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F—k Khabib! Diaz explains distaste for ‘jock’ Nurmagomedov, Daniel Cormier

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It’s well established that Nate Diaz doesn’t really like Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Way back when Khabib was still an up-and-comer on the undercards, he was calling out Nate Diaz in post-fight interviews. Diaz, still a ranked Lightweight contender at the time, never seemed to appreciate the interest. This culminated in 2015, when Diaz slapped Nurmagomedov at a World Series of Fighting event. Eight years later, Diaz is still bragging about it!

Nurmagomedov, of course, retired in 2020 while atop the MMA world. He moved into coaching and immediately found great success, but he’s since taken a step back from that role as well. Safe to say, Nurmagomedov has no intentions of settling his beef with Diaz in any kind of organized combat sports contest or likely at all.

Diaz, meanwhile, is just hours away from boxing Jake Paul in one of the biggest events of the year (order it here). He’s centerstage in the limelight, and while talking Conor McGregor and trash talk with The Nelk Boys, Diaz returned his thoughts towards “The Eagle” and why he’s not a fan.

Unlike what many may expect, Diaz doesn’t have a problem with wrestlers. Instead, it comes down to being a “real fighter” versus a “jock,” and Daniel Cormier caught a stray!

“Fuck Khabib,” Diaz began. “That was funny. Fuck him. Khabib is the worst. Look at him, he ran off, he’s a jock. It’s not my style of fighting, I don’t like it.”

He continued, “Yeah, [wrestling] is cool, if that’s how you fight. Just the style of fighter in general, he’s not a real fighter. Him, D.C., certain guys, I’m just not interested in that kind of fighting at all. It’s not wresting, I love wrestling. It’s just the wrestling, jock-y attitude. I’m a real fighter; I like real fighters.”

If you’re looking for Nate Diaz’s line in the sand, we may have found it. Of course, it should also be noted that both Nurmagomedov and Cormier have bit down on their mouthpieces and fought hard in a way one would assume Diaz respects. Both finished more of their opponents than not, another usual Diaz talking point.

Regardless, Diaz has brought up similar points about Jake Paul throughout the week, which makes sense considering Khabib and “DC” are far more accomplished than “The Problem Child!” Fortunately for Diaz, he’ll have a chance to prove he’s more real inside the ring tomorrow night.

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