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Logan Paul predicts Dillon Danis will ‘intentionally get COVID’ to pull out of boxing match

MF and DAZN: X Series - The Prime Card Press Conference - OVO Arena Wembley Photo by Jonathan Brady/PA Images via Getty Images

Dillon Danis may be scheduled to meet Logan Paul inside of the boxing ring next month in Manchester, England, but nobody really knows for sure if Conor McGregor’s main squeeze will actually make it to the fight.

That’s because Danis has proven to be incapable of showing up to fights in the past. The Bellator MMA fighter consistently talks trash online to garner fight interest, books a matchup with a high-profile opponent, and then finds a way to back out. Danis did this to social media influencer, KSI, and now the fear is Danis will do the same for his fight with Paul.

While Paul smartly added a “pullout penalty” to Danis’ fight contract there’s really no stopping the grappling expert from coming to his senses and getting out of dodge. Even after all of the trash talk Danis is doing about Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, there’s no telling what might happen over the next four weeks.

Paul, who has already agreed to fight Danis in mixed martial arts (MMA) if he shows up on Oct. 14 for their boxing match, is confident that Danis is going to find any way he can to withdraw from the fight. The social media megastar went as far as predicting Danis will give himself COVID just to have a reason to pull out.

“In thinking of the ways that Dillon can like make excuses and lie and back out of this fight I thought of one that actually could be a good thing for him,” said Paul during a recent episode of his podcast (shown above). “I’m going to say this right now. What’s the date? September 13th. I predict that he’s going to somehow intentionally give himself COVID to back out from the fight.

“I think he’s going to find someone with COVID and like lick their feet or something and use it to get a positive COVID test to back out of the fight.”

Luckily, Paul already has a backup fighter in line if Danis pulls something shady. Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contender and current bareknuckle brawler, Mike Perry, will be waiting in the wings to step in. So even if Danis gives himself COVID, flees to North Korea (again), or hides somewhere in McGregor’s million-dollar mansion the show will still go on.

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