out Resendiz’s legs and sends him to the mat. Resendiz makes it to his feet with time to spare, but Garcia slowly walks him down and tees off on the ropes until ref Tony Weeks steps in. Probably a bit early, but the writing was on the wall.

Final result: Garcia def. Resendiz by TKO

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