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Maurice Greene calling BJJ B.S. ahead of PFL Playoffs — ‘I want to know when and where Ferreira got his black belt’

Renan Ferreira, Maurice Greene, Larissa Pacheco and Olena Kolesnyk Visit the Empire State Building for Professional Fighting League Face-Off Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

Professional Fighters League (PFL) Heavyweight semifinalist Maurice Greene has some questions.

“The Crochet Boss” returns to action this Friday night (Aug. 18, 2023) against Brazil's Renan Ferreira in the main event of the 2023 PFL semifinals, hoping to advance with a victory and eventually secure the $1 million grand prize at the PFL finals later this year.

On paper, this fight should be a fun, striker's delight as Greene is a former kickboxer and Ferreria constantly walks forward throwing bombs. However, Greene believes his opponent will shoot for a takedown because there is a narrative suggesting the former UFC fighter cannot get back to his feet.

"It's gonna be a tough matchup, and I know that," Greene told in a recent interview. “He moves forward and throws everything with everything he has — that's just his game. Honestly, I think he may look to take me down because he sees guys hold me down, but I don't respect his jiu-jitsu game. I mean, yeah, he can take you down ... I'll get up."

Ferreira has a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) black belt, but it is unknown where he obtained his credentials.

Because of that, Greene questions his BJJ skills.

"That so-called black belt that buddy got, I just don't understand where it came from. I haven't seen much of his MMA jiu-jitsu, so I promise you he won't hold me down," Greene said. "I want to know when and where Ferreira got his black belt. I just want to know where his lineage is at. Show me where your lineage is. Obviously, he can't do that. Right? He hasn't tried to defend it in any way, shape, or form. You know, I would expect somebody who has a legitimate black belt would defend his lineage, but there ain't sh*t. Somebody probably gave him that black belt because he was like a purple or a brown belt, and he was getting close to a promotion, and he won a couple of fights."

Ferreira only has one submission victory in his 10 wins.

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