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Surprise! Logan Paul claims friend and business partner, KSI, tougher fight than Floyd Mayweather: ‘He wants to kill you’

Logan Paul has very little combat sports experience, which is probably why he believes social media cohort and PRIME partner in crime, KSI, was a tougher out than Floyd Mayweather Jr. inside of the boxing ring.

While Paul is more known for his YouTube videos and recent transition to professional wrestling the social media influencer has still been lucky enough to grace the boxing ring opposite “Money.” The two went toe-to-toe in an exhibition match back in 2021. Mayweather ultimately had his way, but Paul lasted all eight rounds and took victory in that (watch HERE).

In addition to Mayweather, Paul has competed against KSI twice inside of the boxing. Their first meeting was an amateur bout back in 2018. They fought to a majority draw. KSI eventually won the rematch in 2019 by way of split decision. It is the only official professional boxing fight for either influencer.

The two meetings between Paul and KSI helped end a feud they were wrapped up in for years. In fact, they buried the hatchet so deep after those boxing matches that they eventually became business partners, creating PRIME energy drink in the process.

Needless to say, Paul has newfound respect for KSI. So much so that he’s seriously claiming to have had a tougher time against KSI inside of the boxing ring compared to Mayweather.

“Honestly, KSI,” said Paul during a recent interview. “He’s just a dog. He has this tenacity and this intensity that I’ve never seen. Like when you’re in the ring with him he wants to kill you. It’s the only thing he cares about. He can’t lose. He made a documentary called “Can’t Lose” and I think he really, really believes that in his heart so he tries as hard as he can.

“I think Floyd Mayweather knew he wasn’t going to lose.”

This sound crazy, but could Paul be right? Maybe in his later years Mayweather wasn’t as dangerous as a desperate and much bigger KSI. Maybe Paul is simply blowing smoke to pump up his business partner’s boxing skills.

Either way, Paul and KSI will both be back in the boxing ring on Oct. 14 in Manchester, England. Paul will take on Dillon Danis in the co-main event while KSI leads the charge in an anticipated headliner opposite Tommy Fury.

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