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Colossal clash! Dana White met Italian officials to discuss using Colosseum for Musk vs. Zuckerberg

After Elon Musk suggested using the ancient arena for his fight against Mark Zuckerberg, Dana White spoke to the Italian government about making it happen.

Italy Daily Life 2023 Photo by Stefano Montesi - Corbis/Getty Images

It wasn’t all sun and fun for Dana White in Italy during his recent family vacation. While UFC’s president was traveling through Europe, he took the time to speak to representatives from the Italian government about using The Colosseum for a potential Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg fight.

White revealed this during a new interview on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast.

“It’s real — it’s real,” White said. “They do wanna fight, it’s real!”

“My wife said Zuckerberg’s gonna kick his ass,” Tyson offered.

“It’s funny, because we were talking about The Colosseum for that fight,” White said. “And I actually did have a meeting with the Minister of Culture’s team in Italy to actually hold that fight in The Colosseum if it would happen. It would be MMA. We’re talking. No steroids allowed. These guys would be drug tested.

“Zuckerberg takes this s— very seriously,” Dana added. “He is a huge UFC fan, he trains, and he’s an MMA fan.”

“Elon’s gonna karate kick his ass!” Tyson exclaimed. “Look at how Elon looks, Elon doesn’t even look like he’s from this planet.”

“Elon grew up doing Judo,” White explained. “He’s a legit Judo guy — a legit Judo guy. It’s one of those fights that if we did do that, I would build a killer undercard with tons of great fights and then you’d have the main event. But, think about how big that fight is: two of the richest, most powerful guys in the world are gonna fight on the biggest stage. Everybody [would wanna see it]. Who doesn’t want to see that one?

“That’s the kind of fight your grandmother would watch. It’s huge! Trump would have to fight for a fight to be bigger than that.”

The fight will have to fully come together first, though. And right now it sounds like Zuckerberg is impatiently waiting for Musk, who recently said he may need back surgery before he’ll be able to take on the Facebook magnate in the cage.

We’ll keep you informed as the “Billionaire vs. Billionaire” battle continues to move forward.

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