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Midnight Mania! Dillon Danis faces six-figure pullout penalty if he fails to face Logan Paul

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UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor Photo by Hans Gutknecht/Digital First Media/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Dillon Danis has to be among the most universally disrespected men in combat sports.

Plain and simple, the guy’s a troll. A competitive jiu-jitsu player who rose to fame as Conor McGregor’s coach and sparring partner, Danis transitioned to MMA in the Bellator cage and maybe could’ve done something. Instead, he submitted a pair of journeyman on undercards and disappeared from the scene ... except on social media.

Danis is relentless online. He inserts himself into every conversation possible in an obnoxious manner. The cost of his modicum of internet fame has been the respect of the combat sports sphere. His original coach, the great and unanimously respected Marcelo Garcia, disowned him for his behavior. Scott Coker has given up on promoting him. Even “celebrity” boxer KSI trashed his professionalism after pulling out of their planned match up at the last second due to a lack of preparation, which is an all-time bad reason to withdraw from a fight.

Now, for some reason, Dillon has a boxing match booked versus Logan Paul for Misfits Boxing pay-per-view (PPV) card on DAZN, scheduled for Sat., Oct. 14, 2023 at AO Arena in Manchester, England. Paul is a business partner of KSI, and he seems to have learned from his experience with Danis.

Paul revealed on the Impaulsive podcast that he has a back up plan for Danis’ bag-fumbling habits. If Danis withdraws and cannot prove his injury, Paul claims that he’ll be owed a significant sum.

“That is my concern, I’m convinced he’s not going to show up. The clause is this: if he pulls out because of some sort of injury that he fakes, a doctor of our choosing has to verify the injury. If he indeed faking it, he has to pay $100,000. There is a pullout clause,” Paul said (via Cole Shelton).

One has to wonder just how enforceable this clause would be in court, but it’s a good idea nevertheless given Danis’ history. As for why Danis in the first place? Paul wants to be the man who beats up the guy nobody likes!

Paul later continued, “He’s broke, the guy sucks, he’s the parasite of MMA and the combat world. That is why I took the fight initially because if he does show up, I get to be the one, I get to be the one to take an eraser and remove him existence. His name will never be uttered again.”


I love this photo. Also, from experience, it’s really hard to sink in a guillotine choke with big gloves on, but it’s also impossible to fight hands once wrapped!

Allow this thread to serve as a reminder that MMA posters don’t have to be generic and terrible.


Nobody is arguing that Cory Sandhagen vs. Rob Font was fun to watch, but it’s still impressive that Sandhagen dominated a Top 10 contender with one arm. The onus was on Font to escape!

Don’t disrespect “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis.

Justin Gaethje just knows how to get torque into every punch. Even when his body occasionally flails all over the place, the punches are thudding.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

I can only assume this is the result of a Pickleball vs. Tennis debate.

If you didn’t see the silliest fight of 2023 — Reug Reug vs. Marcus Buchecha Almeida — fix that ASAP!

A perfectly timed, sneaky counter shot:

Random Land

Every time I think I’ve run out of stupid combat sport niches to post in this column, the internet provides.

Midnight Music: I listened to the most popular new album in the country, Travis Scott’s Utopia. The beats and product were very nice per usual, but truly, I don’t think there is a rapper with less to say than Scott. The man genuinely has nothing to talk about beyond generic bravado.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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