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Ciryl Gane resents ‘difficult’ UFC fame after Paris robbery — ‘I’m done with this’

As AJ Benza once said: “Fame ... ain’t it a bitch?”

UFC Fight Night: Gane v Spivac Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ciryl Gane won big in the UFC Paris main event earlier this month on ESPN+, then lost even bigger when brazen burglars busted down his door and cleaned out his personal belongings, fully aware that “Bon Gamin” and his squad were holding it down at Accor Arena for the majority of the night.

Gane reportedly lost upward of $160,000.

“It’s not only my country, I suppose you have this everywhere in the world, but yeah, in my country, unfortunately, when you are a little bit famous now — you see MMA in France, everybody talks about that, and everybody can see how much I can win,” Gane told The MMA Hour. “So yeah, he did a great job because he waited [until my] fight, the last fight. He waited the night and he went out [to my] home and he did some bulls**t.”

Gane, 33, is beginning to resent his UFC fame because it's been nothing but headaches after becoming one of the most renowned MMA fighters in Paris. Aside from the personal inconvenience that comes with a public persona, “Bon Gamin” also reveals the effect it had on his wife and daughters.

“It’s good, that’s great, the people are really kind, but now you see with all of this, I’m done with it, I’m finished with it,” Gane continued. “At the beginning, [fame is] really cool. At the really beginning, it’s so cool. But now I’m done with this, man. If I can cross [the street anonymously], that’s better, that’s way better now. ... Now it’s different, now I just want to be in a quiet place, calm, can chill with my family. But now it’s difficult. Unfortunately it’s difficult to go to the school with my daughters, because you have all of this s**t that can happen after, like the people [that robbed my house] during my fight at home.”

The unbooked Gane is currently waiting for another shot at the UFC heavyweight title.

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