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UFC’s Dana White captures scary video of attempted home invasion, offers sizable bounty to identify suspect

UFC Senior Vice President and head of UFC Asia, Kevin Chang, was running the show at UFC Singapore last weekend because promotion president, Dana White, was vacationing at his summer home in Levant, Maine.

Unfortunately for White and his family, an unexpected visitor dropped by after hours. Unlike the creep who found his way into Anthony Smith’s home, the unnamed suspect was unable to get past the front door.

Gotta work on that push kick, homie.

“This (expletive) just tried to kick [in] my front door in Levant, Maine,” an angry White posted on his Instagram stories. “I will [pay] 2500 dollars to the first person to let the police know who he is.”

$2500 seems low for a guy who does stuff like this.

Nobody was harmed during the attempted break-in and police are currently investigating the incident. Since the door cam snapped a pretty good shot of the suspect, it’s probably just a matter of time before somebody recognizes him and squeals.

Stay tuned.

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