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Jorge Masvidal once detonated sleeping bomb during Chinese bathroom brawl, almost got arrested - ‘Nobody came for me’

Just more evidence that you shouldn’t mess with “Gamebred” in the streets (or the bathrooms) or he’ll take you out.

UFC 239: Ultimate Media Day Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Before making his name in the cage, Jorge Masvidal came up fighting in the mean streets and backyards of Miami, Fla., along the likes of Kimbo Slice and Co. He’s never been afraid to throw down if necessary (and when super necessary, too?), and now he’s sharing an interesting story about an incident in China that almost landed him in jail.

During the latest episode of The MMA Hour, “Gamebred” was asked what was the weirdest place he’d ever gotten into a scrap in.

“A men’s bathroom — popped off in the bathroom,” Masvidal replied. “There’s 100 other places I’d rather [fight] someone ... I got assaulted in one. These three guys, they weren’t the wisest, and whatever, man. They didn’t jump me. They tried to.”

Masvidal added that it was a nightclub bathroom in China during a promotional appearance for a UFC event.

“Three random European guys,” he explained. “I was in the bathroom, I had a nice chain on at the time, and I was waiting in line to wash my hands. These guys are behind me and somebody picks up my chain with their fingers and turns to his friend and starts saying something in a language that I’m not understanding.

“And I turn around very politely and I go like, ‘Hey, relax, bro. It’s all good.’ And I go forward to get away from him, because he’s literally grabbing my chain. Like, I’ve never seen you in my life, you can’t do that, you know. I’m looking in the reflection in the mirror, and the guy goes like this [jerks hand in the air] and lifts up my chain like an a—hole, and he says something to me in whatever language he was speaking.

“So I was like, I know what’s going happen next,” Masvidal continued. “If these guys keep doing this, they’re going to take everything I’ve got. So when I turned around, the guy got in my face ... and then yeah, it was like a sleeping bomb went off in there. [Knocked him] the f— out, him and his two buddies. They rushed me. The one dude got in my face, I told him to get back, he didn’t understand me, he got closer, boom. Down. His friends come rushing at me. What am I going to do? All in a bathroom.”

Masvidal was looking forward to enjoying a night of VIP treatment with his fellow UFC fighters. But now the host arranging the event was insisting he leave the bar before the cops showed up.

“In China, if you go to jail, you don’t see the judge, you don’t get bail for 10 days,” Masvidal said. “So, right or wrong, you’re going to be in there for 10 days if you do get arrested. And I wasn’t going to take that chance, so I just took off. Back to my hotel. Nobody came for me.”

“Gamebred” said he wasn’t worried about getting picked up by the authorities because “I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

“Maybe China’s weird and they got cameras in the bathrooms,” he said. “Perfect. Go check this out, these guys are trying to assault me. What am I gonna do? Leave me with a black eye and no chain? They had no idea [who I was]. They were drunk and obnoxious and rowdy as hell and they had this size to ‘em. I was probably not the biggest guy in the group at the time.”

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