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Nate Diaz blasts Eddie Hearn after criticism over Jake Paul fight: ‘I’ll beat all ur fighters asses’

Jake Paul v Nate Diaz Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

Nate Diaz is ready to beat an entire stable of professional boxers after Matchroom Boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn, criticized the former UFC fighter’s performance against Jake Paul inside of the boxing ring earlier this month.

After parting ways with UFC in late 2022, Diaz did his best to score the biggest payday available to him. That led him to a boxing match with Paul, who has done his best to shed his social media influencer label in favor of professional boxer. Paul had already defeated the likes of former MMA stars like Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren, so Diaz was just the next man up.

While many combat enthusiasts believed Diaz’s cardio, toughness, and years of training boxing would even the playing field against Paul the former UFC fighter floundered in his boxing debut. Outside of a few flurries that caught Paul off guard Diaz simply got clobbered from bell to bell. Paul nearly finished him with a knockdown in the fifth round as well, but Diaz was too tough for his own good.

After the fight, Diaz received some considerable backlash about his performance inside of the ring. Those who failed to realize that Diaz would choke Paul unconscious in 10 seconds in a real fight were flabbergasted at how “Problem Child” could make the former UFC star look silly.

This happens to include Hearn, who held nothing back in his assessment of Diaz vs. Paul when asked about the fight earlier this week.

“I’m watching that thinking this is so bad,” said Hearn during a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour.” “The reason that Nate didn’t get stopped is because Jake doesn’t know how to break a fighter down, cut off the ring, beat him up, and stop him. But I give my props to Nate – super tough. But you’re talking about low, low level in terms of standard.”

Diaz, who is the last person to throw shade at, wasted little time responding to Hearn. In classic Diaz fashion, the Stockton fighter called out Hearn’s entire stable of professional boxers and even suggested he’d beat Hearn up if he didn’t watch his mouth.

“Eddie Hearn I’ll beat all ur fighters asses,” wrote Diaz. “Lightweight middleweight Heavyweights any weight all of them will get f—ked up. And unless it’s complimentary keep my name outta your mouth cause u might get it also.

“And fighters check your promoter so he doesn’t get u guys punked.”

We all know that Diaz would stomp out most professional boxers if the gloves were off and he was able to use his grappling, but did the former UFC star end up making a fool of himself against Paul? Will his stock be diminished when he returns to MMA competition?

Let us know!

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