In Memory of David Nathan Strapp, our buddy TomSelleck23

Three years ago today, Mania lost a legend, TomSelleck23. Thomas, as I called him, was one of the funniest guys to grace our computer monitors. He was a main stay on this board and someone who loved to be here and have fun with the gang. Below was his final posts before I found his obituary and the bad news, we all hoped wouldn't come true.

The outporing of love, humour (both good and offside) was off the charts and I'm so glad Thomas got to see how much the community was behind him and how much he meant to us. Of course the tears start to flow as I write this, simply because you are missed Buddy but not forgotten.

Going under the knife in the a.m.

Cancer kills but with luck you live long enough to have a blast while you last.

Almost passed today and might tonight so saying my goodbyes to some of the best dudes I’ve never met. Can’t name you all now but know this; MANIAC FOR LIFE.

David Nathan Strapp. Named for my Brother Nathan David Strapp who passed in 1958 a year before I was born at age 1. A fighter his whole short life. Never met him but he’s been in me all this time fighting to live.

love and peace bitches. Tom out.

Too say I’m overwhelmed by this outpouring of good wishes just won’t cut it. I don’t see this community in the same light now.Given time I’ll find my old groove or something new, better. I have no memory of posting this FP since my brain fluid was hydra- locking and pushing my eyes out. Ya, that was an experience no one needs really. The ventricles were plugged and the cocktail olive on my brain stem was making things tight. They bored a hole in my prestine virgin dome and poked new holes in the brain pan. Worked for a few days then plugged again. Back to the shop for another bore and sleeve (shunt tube) and so far just sensitive eyes, double vision and residual helicopter noise in my head.

One more large tumour on my lung that seems immaterial at this point but will deal with ASAP. It was my hope this would be somehow educational and if there’s something I learned it may be this, The cancer is of the same variety that tried to ice me in 2012. After that ordeal I was so glad to get out of hospital after 23 days , no one could convince me to spend time in a chemo suite for post op treatments to yes, try and mop up any that got away. Even my surgeon at the time admitted only 5% benefitted from it. Could I have been in that 5 and avoided this? Food for thought if nothing else.

Toms Virtual tumour pics are on the way...yay technology!

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