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Colby Covington eyes Conor McGregor fight with title win - ‘That’s what people want to see’

If Colby Covington wins the welterweight title off Leon Edwards this fall, he’ll happily give Conor McGregor a shot at becoming triple champ.

UFC 272 Press Conference Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Colby Covington doesn’t have a date yet for his welterweight title shot against champion Leon Edwards, but he’s already mapping out who he wants to fight after he takes the belt off “Rocky.”

Covington was a special guest speaker at a Turning Points USA Chapter Leadership Summit, and over the course of his 27 minute Q&A he called for a fight with Conor McGregor repeatedly.

“That’s the big fight, that’s what people want to see,” he said when asked about McGregor. “They want to see USA vs. Ireland, they want to see the money fight. That fight sells, I think that’s the biggest fight the UFC could ever do. And I think it lines up perfectly after I beat Leon Edwards Scissorhands this fall.

“I think Conor’s gonna have some things to say when I get that welterweight title in a couple of months. I think before next winter Conor and I square up, and we see who the baddest man on the planet is.”

McGregor has made it known that he plans on becoming the first three-division UFC champion in history, so Covington’s prediction could very well come true. But “The Notorious” is currently in limbo as the UFC sorts out ‘business’ that’s delaying a TUF coaches fight against Michael Chandler. And Colby has to get past Leon.

Later in the Q&A, Covington promised to dominate Edwards for 25 full minutes when they fight.

“I got Leon Edwards Scissorhands, it’s going to be a re-enactment of 1776 and the revolutionary war when we took our independence back,” he said. “And when I get done with Leon, I think Conor’s gonna have something to say.”

“Chaos” also addressed whether he’d antagonize Irish fans like he has with Brazilians in the past.

“It depends on how the Irish fans treat me, you know,” Covington said. “If they’re yelling at me like the Portuguese Brazilian fans, ‘You will die, you will die,’ then you know I might just bring you an act and I might just say some mean words to you. But you know, this is the professional fight business, this isn’t the feelings business. This is the professional fight business. So if you’re mad about words I’m saying, you’re probably in the wrong sport.”

Covington is 1-1 over the past three years, with his last fight a decision win over Jorge Masvidal in March 2022. Bookies seem to like how his style matches up with Leon Edwards, though. The two are both sitting at -115 odds, which may be surprising given Edwards’ recent domination of Kamaru Usman. Covington had his undisputed title aspirations dashed in two past fights against Usman ... will he fare better against Edwards? Let us know how you see the match going, Maniacs!

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