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Spence vs. Crawford results, live streaming updates

Boxing is dead, haven’t you heard?

Or, perhaps, we’ve got one of the biggest and best boxing matches of the year — many years in fact — and 2023 has had some really good ones already. Indeed, we’ve already witnessed some phenomenal matchups, such as Lomachenko vs. Haney, Cameron vs. Taylor, Lopez vs. Taylor, Inoue-Fulton and multiple wins already from the likes of Gervonta Davis and Tim Tszyu. But, tonight (Sat., July 29, 2023), starting at 8 p.m. ET live from Las Vegas, Nevada, we’ve got Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KO) going up against Terence Crawford (39-0, 30 KO) in a unifying bout for every major Welterweight strap — the entire alphabet soup here, folks: WBO, WBA, IBF and WBC.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s another really good championship fight on the undercard, as Nonito Donaire (42-7, 20 KO) hooks up with Alexandro Santiago (27-3, 14 KO) for WBC’s vacant Bantamweight belt, as well as Isaac Cruz taking on Giovanni Cabrera in a WBA Lightweight title eliminator and Sergio Garcia vs. Yoenis Tellez.

You know, casual undercard stuff with a bunch of top fighters going at it.

Spence Vs. Crawford Quick Results:

147 lbs. Terence Crawford def. Errol Spence — TKO, Rd. 9, 2:32
118 lbs. Alexandro Santiago def. Nonito Donaire — Unanimous decision
135 lbs. Isaac Cruz def. Giovanni Cabrera — Split decision (115-112, 114-113, 111-114)
156 lbs. Yoenis Tellez def. Sergio Garcia — TKO Rd. 3, 1:01
124 lbs. Jose Reyes Salas vs. Aston Palicte — TKO Rd. 4, 1:37
168 lbs. Steven Nelson def. Brahmavigi “Rowdy Legend” Montgomery — Unanimous decision

Spence Vs. Crawford Play-By-Play Results:

Errol Spence vs. Terence Crawford for the unified Welterweight championship

Round 1: Spence in white, Crawford in black. The switch-hitting Crawford comes out in southpaw to open up. Both men mostly sizing each other up so far. Really not much happening, but Spence is throwing more. Nothing landing clean for either man. Spence working behind a jab, now moving forward and corners Crawford. Spence tries to get in a combo but backs off when Crawford counterpunches.

10-9 Spence

Round 2: 1-1-2 from Spence and he lands the 2. Possibly the first good clean land for either man. Crawford connects with a jab, and then one to the body. Nice combo from Crawford, lands a left at the end of it. Spence goes wide around the guard of Crawford’s guard to connect with his left on the ear. Spence jab. Crawford just misses a counter right, but does land a jab a few seconds later. There’s a left, too. Spence to the guy. Counter combo left-right by Crawford and it floors Spence for the first time in his career! Spence up. Crawford attacking, but no time left.

10-8 Crawford

Round 3: Spence with a hard right. Spence backs up Crawford, goes to the body as Crawford is in the corner. Crawford firing back. They’re both landing here. Good liver shot from Crawford. Spence hits a left hook, Crawford counters back moments later. Spence jabs down and upstairs. Spence lands, but Crawford’s hand speed is on display here and he connects on the return. Crawford with a quick right. Jab, too. Tough round to judge

10-9 Crawford

Round 4: Spence tries a combo, gets in a little, but it’s Crawford’s turn to fire back and his connections are more effective. Left hook and uppercut by Crawford. Another left rattles Spence. Right hand. Great round for Crawford and we’re only halfway through. Spence connects to the ribs, then the top of the head. Power jab by Bud again. Crawford twice to the body.

10-9 Crawford

Round 5: Doc looking at Spence for some reason, doesn’t intervene, however. Spence still pressuring, Crawford’s hand-speed is just overwhelming the offence that Spence is able to fire off. Lefts by both men. Crawford with a stiff right straight. Spence unable to penetrate the defenses of Crawford. He’s throwing and doing better this round. Good left there.

10-9 Crawford, but a closer round

Round 6: Both men land jabs, Crawford lands two more. Both men throw their lefts and both get in partial lands. Spence’s head mimics a Pez dispenser as a power-jab lands again. Nice counter left, too. They’re fighting in a phone booth here. Spence to the body, left to the head by Crawford. Double jab as Crawford maintains center-ring. Uppercut right at the bell.

10-9 Crawford

Round 7: Short right by Crawford. He’s surging forward now, but Spence swings heavy to back Crawford off. Spence to the body. Goes upstairs and clips Crawford, but Crawford fires back and drops Spence again! Beautiful right shovel hook plants Spence. Plenty of time in this round, but Spence doesn’t seem too worse for the wear. He lands a right, but Crawford gets him on the ear. Spence with a right to the body and one to the face. His best combo in a few rounds. Crawford to the body. Spence eats a HUGE right hand at the bell and flies to the canvas. He gets up without issue, but that’s a huge round for Crawford!

10-7 Crawford

Round 8: Spence looks like he’s had enough of getting countered and he’s letting Crawford mostly lead the dance here. Left upstairs by Crawford, right to the body by Spence. Left-right-right by Crawford and Spence is staggered. Good right again and Spence finally has had enough of that and he’s firing back. There’s a 1-2.

10-9 Crawford

Round 9: Good jab by Spence, better one by Crawford. Crawford to the body, Spence to the head. Crawford backs up Spence with a strong jab, misses with the hook. Uppercut and hook to the body by Crawford. Spence thrice to the body with his right. Spence with a left, Crawford good counter that wobbles Spence. Crawford smells blood and he’s going after Spence, lands a nice shot and Spence wobbles some more... the ref intervenes and it’s all over!

Final result: Terence Crawford def. Errol Spence via TKO, round 9

Isaac Cruz vs. Giovanni Cabrera

Round 1: Cruz in white and red, Cabrera in white and gold. Cruz taking center ring, while Cabrera is circling and working his jab. Cruz holds on as Cabrera gets inside and gets a bit of a talking to from the ref. Not a whole lot of action here, Cruz trying to punch wide and Cabrera avoiding the power shots. Cruz lands a left in the waning seconds.

10-9 Cabrera

Round 2: Cruz to the body, Cabrera with a jab. Cabrera gets hit with a left after trying a combo, but hitting the guard. Cabrera uppercut lands. Cruz gets in a counter right. Jab, jab and another jab by Cabrera.

10-9 Cabrera, but a close round.

Round 3: Cruz’s best punch so far has been his lunging lead left, and he connects again. They get close and Cruz lands a series of rights to the body and then one upstairs. Cabrera looks like he’s slowing a bit. Cabrera barely throwing this round.

10-9 Cruz

Round 4: Cruz still leading the dance here in the 4th round. Left by Cruz lands. Cabrera connects on a jab to the body. Cruz with a left hook that lands pretty solid. Oh, there’s another that is flush. Cabrera showing his chin off, which isn’t a good thing. He clinches. Cabrera still not doing much other than a jab, but he’s getting hit regularly now.

10-9 Cruz

Round 5: Straight left hand for Cabrera as Cruz lands a good right. Liver shot by Cruz. Cabrera shoves Cruz into the ropes and jabs him to the body as he rebounds. Cruz pops Cabrera with a nice right hand to the mush. Another one and Cabrera grabs onto Cruz’s arms to stop the punching. They clash heads and one from Cruz was intentional, which draws the ire of the ref.

10-9 Cruz

Round 6: Cabrera is landing some punches, but they’re not being thrown or landed with any real heat. Cruz, on the other hand, throws with power almost all the time. There’s a right by the shorter man. A left, too. Again, Cabrera showing off the chin here. He does land a nice left to the gut. Cabrera with a left-right-left, but at what looks to be maybe 60% of what Cruz lands with. Some loose tape coming off the wrists of Cabrera and we get time to get that fixed.

10-9 Cruz

Round 7: Overhand left by Cruz. There’s a good, stiff jab by Cabrera. They get phone booth close and Cruz lands a left. Cabrera with a combo, but Cruz answers with a cracking left hook. The circling and evading by Cabrera early has vanished and he’s using body movement a lot more, which has allowed Cruz to get in bigger shots. Like that right hand that glances in.

10-9 Cruz in a closer round.

Round 8: Cabrera with three good jabs. A lot of ‘em hit glove, but plenty are finding the target. Cruz with a couple lefts. Cabrera now backs Cruz into the corner and is pot-shotting away. Cruz looks to be trying to bait Cabrera in, but no dice, just outside punching. Good overhand right. There’s another headbutt from Cruz and the ref takes a point. Cruz landing well, but Cabrera is eating all of them with seemingly little effect. He’s eaten so damn many power punches, and aside from slowing down, he’s still looking like he did before. It may not be affecting Cabrera, but I think Cruz just stole the round.


Round 9: Cruz gets into a clinch, but has his right hand free and whales away to the ribs. Flush right hand to Cabrera’s mouth. Cruz with a right to the body. Cruz overhand left. That’s funny - they clinch, and Cruz taps Cabrera on the shoulder in an imitation of what the ref might be doing to try and get Cabrera to let him go.

10-9 Cruz

Round 10: Jab, jab, left to the body by Cabrera. Another left. Shovel hook. Good start to the round here from Cabrera. There’s a right by Cruz. 1-2 from Cabrera. Thudding hook from Cruz. Cruz lands just below the chin to the upper chest/neck. Cabrera coming forward now, hitting the body and a couple rights. Cruz with a right. Left, too. Cruz left-right.

10-9 Cruz, but a close round

Round 11: Cabrera to the body. Cruz overhand right. Both men to the breadbasket. Cabrera with a combo. Cabrera catches Cruz and it looks like Cruz steps on the foot of Cabrera and slips, touching the canvas with his gloves, but it’s not ruled a knockdown, probably correctly. Cabrera combos, eats a left.

10-9 Cabrera

Round 12: Cruz isn’t pressuring as much as he used to, either. Left hand by both men, Cabrera’s to the body, Cruz to the head. There’s a couple of jabs by Cabrera. Cruz to the body. Cruz looks like he’s playing a little defensive here, making sure he doesn’t get caught with something big. They clinch and Cruz gets in some short shots.

10-9 Cabrera and I have it 7 rounds to 4 for Cruz with one draw round.

Final result: Isaac Cruz def. Giovanni Cabrera via split decision.

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