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Logan Paul scuffles with fans at ‘Paul vs. Diaz,’ nearly incites all-out brawl | Video

Logan Paul had himself a very busy Saturday night. Shortly after defeating “Ricochet” at WWE’s SummerSlam in Detroit, Mich., the eldest of the Paul brothers jumped on a private jet to Dallas, Texas, to see his brother, Jake, take on Nate Diaz in a 10-round boxing match.

But, while his brother was busy handling business inside the ring, Logan was ready to throw hands in the stands. Indeed, Paul — who was still in his WWE attire — was caught on camera having words with an unruly fan inside American Airlines Center. Soon thereafter, the conversation turned physical with both parties proceeded to pushing and shoving before security and police officers intervened.

Is normal.

As for Jake, he went on to win a unanimous decision win over Diaz in what turned out to be a rather entertaining boxing match (highlights here). Afterward, Paul once again laid down the gauntlet and challenged Diaz to a $10 million mixed marital arts (MMA) fight, which the Stockton slugger finally accepted.

Furthermore, Nick Diaz — Nate’s older brother — came to the rescue himself and challenged Jake to a boxing match in an attempt to avenge his younger sibling. If that doesn’t pan out, we can always have a “Big Bro vs. Big Bro” boxing match since Logan has some boxing experience, as well.

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