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BKFC 48 results: Live streaming bareknuckle play-by-play updates | Dodson vs. Ridge (and Bryce Hall)

John Dodson fights for the Flyweight title, and social media star, Bryce Hall, makes his bareknuckle debut.

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Good evening, punching enthusiasts of all stripes. BKFC 48 goes down TONIGHT (Fri., Aug. 11, 2023) from inside Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, N.M., streaming online via Fite.TV.

If you’re reading this, you are probably in one of two camps: here to watch former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) two-time 125-pound title contender and The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 winner, John Dodson, who will lock horns with Joshua Ridge for the inaugural BareKnuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) Flyweight title belt. Or, you might be here for a gentleman mostly unknown to the first camp, social media star, Bryce Hall.

First of all, credit and respect to Hall. He is the first social media guy I’m aware of who has been willing to go into a sport that most would deem even more hardcore than regular boxing (just ask this former UFC champion). That said, he is a marked underdog to Gee Perez, who is 3-0 (3 KO/TKO) in this sport. Hall’s TikTok account has 24 million followers, and his YouTube channel has three million subscribers, but for the man whose sole venture into combat sports was a loss to fellow YouTuber, Austin McBroom, those numbers won’t help him as he looks to make a name for himself as something other than a punching bag.

Moving on back to the seasoned veterans of combat sports, Dodson and Ridge for the new title promises to be a barnburner match. The past 1.5 years has seen a career resurgence for Dodson, having won three mixed martial arts (MMA) bouts in a row under the XMMA and RIZIN banners, and is looking to make it another three straight in BKFC. Meanwhile, Joshua “JR” Ridge is on a two-fight win streak of his own and is looking to make a name by collecting Dodson’s scalp.

BKFC 48 - Dodson vs. Ridge Quick Results:

125 lbs.: John Dodson def. Joshua “JR” Ridge — KO, 1:49, Rd. 1 — HIGHLIGHTS!
165 lbs.: Bryce Hall def. Gee Perez — TKO, corner stoppage 2:00, Rd. 2 — HIGHLIGHTS!
135 lbs.: Keith Richardson vs. Derek Perez — KO, 0:37, Rd. 1
175 lbs.: Joshua Moreno def. Jeremy Sauceda — TKO, corner stoppage 2:00, Rd. 1
175 lbs.: Wil Santiago vs. Jeremie Holloway — Majority draw 48-46, 47-47 x2
145 lbs.: Robert Armas def. Eric Dodson — Unanimous decision, 49-44, 48-45, 47-46
175 lbs.: Donald Sanchez def. Blake Lacaze — Unanimous decision, 50-44 x2, 48-46
118 lbs.: Melanie Shaw def. Sydney Smith — Unanimous decision, 47-46 x3

BKFC 48 - Dodson vs. Ridge Play-By-Play Updates:

John Dodson vs. Joshua “JR” Ridge for the inaugural BKFC Flyweight title

Round 1: Dodson in purple, Ridge in black. Dodson gets in a nice left. Flurry as Dodson lands a good combo. Ridge got hit in the cheek it looked like and was moving awkwardly. He slips to the canvas, but he’s staying there. Ref is ruling it a slip and letting Ridge get to the corner and get looked at by the doc.

Ref is saying during this medical timeout that the last action was a push down, and if Ridge can’t continue, it’s a no contest. Fortunately, Ridge is doing the thing and we’re back. Dodson landing his left a couple times. Not sure if Ridge has landed clean so far. He’s got in some, but I think it’s all glancing. Dodson is throwing left after left. Down goes Ridge... and he’s staying down! First round knockout for Dodson.

FINAL RESULT: John Dodson def. Joshua Ridge via KO — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

Bryce Hall vs. Gee Perez

Round 1: Perez in black, Hall in white. There’s a right and then a huge overhand right by Hall knocks down Perez just seconds into the bout! Perez gets up and gets in a left. Hall comes forward and Perez lands a nice counter right. They clinch and Hall tackles Perez, who complains about the back of his head/neck. He gets a few minutes to recover. Perez wants Hall to stand and trade, while Hall is circling and jabbing. They flurry and both men land. Perez grabs his elbow as the bell sounds.

10-8 Hall

Round 2: Perez is still clutching that left arm to his body. He’s throwing right hands only so far. Hall gets in a right of his own. Check hook by Perez. That looks like it cut Hall. Perez definitely can’t use his left, surprised the doctor’s are letting it continue.

10-9 Perez

FINAL RESULT: Bryce Hall def. Gee Perez via TKO, corner stoppage — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

Keith Richardson vs. Derek Perez

Round 1: Richardson in black and green, Perez in black and white. Gorgeous left-right and the right absolutely PLANTS Perez. He’s stumbling and can’t get up! Lighting quick power knockout for Richardson.

FINAL RESULT: Keith Richardson Def. Derek Perez via KO, Rd. 1

Joshua Moreno vs. Jeremy Sauceda

Round 1: Sauceda in black, Moreno in yellow. Moreno opens with a lead left. They clinch, ref break. Again. Moreno jabs in, a nice one and Sauceda has a cut under his eye. Sauceda to the body, Moreno complains about a shot to the back of the head as Sauceda follows up. Moreno to the body.

10-9 Moreno

FINAL RESULT: Joshua Moreno def. Jeremy Sauceda via TKO, corner stoppage

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