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Report: Cease and desist filed against Dillon Danis over Logan Paul fight ‘promotion’

Logan Paul and Misfits Boxing are not happy that Danis is harassing Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, as part of his social media strategy heading into their fight.

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There’s a lot of doubts over whether a Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis boxing match will go down on Oct. 14, 2023, as advertised. Many point Danis pulling out of his previous boxing match against KSI (details here), expecting the same thing to happen again.

Now, it looks like Paul and Misfits may be the ones preparing to remove Danis from their Manchester, England, fight card due to Dillion’s somewhat unique approach to “promoting” the fight.

Indeed, Danis has been a busy bee on social media, posting numerous pictures of Logan Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal — a Danish Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue” model — together with other celebrities (and ex-boyfriends) such as Leonardo DiCaprio, LeBron James and Paul Walker, among others. Some of the men have been in relationships with her, others are just people in pictures.

The implication Danis is pushing is clear ... and Team Paul is not happy.

According to Boxing Kingdom, cease and desist papers have been issues to Danis regarding the situation. Danis responded by pointing out all the terrible behavior KSI and the Paul brothers have engaged in during the lead up to their past fights.

“I’m fully committed to this fight and have been carrying the whole card’s promotion on my back,” he wrote on Twitter. “The Pauls and I have had beef since forever. Just imagine how you’d feel. Jake attacked my ex, fabricated stories about me impregnating someone, attacked my best friend’s fiancee.

“Logan ridiculed me for years, attacked Floyd’s wife, filmed a deceased person, scammed millions. KSI went after my mom, the list goes on. Now I finally get to settle our feud, and this whole thing is complete bullshit—we both have a signed contract. This isn’t a tennis match; this is the fight business.”

Dana White would be so proud.

While dragging an opponent’s wife into the pre-fight trash talk is gross and unnecessary, Danis is right: the Paul brothers have done that themselves, and their fanbase has been particularly brutal toward Danis over the years. Now that they’re getting a taste of their own viral medicine, they want to call in the lawyers?

What do you think of this entire mess, Maniacs? Let us know in the comments!

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