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UFC savage Marlon Vera warns bodybuilding bozo Bradley Martyn: ‘I’d kill you, take your eyes out of your face’

Bradley Martyn is sort of like the Dillon Danis of bodybuilding.

He gets a lot of attention on social media, insists he can beat up a bunch of (smaller) UFC fighters, and continues to make bank for simply existing in the right time and space where that kind of shtick can turn a profit.

No. 6-ranked bantamweight contender Marlon Vera was a guest on Martyn’s “Raw Talk” podcast last Tues. night (Sept. 19) and the 260-pound “gym rat” asked “Chito” who would prevail if they ever got into a knock-down, drag-out street fight.

“I’d kill you, I swear to God I’d kill you,” Vera answered (transcribed by MMA News). “The only way for you to beat me is if you grab me and you hit my head with the wall, then if I get KOed. Because if you don’t knock me out, I’m gonna keep coming. And cardio-wise, I’m an animal, dude. You know like in Street Fighter, the health [bar]? Even if you start punching me and hurting me, my health won’t leave me too quick. You would have to really knock me out. If not dude, you’re f***ed. I’m gonna take your eyes out of your face ... I’m opening your guts and f***ing playing with them.”

Martyn, who frequently has UFC fighters on his “Raw Talk” podcast, previously asked Nate Diaz about his chances in a potential street fight, which drew the ire of former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson.

Vera (21-8-1) is currently in the running to land the next 135-pound title shot, depending on whether or not the promotion wants to bench No. 1-ranked contender Merab Dvalishvili. Fortunately for “The Machine,” eye gouging and disembowelment are currently banned under the unified rules of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Expect a decision on that booking in the next few weeks.

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