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Fans calling for Laura Sanko to replace Joe Rogan on commentary after she ‘killed it’ during UFC 293 broadcast

Long-time UFC mouthpiece Joe Rogan was not a part of the UFC 293 pay-per-view (PPV) commentary team this weekend in Sydney because the podcasting deity does not participate in international MMA events, nor does he cover stateside “Fight Night” cards.

Blame the producers at FOX for ruining a good thing.

In his overseas absence, the promotion continues to call on former UFC headliners like Michael Bisping, Dominick Cruz, and Paul Felder. In most cases, the broadcast team is led by play-by-play man Jon Anik with an assist from color commentator Daniel Cormier.

At UFC 293, the promotion made history by making former Invicta FC fighter and Dana White’s “Contender Series” broadcaster Laura Sanko the first woman to commentate a UFC PPV card.

“It feels awesome,” Sanko told MMA Junkie earlier this week. “You say it’s a long time coming, but to be honest with you it was a big surprise. I’ve known about it for a few months, but when the call did come, it was actually a massive surprise to me.”

Sanko, 40, also commentates “Road to UFC” and select “Fight Night” cards.

“I didn’t feel like this particular goal would get checked off probably for a few years, if I’m being honest,” Sanko continued. “So I’m surprised, excited, elated now that’s it here, and I’m just ready to go. Honestly, I treat Road to UFC, Contender Series, Fight Nights same as a pay-per-view. I don’t think it would be possible for me to prepare more. I just have more things going on.”

Fans on Twitter are hoping the move becomes permanent.

Laura is killing it!!! As usual.

Shes great! Tons of knowledge, meshes well with D.C. Like a referee, you know someone is killing it when youre not thinking about them.

She has killed it tonight. It’s nice they don’t mention it every five seconds and she just blends in like she’s part of the team. I love it.

She’s actually doing a great job, staying on topic and giving good insights. Keeping DC on the right track, that's impressive.

She’s been great and I like her dynamic with DC and Anik, it works really well, and hope to see (or hear) more from her.

She is a monster on the mic. The next generation has absolutely arrived.

Sanko > Rogan.

How much longer Rogan stays is probably up to him (unless this happens).

“I couldn’t ask for anything better,” Sanko told Sports Illustrated. “And I couldn’t ask for a better crew. When I closed my eyes and visualized this, it was always Jon and DC next to me. This is something I’ve always wanted, and it’s something I’ve worked for. You only get one shot to make a first impression, and I feel like I’m making a first impression for women in this role. That’s the part that is a big responsibility, and it’s one I’m honored to have.”

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