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Video: This is the worst leg break ever in the history of MMA

Another week, another horrific leg break ... except this is by far the worst one you will probably watch.

Last night (Sat., Sept 2. 2023) at Combate Global: “Ferreira vs. Morales,” Featherweight Dylan Reischman suffered an absolutely horrific leg break in his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) debut against Jaime Mora from inside Media Pro Studios in Miami, Florida.

Midway through the second round, the 21-year-old Reischman attempted to defend a takedown along the cage fence; however, when Mora went to slam his opponent, Reischman tried to stay up, only for his leg to take the full amount of force, which made it snap.

Immediately, Reischman signaled to the referee that he was badly injured, which halted the fight.

The snap of Reischman’s leg was so loud that it makes your skin crawl, and on closer examination, it appears his bone is protruding through his skin.

Watch the clip of the broken leg below (or, honestly, don’t):

Before making his professional debut yesterday at Combate Global, Reischman (0-1) went 3-1 as an amateur with three finishes; meanwhile, his opponent Mora remains perfect (2-0) as a professional.

As this nasty injury could be career-altering, sends well wishes to Dylan.

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