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Jon Jones shrugs off next generation of Heavyweight challengers: ‘Everyone’s the next big thing until I beat them’

Tom Aspinall may have caught the attention of “Bones,” but UFC’s Heavyweight champion doesn’t buy him as a legitimate challenge ... for now.

UFC 285: Jones v Gane Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

After earning a quick (and dominant) technical knockout win over Marcin Tybura at UFC London this past weekend (watch highlights here), Tom Aspinall made his case for an eventual title fight with Heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

“Another goal of mine is I want to motivate Jon Jones to stick around and fight me,” he said at UFC London’s post-fight press conference. “That is my absolute dream.”

Jones is set to fight Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 in November, and according to those close to “Bones,” he may very well walk away from the sport with a win. His move up to Heavyweight was partially spurred by a lack of legacy-building contenders at Light Heavyweight, and he doesn’t sound particularly interested in fighting the next generation of up-and-coming UFC Heavyweights.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Aspinall laid out what he’d bring to the table against Jones.

“He’s fought a lot of quicker guys before, nobody quicker than me,” Aspinall said. “Quicker than most heavyweights, being at light heavyweight, obviously. But, he’s never fought someone quicker than a light-heavyweight, who’s bigger than him before. Who, is super confident, with big fight IQ, not intimated, who’s young and fresh and doesn’t have a lot of miles on the clock. That’s what I think I bring to the table against Jon.”

In a set of quickly deleted tweets, “Bones” implied Aspinall is nothing special.

Twitter - Jon Jones

“Everyone’s the next big thing until I beat them,” he wrote. “And then it’s like well. Who was that guy anyway? Just a few months ago Gane was the absolute future of MMA. Best foot work, fastest heavy weight we have ever seen. The most athletic. Now everyone’s like who the hell is that guy.

“Half the time the guys talking the most crap don’t even end up winning their next fight. I’ve been around this game for a long time. Over the years, I’ve learned not to get all impress so quickly. Stick around, win consistently like I have. And then talk your s—.”

“Sometimes I feel like I’ve been in a deja vu, everyone’s going to be the guy to kick my ass,” Jones’ next tweet read. “Meanwhile, I’m over here undefeated with a face full of gray hairs.”

The 36-year-old Jones is 29-1-1 with his sole “loss” coming via dubious disqualification. His decade of dominance atop the 205-pound division is the stuff of legend, and his ease in capturing the Heavyweight title launched him back into the G.O.A.T. discussion ... just as he hoped it would.

Legacy is a big factor in Jones’ comeback run: he’s reminding everyone who the best is ... and then he’ll ride off into the sunset.

Unless a big enough challenge (or paycheck) lures him back.

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