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Alistair Overeem abruptly retires, stuns UFC fans with truth behind dramatic weight loss

“If you go on an alkaline diet, the cancer cells will go away. You’re not even going to get cancer.”

Alistair Overeem is now a vegetarian.

Yes, the same hulking heavyweight who subsisted on a diet of horse protein and TRT is no longer eating meat. In fact, the former UFC contender is quitting a lot of things, including combat sports, which may explain his dramatic weight loss in recent pics.

Overeem recently signed a multi-fight contract with GLORY but appears to be done after just one appearance.

“Meat is not good for you, it negatively affects you,” Overeem told Lovin’ Dubai (transcribed by Middle Easy). “Yes, it tastes delicious. Even now, I could still eat meat, but I just choose not to. I started doing detoxing. I have this special nutritionist, Julian VanHoven. When I met him, I instantly knew this guy has knowledge so we started working and I started taking these supplements in a reasonably high dosage which you can just do on an empty stomach, and after a couple of weeks, my diet, my appetite changed.”

“I would usually eat steak at eight o’clock in the morning,” Overeem continued. “That was like a standard thing and then I’m like, ‘I’m full. I don’t want to eat this anymore.’ So then the next day, it was one food less. One food of steak I ate that day and then the day after that I didn’t want to eat it anymore. When I spoke to Julian, I asked him what’s happening. I don’t want to eat my steak anymore, but I want to eat my steak because I want muscles, and he said, ‘You had parasites in your body. We gave you the supplements, you start detoxing your body,’ and these supplements are just simple seaweed.”

“Everybody could take it and this creates an alkaline environment which these parasites do not like. They will get hurt and die off and once you get rid of them, your tastes change,” Overeem said. “It’s not me who needs to eat meat, it’s the parasites that influence me, work through me to make me think I want to eat meat, but it’s not me and once you get rid of them, you don’t care. Fruit always alkalizes. That’s a misconception. Fruit has sugar? No. Fruit has fructose. Healthy. Fruit does not create acidity. It alkalizes. We are designed to eat fruit. We’re not designed to eat meat so this acidity-alkalinity has to do with also cancer and this is another way to prevent cancer. If you go on an alkaline diet, the cancer cells will go away. You’re not even going to get cancer.”

Folks, please check with your doctor — not “The Reem” — on the best way to prevent cancer.

The 43 year-old Overeem is currently serving a one-year suspension after failing a fight night drug test at GLORY Collision 4, where “Demolition Man” battled longtime kickboxing rival Badr Hari. His last MMA appearance resulted in a technical knockout loss to Alexander Volkov at UFC Vegas 18 back in early 2021.

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