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Video: New UFC champion Sean Strickland terrorizes gym with dangerous flamethrower

Sean Strickland is an unpredictable fighter in and out of the cage, which is why fans shouldn’t be surprised to see the newly crowned UFC middleweight champion chasing people around the gym with an actual flamethrower.

It has been just one week since Strickland upset Israel Adesanya for the undisputed 185-pound title at UFC 293 and reality still hasn’t set in. Not only for fight fans, but we’re pretty confident Strickland still can’t believe he’s the king of the middleweight division.

Luckily, Strickland doesn’t seem like the type fighter to change much of anything despite carrying a gold UFC belt around his waist. Instead, Strickland will continue to be his unapologetic self and everything that comes with it. This happens to include chasing people down with a flamethrower.

Monster Energy front man, Hans Molenkamp, recently shared a vide on Instagram of Strickland getting his hands on an actual real-life flamethrower. Strickland seems like the last person that should ever get to play around with a gun that spits fire, but he’s now the UFC middleweight champion and does what he wants.

“You f—king singed the sh-t out of me, b-tch,” Molenkamp can be heard screaming in the video (shown in the above player and below).

Luckily, nobody was hurt and Strickland only had the flamethrower for a few moments before he can do any further damage. Pretty crazy stuff, but these are the type of videos we should expect moving forward from the outspoken UFC middleweight king.

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