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Donald Cerrone calls out ‘little girl’ Andrew Tate for Musk vs Zuck undercard

Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire battle with the potential to move a whole lot of pay-per-view (PPV) buys. However, that bout alone doesn’t make up an entire card, and unsurprisingly, a whole slew of fighters would like to get their name on such a high-profile event.

One of the more unlikely would-be participants is Donald Cerrone. “Cowboy” is a retired fan-favorite and Hall of Famer, but he ended his career on a bad losing streak that didn’t leave much of a demand for a comeback.

Fortunately, “Cowboy” found a solution by calling out a non-UFC fighter. Specifically, he wants to throw down opposite former professional kickboxer and alleged human trafficker Andrew Tate, who’s currently imprisoned in Romania.

“Back in the day when me and Joe Schilling used to watch videos of you [Tate] to try and want to fight you,” Cerrone began (h/t SportsKeeda). “You always ran like a little girl your entire career. Are you kidding me? I’m [going to] knock the s—t out of you. I’m a real fighter. You’re a fake bulls—t wannabe fighter who made up a bunch of world championship belts that you bought off eBay.”

It hasn’t taken Tate long to respond despite his current detention status. He didn’t back down from the challenge, inviting Cerrone to throw down.

“As for Cerrone, I’ve heard of him. Didn’t McGregor finish him pretty quick?” Tate said (via LowKickMMA), “If he thinks I can’t fight, then if he wants to tell me to my face and kick my ass, he’s welcome to try. I strongly believe he will regret that decision and that’s as far as I need to take it.”

Book it?

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