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UFC ‘Contender Series’ results: Live stream play-by-play updates - Season 7, Ep. 7

Against all odds, it’s Tuesday (Sept. 19, 2023) again, and that means Dana White’s Contender Series is back with a fresh slate of challengers.

The action begins, as it will for the rest of the season, at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN+,

Last week was another five-contract episode, though admittedly well-deserved. Jean Matsumoto and James Llontop looked sharp in decision wins, while Jhonata Diniz, Steven Nguyen, and Julia Polastri each secured impressive finishes.

The big boys lead the way tonight, with Russian powerhouse Shamil Gaziev (10-0) battling CFFC champ Greg Velasco (6-0) in the main event. 110 pounds south, LFA Lightweight titlist JaCobi Jones (6-1) meets American Kickboxing Academy’s Daniel James Allen (4-0). Decorated BJJ ace Talita Alencar (4-0) squares off with Jungle Fight champ Stephanie Luciano (5-1) in the middle bout, fellow Jungle Fight champ Kaynan Kruschewsky (14-1) takes on Dylan Mantello (7-2) at Lightweight, and a third Jungle Fight champ in Igor da Silva (7-0) puts his 100% finishing rate on the line against Italy-based Flyweight Jhonata Silva (8-1)

‘Contender Series’ Quick Results:

Shamil Gaziev vs. Greg Velasco — Gaziev def. Velasco by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:38 of Round One
JaCobi Jones vs. Daniel James Allen — Allen def. Jones by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Talita Alencar vs. Stephanie Luciano — Unanimous draw (28-28 x3)
Kaynan Kruschewsky vs. Dylan Mantello — Kruschewsky def. Mantello by technical submission (rear naked choke) at 2:52 of Round One
Igor da Silva vs. Jhonata Silva — da Silva def. Silva by TKO (punches) at 2:37 of Round Two

‘Contender Series’ Play-By-Play Results:

265 lbs.: Shamil Gaziev vs. Greg Velasco

Round one: Gaziev floors Velasco with the literal first punch he throws, but when he tries to follow Velasco down, Velasco sweeps his way into back mount. Gaziev trying to turn into guard. One minute in. Gaziev makes it into top position, then moves to half guard. Staying heavy on top, not throwing much. He takes mount two minutes in, lands a couple shots, then moves to the back and looks for the RNC. It’s under the chin and the tap comes shortly after he goes palm to palm.

Final result: Gaziev def. Velasco by submission (rear naked choke)

155 lbs.: JaCobi Jones vs. Daniel James Allen

Round one: Jones orthodox, Allen southpaw. Quick exchange, neither lands. Straight left from Allen. Simultaneous kicks trip Jones up and Allen ties up, then lands punches on the break a minute in. Body and low kicks from Jones. Allen body kick, Jones 3-2. Jones low kick, Allen body kick. Evenly matched two minutes in. Sharp 1-2 from Allen, avoids low kicks. Jones unable to tie up. Two minutes to go.

Neither man landing clean. Decent jab from Allen as they exchange. Again on the counter. They trade in the center. One minute to go. Allen has seemingly taken control with his length and jab. Straight right lands for Jones. Allen falls short with a combo. Body kicks from Jones on the back foot. Allen forces him back with a two-piece. 10-9 Allen.

Round two: They kick at the same time and Allen’s catches Jones in the bojangles. Jones takes a bit to recover, then returns to the fray. Combo from Allen when they resume. Hands looking sharp. Right hand from Jones behind a body kick. One minute in. Combination from Allen again, avoiding the elbows Jones sends his way. Clean 1-2. Again they kick at the same time and again Jones takes one to the coin purse. Jones tries to wrestle when they resume, then goes back to firing body kicks two minutes in. Low kicks from Jones. 3-2. Allen falls short with a two-piece. Jones circling out of range and piling up kicks. Two minutes to go.

Jones tries to fake him out with a standing hammerfist and eats a straight for his trouble. He shoots, denied. Allen lands counters, then eats a kick to the junk. He’s back to the action before long. Hard 1-2 to answer a body kick. Jones piling up kicks. One minute to go. More kicks from Jones to the body and legs. Allen backs him up with a 1-2. Trying to counter Jones’ kicks, catches him backing away with a right hand. 10-9 Jones on activity.

Round three: Trading hands to start. Body kick exchange. Short right from Allen. Jones looks for the body lock, can’t find it. Body kick exchange again. Counter jab by Allen. Jones slips and Allen sprawls on him. They separate a minute in. Straight punches landing for Allen, keeping Jones on the back foot. Nice body kick, hard right hand as they trade. Allen tries to chase Jones down with punches, can’t corral him two minutes in. Body kicks from Jones, Allen catches one to take him down into half guard. Jones gets to his knees, stands, slammed back to the mat. Two minutes to go.

Jones makes it to his feet again, Allen still attached, then separates 20 seconds later. Allen 2-1. 1-2. Flurries piling up for Allen. One minute to go. Another flurry against the fence, Jones absorbs it with a high guard. Body kicks from Jones. Allen shoots, blocked via underhooks. Straight left lands for him. He cracks Jones with a pair of good straight and unloads until the bell. 10-9 Allen.

Final result: Allen def. Jones by unanimous decision

115 lbs.: Talita Alencar vs. Stephanie Luciano

Round one: Luciano on the front foot to start, using her height to fire kicks while Alita looks for combos. Sharp left by Luciano, who avoids a single-leg and the following scramble to stay on her feet, kicking at a prone Alencar’s legs a minute in. She backs off and the ref waves Alencar up. Well-timed double puts Alencar on top. Working to pass Luciano’s guard two minutes in, eats upkicks. She makes it to half guard after a struggle. Two minutes to go.

Alencar not throwing much from the top. There’s a decent elbow. One minute to go. She postures up for some punches, comes down with elbows. Luciano gets room to stand and gets pressed against the fence. She reverses and separates in the last 10 seconds, prompting Alencar to pop her with a straight right and take her down at the bell.

Round two: Luciano comes out hot, firing solid punches and kicks while avoiding Alencar’s first two takedown attempts. Long-range single by Alencar and she runs the pipe to land on top again. Luciano turns and shoots while Alencar hunts the back. Slick move by Alencar to secure back mount and the body triangle a minute in. Luciano fighting the hands. Punching over her shoulder two minutes in. They’re deadlocked. Alencar briefly flattens her out, then moves to mount, firing elbows. Two minutes to go.

Strong balance from Alencar to maintain position. Luciano turns into guard, then stands with a minute to go. Alencar looking spent as Luciano marches in with heat. Panic shots from Alencar under the onslaught and one of them somehow puts her back on top with 10 to go. 10-9 Alencar.

Round three: Luciano stalking after her and hurling power shots. She defends the first level change, then the second. Alencar gassed as hell and desperately trying to tie up, ultimately jumps guard against the fence. Luciano lets her up a minute in and Alencar takes her sweet time to stand. Anotehr panic shot denied. Luciano lands a flying knee and right hand . Alencar shoots again and this time manages to lock her hands around a leg. Deep half guard sweep denied and they stand again two minutes in. Luciano walking her down with heavy 1-2s, stops anotehr shot. Alencar trying to throw back, denied on another shot but Luciano follows her down. Awkward position with Luciano almost sitting on her, swatting her with little backfists before standing and separating. She stops another shot with two mintues to go.

The ref again waves them up and Luciano goes back to pumping jabs and crosses. Alencar falls to the ground, trying to coax Luciano into tying up. No dice. Alencar tries to shoot again, denied again. One minute to go. Alencar trying to punch back as Luciano marches forward with power shots. Luciano doing everything she can to try and put Alencar away, but just can’t do so. 10-8 Luciano.

Final result: Unanimous draw

155 lbs.: Kaynan Kruschewsky vs. Dylan Mantello

Round one: Kruschewski on the front foot, landing hard punches early. Mantello willing to trade. Kruschewski tries a knee. Body kick and jab land for Mantello a minute in. Tit-for-tat exchanges, sneaky elbow by Kruschewsky. Mantello low kick, eats some punches in return. Kruschewski landing a lot of straight rights. Heavy punches from the Brazilian, then a level change two minutes in, avoiding a guillotine. He jumps on Mantello’s back, quickly inserting both hooks. The RNC comes in soon after, putting Mantello to sleep.

Final result: Kruschewsky def. Mantello by technical submission (rear naked choke)

125 lbs.: Igor da Silva vs. Jhonata Silva

Round one: Let’s just go with their first names for clarity’s sake.

Both land body jabs. Counter jab by Jhonata. Long left hook lands for Igor behind a 1-2. One minute in. Nice Igor jab. Tight left hook. Jhonata the more mobile of the two, picking his shots and circling out. Igor catches him with a long right. Two minutes in. Both land hard right hands, Jhonata’s is the heavier and he follows with a body shot. Jhonata continuing to circle as Igor stalks him. Igor leads to the body, then lands an overhand right. Jhonata catches him shooting with a jump knee, but ends up on his back. Back up, back down, back up with two minutes to go.

Igor pulls him down from the body lock and settles on top in guard. Jhonata works his way up, gets dumped back down into half guard. Igor firing elbows as Jhonata regains guard. Jhonata again makes it to his feet and Igor again takes him down with a minute to go. Nice scramble back to the feet. Good exchange. Solid low kick from Jhonata. Lead right by Igor. Low kick. Jhonata fires one more flurry before the bell. 10-9 da Silva.

Round two: Furious exchange to start that round and it’s Igor doing the damage. He rampages after Jhonata, ultimately flooring him with a vicious hook against the fence. Bombing away from guard. Big punches piling up. Jhonata manages to weather it and Igor slows down a minute in. Jhonata works his way to his feet and separates. Stiff jab from Igor, heavy counter right two minutes in. Trading jabs, counter 2-3 from Igor. Another booming right and he’s back on the attack. Two huge left hooks send Jhonata to the mat and this time the ref is quick to jump in.

Final result: da Silva def. Silva by TKO (punches)

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