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Unpaid Elle Brooke, OnlyFans boxer, exposes ‘crazy mistreatment’ from penniless Kingpyn — ‘They consistently lied’

“They consistently lied throughout the whole process to make the show happen and even to attempt to line their own pockets. I would say that I do not believe they have made any money themselves. How bloody could they? But that doesn’t make the way we’ve all been treated any better.”

Elle Brooke is setting the record straight.

The OnlyFans model and adult filmmaker competed on the Kingpyn Boxing card held last month in Dublin, Ireland, where she dropped a unanimous decision to social media influencer Jully Poca.

But that’s not what has Brooke all torn up — it’s the “crazy mistreatment” from Kingpyn.

“Between the first and the second Kingpyn tournament show, no fighter had any communication from the owners until two weeks before the fight,” Brooke said. “We were all messaging each other like, ‘What the f*ck is going on?’ Even the amazing event staff and the social media team were in the dark. None of us knew what the f*ck was happening.

“We were then told that the first event didn’t do well at all and that the investors had pulled out and it was likely that this show wasn’t even gonna happen. Days later we were told the event could still happen but on the condition it was on DAZN and that we would be paid on a revenue-share basis.”

Two weeks before showtime, Kingpyn was reportedly bankrupt and set to cancel the event. Then came a last-minute deal with DAZN that kept the combat sports card afloat, but Brooke insists the talent was blindsided and backed into a corner.

“Of course all the fighters were pissed off about this, we’ve been working our asses off for months and months and we wanted to fight,” Brooke continued. “We were backed up in a corner to accept if we wanted to fight and most of us did. We have been training for months and months. You don’t know the amount of hard work that goes into the back of a fight. The owners knew that the investors had pulled out days after the first tournament show. They waited until two weeks prior to the second tournament show to tell us that the investors had pulled out. And this is after all the fighters had been training months and they had promoted the show.

“By releasing this, I’m losing any chance of being paid. But I wanna put pressure on the organization to pay the staff and the lower-level fighters that the money is so detrimental to.”

Kingpyn has not posted on social media for more than a month and has yet to comment on Brooke’s accusations.

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