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Dana White celebrated ‘gangster’ cold plunge on TUF 31, but now he’s trashing ‘disgusting’ producers for bungling segment

MMA: APR 15 UFC Fight Night Kansas City Photo by Matt Davies/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Dana White can’t seem to make up his mind.

When Episode 11 of TUF 31 aired on ESPN last Weds. night (Aug. 8), the UFC President celebrated the “gangster” cold plunge from head coaches Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, who answered trivia questions while submerged in a tub of 39-degree water.

Watch a clip and read our full recap here.

“You can see these guys are struggling,” White said during the show. “These guys have been in there now ... it’s gotta be like 18, 20 minutes, which is absolutely gangster.”

After the episode aired, however, White was singing a much different song.

“I’m going to tell you this: It was a huge, huge f*cking clusterf*ck by the production team that shot this thing,” White told The MacLife. “Completely f*cking irresponsible, completely a sh*t show, and both of them could have been hurt during this. It was f*cking ridiculous what happened during the coaches’ challenge.”

White has a history of blaming the “hacks” at ESPN.

“I did 37 degrees in New York for seven minutes,” White continued. “We did two days at six minutes, we did the last day at seven minutes. These guys did this thing for almost 30 minutes. Dangerous, stupid, irresponsible, and just completely f*cking ridiculous on the part of the production crew that handled the coaches’ challenge. I was literally f*cking pissed off about it. Disgusting. Won’t happen again.”

McGregor didn’t seem overly-concerned with the duration of his plunge.

“The production were fine and actually quite awesome too,” the former lightweight champion wrote on social media. “It was no problem at all, but thank you Dana for looking out! All love from the tub! Catch The Ultimate Fighter on ESPN!”

Next week marks the final TUF 31 episode before the live season finale later this year.

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