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Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz results, live stream play-by-play PPV updates | DAZN

*** KNOCK DOWN! Watch Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz Full Fight Video Highlights! ***

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Tonight (Sat., Aug. 5, 2023), live from inside American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas — streaming live on DAZN pay-per-view (PPV)Jake Paul takes on possibly his biggest test from the mixed martial arts (MMA) universe when he boxes 27-fight UFC veteran (and jiu-jitsu specialist), Nate Diaz.

Jake and his older brother, Logan Paul, have been the biggest draws in the social media-to-boxing crossovers. They’ve put in some work, actually trained quite a bit, and have made respectable showings of themselves for being relative novices in the sport. They’ve found willing participants out of the mixed martial arts (MMA) scene, as Paul has feasted on aging veterans happily fighting out of their second- or third-best sport for enormous paychecks. Indeed, Paul has collected wins over the likes of Ben Askren (somewhat expected), Tyron Woodley twice (not bad) and Anderson Silva (impressive).

Critics have noted the ages of Woodley and Silva, and the obvious non-striking background of Askren, but it’s also obvious to point out that Diaz is younger (38) than those aforementioned two and has been sparring with boxing pros (and fighting in UFC with a boxing-heavy approach) for many, many years. In short, he has plenty of tools to justify hope that he pulls off the upset. Yes, that’s correct, he’s a heavy underdog at +280 per DraftKings compared to a -390 line for Paul.

Bet ‘em if it fancies you and you can spare the wager!

LIVE! Watch ‘Paul Vs. Diaz’ On DAZN PPV

READY FOR WAR! International superstar and serial risk-taker, Jake “The Problem Child” Paul, is once again up against a very big (and very different) challenge in regard to his budding combat sports career when he takes on former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) superstar (and Conor McGregor slayer), Nate Diaz, inside American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on Sat., Aug. 5, 2023, streaming live on DAZN pay-per-view (PPV). “Paul vs. Diaz” which will also feature multiple-time women’s boxing champion, Amanda Serrano, battling former WBO queenpin, Heather Hardy, for the undisputed Featherweight title in DAZN’s PPV co-main event. Special start time is slated for 8 p.m. ET, with a PPV price tag of $59.99.

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But, that’s not all tonight. We’ve also got one of the best women’s boxers in the world, Amanda Serrano, putting her IBF, IBO, WBA, WBC and WBO Featherweight titles on the line against former Bellator competitor (and 23-2 boxer), Heather Hardy. Serrano is a very heavy favorite in this rematch from 2019, and is hoping to use this as a showcase as she campaigns for an eventual rematch against Katie Taylor. And let’s not forget the return of Jeremy Stephens, who will lock horns with on one of Diaz’s training partners, Chris Avila.

Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz “Ready 4 War” Quick Results:

185 lbs.: Jake Paul def. Nate Diaz — Unanimous decision (98-91 x2, 97-92) — HIGHLIGHTS!
126 lbs.: Amanda Serrano def. Heather Hardy — Unanimous decision (100-90 x2, 99-91) — HIGHLIGHTS!
168 lbs.: Chris Avila def. Jeremy Stephens — Unanimous decision (60-44 x2, 59-55)
135 lbs.: Ashton Sylve def. William Silva — Knockout (2:59, round 4) — HIGHLIGHTS!
168 lbs.: Shadasia Green def. Olivia Curry — Unanimous decision (99-91, 100-90, 100-89)
147 lbs.: Alan Sanchez def. Angel Beltran — Unanimous decision (77-75, 78-74, 79-73)
165 lbs.: Kevin Newman II def. Kilo Madera — Unanimous decision (79-72 x2, 80-71)
154 lbs.: Jose Aguayo def. Noel Cavazos — Majority decision (39-37 x2, 38-38)
135 lbs.: Luciano Ramos def. CJ Hamilton — Unanimous decision (40-36 x2, 39-37)

Jake Paul v Nate Diaz - Weigh-in Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz Play-By-Play Results:

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz

Round 1: Diaz in black, Paul in white. Slow start from both men. Paul to the body. Misses with a big swing. Paul with a big left hand cuts Nate above the right eyebrow. Paul on the offensive and he’s landing well. Diaz looks a bit wobbly here. He clinches up. There’s a left by Paul and another Diaz clinch. Ref lets em fight out of it. Nate with a soft hook.

10-9 Paul

Round 2: Diaz pushing forward now, trying to crowd Paul. Paul’s left just glances, the right hits better. Diaz gets in some phone booth distance punches. Paul jab and to the body. Nice right hand. Lefts from both men. Better round from Diaz, but more quality work by the younger Paul.

10-9 Paul

Round 3: Uppercut by Paul on the inside. Diaz pitter-pattering. Paul doubles up on the left, but neither was very clean. Nice counter left by Paul. Diaz marches forward and keeps throwing. Landing a few, too. Paul with a right hand, but that looks like that hit the chest. The left hit the chin, though. Nice one to the body. There’s a left by Diaz. Diaz smiling at the crowd. Paul gets a right in.

10-9 Paul, but a closer round.

Round 4: Paul with a nice uppercut as Diaz come in tight. Diaz’s cornerman is interviewed and he’s honest that his fighter is losing and he isn’t doing anything with a jab. There’s a 1-2 by Diaz. Paul clips a right in. Diaz slips a left hand in. They trade uppercuts as they lean on each other. Left-right-left by Diaz and Paul is the one to grab a hold. Paul connects with a hook, so does Diaz. Diaz able to apply his pressure, finally.

10-9 Diaz

Round 5: Paul with a bit of a low blow, but Diaz seems unfazed. Diaz with a big deep breath, but I think he’s just clowning and baiting. Paul gets in a left hand. Oh ,there’s a great counter left that sends Diaz to the canvas! Paul going body-head here. Paul swarming, lands a really nice left hook. Diaz letting Paul empty his tank. He seems to have recovered and gets in a good 2-3.

10-8 Paul

Round 6: Paul with a nice straight. It backs Diaz up. Diaz comes forward, gets in a left. Diaz comes forward, gets met with an uppercut. Diaz gets close enough to kiss him and starts pounding the body. Paul gets a right to the head. Lead left for Diaz. Paul catches Diaz coming in with a short right.

10-9 Paul

Round 7: Paul with a right. Couple of jabs, too. Good left. There’s a right. One-way traffic so far. There’s a good connection as Diaz lands a left. Diaz closes to the inside, lands a few shots. Paul gets in a nice left hand. Good short uppercut and Diaz answers back. Left by Paul again.

10-9 Paul

Round 8: Clinch and Paul hits the body. Diaz with a couple shots here. He’s landing a bit more. Paul still getting in some nice shots, but more sporadically. Nice right hand by Paul, who backs up as Diaz surges forward. Rights by both men. Two good uppercuts by Diaz. Make that four. Jab by Diaz. Paul with a left.

10-9 Diaz

Round 9: Paul with a right and Diaz clowns around. Double jab by Paul, uppercut. Paul doing a better job inside this round. Diaz clowning too much and letting Paul get off scot free too much. Can’t gas a guy who’s just able to stand. Now Diaz pressuring. Lands a bit and makes Paul cover up some. Diaz showboating too much. Right by Paul, Diaz clips him outside the guard.

10-9 Paul

Round 10: Paul seems to have saved some gas for this final round. Rights by both men. There’s a nice left hand by Jake, and while Nate pretends he’s fine, that connected well. Diaz’s antics seem to have little effect, except to let Paul get off without being pressured. They trade hooks. Diaz trying now with a minute. He’s just swinging away. Paul with one solid punch and a clinch for about 15 seconds. There’s a nice uppercut on Diaz’s chin as he goes forward. Diaz with a brief guillotine and he raises his hands to the crowd. Diaz with a straight left.

10-9 Paul

Final result: Jake Paul def. Nate Diaz via decision (unanimous) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

Jake Paul v Nate Diaz - Weigh-in Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

Amanda Serrano vs. Heather Hardy for the unified featherweight championship

Round 1: Serrano in blue & white, Hardy in red & gold. Hardy opens with a jab. Serrano to the body and a good left. Serrano clips in a right and whales away to the body. Hardy gets one back to the bread basket. Right for Serrano. Solid left for Serrano. Another. Late punch hits Hardy as the ref calls for a break.

10-9 Serrano

Round 2: Serrano’s pressure is not good for Hardy - Serrano is throwing a lot and landing a lot. Ref warns Serrano for a low blow. Hardy with a left, but it’s mostly been one-way traffic on the Serrano highway. I haven’t been noting all the stuff Serrano’s landed, and Hardy looked better the last 30 seconds, but I think she outlanded Hardy at least 4:1 this round.

10-9 Serrano

Round 3: Slightly more even volume here to open. Two good lefts by Serrano. Hardy connecting, but the significant lands are all by Serrano. Hardy is a fighter and a gamer and she’s landing some stuff - best round for her so far, but she’s still losing. Good couple of shots from both women.

10-9 Serrano

Round 4: They’re both entering the pocket and landing. Hardy landing with higher volume so far. Eats some clean shots. Clean lefts by both. Good 3-2s from both as well. Serrano with three lefts - head, body, head. Serrano landing that left clean again.

10-9 Serrano.

Round 5: Hardy with a good, short right. Serrano gets in a clean left. Serrano stalking and pressuring Hardy around the ring. She’s been on the front foot all night. Again, Hardy isn’t just accepting her fate and lands a few good shots here and there, but she’s not damaging Serrano in any noticeable way. In fairness, Serrano hasn’t thrown much this round compared to other rounds. She’s landed some, but Hardy has thrown a lot while on the retreat

10-9 Hardy

Round 6: Serrano picking up the pace again. Landing very well to open this round. Hardy ducks down and comes up with a right hand. She’s landed that a few times this fight with good regularity. Serrano knocks the mouthpiece out and we’re paused while Hardy apologizes and gets it back in. Serrano with a cracking left. And another. A third.

10-9 Serrano

Round 7: Serrano is just walking through the power, or lack thereof, from Hardy. Dismissive of the offense, she’s eaten some punches here and there, but she seems unfazed and is landing big hard shots that keeps doing damage to the shorter woman. Just all pocket, all throwing from both. Man, that was a clean left at the bell by Serrano.

10-9 Serrano

Round 8: Interesting change to the flow of the fight, as Serrano isn’t coming forward at the moment. Maybe she’s starting to feel some of the shots, or maybe she wants to work on the counter. Regardless, it’s let Hardy get off better than she has in previous rounds. There’s a good counter right by the champ. And two lefts. I think she stole that round in one I didn’t have her winning up until the end.

10-9 Serrano

Round 9: Serrano going back on the attack here. Both women seem content to enter a phone booth and bang away. Oh great left hand by Serrano. There’s a combo. Hardy is wobbled a bit. She’s still throwing and landing back, but she’s getting hit repeatedly and hard. Clash of heads, and Hardy is bleeding.

10-9 Serrano

Round 10: Hardy is fired up in what might be her final round of boxing. She’s going after Serrano. They’re both landing, and Hardy showing off great toughness here. Serrano’s chin is unfazed. Body work from both. Now Serrano is backing up Hardy. Big left hand from Serrano at the 10-second mark. The crowd is on their feet in appreciation of the all-offense match.

10-9 Serrano

Final result: Amanda Serrano def. Heather Hardy via decision (unanimous) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

Jake Paul v Nate Diaz - Weigh-in Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

Ashton Sylve vs. William Silva

Round 1: Sylve in blue, Silva in white. Sylve is the classic prospect vs the old lion Silva. Sylve gets one to the body. There’s a jab, too. Silva responds with a liver shot. Silva ducks down into a hook. Gets it back with a right and an uppercut. They come forward and Sylve clips in a short right. Sylve surges forward, eats a shot to the body. Silva with a right, too. Good counter as well. They mistook the ten-second bell for the end-of-round bell and it’s nearly disastrous, but no harm done.

10-9 Silva

Round 2: Sylve to the head and body. Another nice combo up and down. Both men with lefts. Silva goes body-left and head-left. Sylve working well in and out and a HUGE body shot to the solar plexus, sends Silva crashing to the canvas at the end of the round.

10-8 Sylve

Round 3: Silva trying hard to get that back and goes to the liver again and then upstairs to the right. He goes low and gets a little talking-to from the ref. Silva counter to the right. Sylve with a nice combo. Hits a couple rights to the left side of Silva’s torso. Silva with a jab. Both men get in right hands. Sylve with a left to the body at the bell.

10-9 Sylve

Round 4: Silva to the body, a jab a few seconds later. Gets in a left hook. Counter right... good first half to this round so far for Silva. Sylve lands a lead left. Both men land lefts, and now Sylve decides to flurry. Four-five— maybe nine punches there. Good way to get back into this round. A body shot stumbles Silva and another a few seconds later sends Silva crumpled to the mat! He’s not getting up and it’s over at the end of 4.

Final result: Ashton Sylve def. William Silva, knockout (body punches) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

Jake Paul v Nate Diaz - Weigh-in Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

Jeremy Stephens vs. Chris Avila

Round 1: Avila in white with black trim, Stephens in white and red. Avila comes out hot with a big right. Stephens with a jab and an overhand. Both men with rights to the body. Avila lands a straight right. Couple of jabs, too. Stephens with a right. A jab as well. Left by Stephens, good counter right by Avila. Uppercut by Stephens. Body-head from Avila.

10-9 Avila

Round 2: Another overhand right to open for Avila. Stephens continues to come forward. Avila to the body with the right. Solid right, too. Left. There’s a right by Stephens. Nice 1-2 by Avila, eats a right in return.

10-9 Avila

Round 3: Uppercut and a right from Stephens. Avila to the body, gets hit by a right. Stephens warned for a rabbit punch. Stephens hits the body. Hard to tell is Avila is tiring or just being his normal relaxed self. Stephens clips in a right. Avila with a jab.

10-9 Stephens

Round 4: Avila connects with a right hand. Stephens gets in one and Avila returns. Left from Avila finds the mark. Avila body-body. And a 1-2. Another. Good start here in the 4th for Avila as Stephens looks like he’s tiring now. Stephens with a short right. Pair of rights by Avila. Three to the body by Avila, now the head. Avila unloading. Stephens whiffs with a big overhand.

10-9 Avila

Round 5: Stephens with a half-shot to the body and an uppercut. Stephens jab. Lefts by both men. Avila might be taking this round off a bit after expending a lot of energy here? Just as I type that, Avila starts to land a couple clean ones. Some very nice shots as he starts to throw here. Great right hand. Stephens backing up now near the end of the round.

10-9 Avila

Round 6: Stephens looking to get heavy punches in quickly while he’s still fresh. Couple of rights find Avila’s head. Avila lands some now, too. Good work by both men. Short combo by Avila, good right by Stephens, but Avila grins it off. Stephens looks like he’s content to coast to a finish here.

10-9 Avila

Final result: Chris Avila def. Jeremy Stephens via decision (unanimous)

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