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Jake Paul dunks on KSI after Nate Diaz fight breaks 500,000 U.S. PPV buys

Paul is sharing some numbers on how well his fight with Diaz did, and they’re bigger than KSI’s numbers.

Jake Paul v Nate Diaz Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

Jake Paul is on a media blitz celebrating the big success of his boxing bout against Nate Diaz, and he’s sharing some numbers on how well the fight did. He’s also taking some hard jabs at fellow YouTuber turned boxer KSI because why not?

Paul beat Diaz via Unanimous Decision at the start of August in a packed American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas (watch the highlights here). Doubters had been banging the drum on low ticket sales leading up to the event, but in the end the show turned into a hot ticket. People also ended up buying the card in very respectable numbers, even though it cost $59.99 in the United States.

“It’s looking like 500,000 plus pay-per-views. Biggest gate. And that’s U.S. pay-per-views,” Paul revealed on his B/S YouTube show. “It means more because it costs more [to buy] in the U.S. So, massive number, massive success. There’s statistics that shows the Google searches from that night. We were the number one most searched Google trend by like ten times. Trended everywhere. Biggest gate. Biggest ticket sales. Biggest sponsorship.”

500k PPV buys in the U.S. at $60 a pop adds up to $30 million, and that’s just one facet of the money being made. It doesn’t include international sales, sponsorships, or gate. If Nate Diaz and his Real Fight Promotions company really did split things 50/50 with Jake Paul and Most Valuable Promotions, you can see how the $20 million purse being floated around as his pay is possible.

Of course, Jake Paul couldn’t help but contrast his numbers to those of his rival, KSI.

“He doesn’t sell pay-per-views,” Paul claimed. “He doesn’t sell good pay-per-views. And you look at the views of all his last three fights, he uploads them. Combined, they’re like my last fight. Because people don’t really care. He’s a big star in the UK but he doesn’t move anything in the U.S. and he doesn’t sell a lot of pay-per-views. He sells like 100,000.”

“The last three fights he sold like 100,000, then 150,000, and then like 200,000,” Jake continued. “And people like to talk about the success of Logan vs KSI 1. It was still only 300,000 buys at, like, twenty dollars. Which isn’t a lot. If you do the math on that, in terms of regular boxing it’s great. But they’re talking like they’re running around God. 300,000 buys at twenty dollars is six million dollars.”

“That pays for like the cost of the event. Congratulations, you paid for the cost of the event.”

While Paul has teased an MMA rematch in the PFL against Diaz, he said there were several potential options for his next fight.

“I’m not sure what’s next,” he said. “But I had a meeting with Nakisa [Bidarian, Jake’s manager] this morning and we went over a couple of different options of different routes and paths to go next. And there’s a lot of interesting things on the table. But I’m going to take a couple more days and digest things. We’ve been going back to back to back.”

In addition to a Nate Diaz MMA fight, the KSI fight is right there if both men can agree on a bout contract. There also seems to be a (possibly manufactured) beef growing between Jake and Logan Paul, and we wouldn’t put it past the brothers to fight each other as a grand finale to their combat sports troll job.

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