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Joe Rogan exposes Dana White ‘sickness’ that cost UFC president $600,000

UFC President Dana White paid a visit to the Amalfi coast during his summer vacation.

Unfortunately for the self-described “degenerate,” there are no high-stakes casinos adrift in the Tyrrhenian Sea. So, like any respectable gambler, the Undisputed Blackjack Champion took matters into his own hands.


“This is Dana, he’s on vacation on the Amalfi coast and this f*cking dude brings a casino,” UFC color commentator Joe Rogan told Zach Bryan during a recent podcast. “He had a casino come to him. That’s his son [next to him]. Look, he’s got stacks of cash. That’s a sickness, he brought a goddamn casino to his boat.”

White, 54, has a history of headlining-grabbing wagers and even lost $1 million betting on boxing, which didn’t sit well with UFC fighters making a paltry $10,000 per fight. But when it comes to casino gambling, there's no place like home.

“I was in [Las] Vegas with Dana White, Taylor Lewan, Will Compton, and Shane Gillis was with us and Jamie,” Rogan continued. “Dana White was gambling and he was down $600,000 playing blackjack. Taylor was telling us. So we were backstage with Shane. Shane Gillis was doing a show at the Mirage, I came to hang out, we’re all having a good time. Then he goes, ‘Hey, we’re going to go gamble with Dana,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, do you know how hard he gambles?’ He’s like, ‘I’m up all this money,’ Taylor’s like, ‘I’m fired up, Dana showed me how to bet.’ We get there and Taylor’s down $120,000 in the first five minutes. It did go the other way and he made his money back and he won like 65 grand and then he backed out.”

White has been known to skip major UFC events (like this one) in favor of weekend getaways at Caesar’s Palace, which has plenty of parking for his 30 Ferraris. Just don’t ask him about “embarrassing” fighter pay if you happen to cross paths on the casino floor.

It’s none of your (expletive) business.

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