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Mike Perry issues menacing message to Logan Paul: ‘I’m throwing nuclear bombs with 10-ounce gloves on’

UFC 226: Felder v Perry Photo by Christian Petersen/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Mike Perry may be a backup for the upcoming Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis boxing match, but the former UFC contender and current bare-knuckle fighter is still preparing for war.

“Platinum” may seem like an unlikely candidate to step inside of the ring with Paul, but considering Danis is known to pull out of fights an insurance plan needed to be put in place. That allowed Perry to become the official backup fighter for Paul vs. Danis and put himself in a position to potentially make a massive payday.

While Perry will need something to happen to Danis to have his chance to step in he believes he’s been on Paul’s radar for quite some time. This includes Logan’s brother, Jake Paul.

“I just think they’ve had their eye on me for a little while as far as my fighting style, as far as my trash talk,” Perry told MMA Fighting. “I’ve said a couple of things about them I guess. I’ve seen them around here and there. I’ve sparred Jake.

“Jake used my name as the backup fighter for him and Tommy [Fury] but then he didn’t pay me. I believe Logan is going to do those things because they flew me out [to the press conference], that wasn’t for nothing. I keep it professional. I am a professional. I’m not green up on stage asking for attention. I do this for real.”

Perry, who is 3-0 inside of the bareknuckle boxing ring with wins over Luke Rockhold and Michael Page, will be giving up some size to Paul if the two end up fighting. But that doesn’t bother “Platinum,” who has been fighting larger competition his entire career and is confident he packs a harder punch than Floyd Mayweather Jr. when he fought Paul.

“He fought Floyd but Floyd is a lot smaller than I am,” said Perry. “Floyd may be a lot faster than I am, but I’m a real challenge. I’m a real danger to him. I think if Dillon Danis doesn’t show and I end up fighting him, I change people. They change after they fight me. They’re a different man after they fight me.

“A lot of the guys that I have fought, they have changed for the better. They became stronger but I’m sure I knock a couple screws loose. I might knock a couple loose on Logan. I plan to stop him if I’m the one fighting him.”

Perry has always been known for his aggression and punching power, but believes a trip to the boxing ring will produce even more violence. That’s because he doesn’t have to worry about breaking his hands (or knuckles).

“I’m throwing nuclear bombs with 10-ounce gloves on,” Perry said. “I hit your head, you know that little emoji with the head blowing up? That’s what’s going to happen.”

Perry will remain a “backup” option until something provokes Danis to remove himself from the bout. “Platinum” isn’t sure when or if that will even happen so he’s keeping his options open and preparing for anything.

“Who knows? Maybe Logan has a backup for his backup,” Perry said. “Maybe he’s like ‘If Dillon pulls out then I’ll pull out and we’ll have this fighter fight Mike Perry for the co-main event.’ Maybe it will be me and Anthony Taylor. Who knows.

“It’s weird. It’s like they’re trying to keep my head open to preparing for a fight and preparing to fight on this date on this time but they can’t lock anything in. It can’t be guaranteed. I just have to stay ready like I always have.”

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