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Uber-jacked Darren Till wants to fight Dillon Danis on Paul-Diaz undercard

“The Gorilla” has piled on pounds of muscle and is looking to get back to fighting as soon as possible. His first target? Dillon Danis.

What’s Darren Till been up to over the past several months?

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight contender hasn’t done much other than post on social media since requesting his release from the promotion earlier this year (details here). Now, we may know the reason(s): he was too busy getting swole in the gym to do anything else.

On Saturday, Till posted some impressive pictures of his muscle gain on Twitter.

“Currently in the best shape of my life,” he declared. “Fit, strong, and disciplined. Coming into my prime…. Had doubters all my life and will prove them all wrong soon enough. Should have some fight news soon.”

Remember, kids, it’s “really big” news.

Nevertheless, Till finished that post off with the hashtag, “#FightEvery2Months,” which is ... a lot of fighting! And he apparently wants to get things started soon, because he just called out Dillon Danis to fight, and he wants the bout to go on the Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz-led undercard on Aug. 5, 2023, in Dallas, Texas.

“Dillon Danis I heard the Jake Paul X Nate Diaz sales aren’t going 2 good,” Till wrote in another tweet. “I’ll jump on the undercard with you and let you knock me out for a few quid if you fancy it, mate. Respectfully.”

We’d share the original tweets, but Till (the mad lad) went and deleted his Twitter account shortly after.

Danis — never one to pretend on social media that he’d fight anyone, anywhere, any time — quickly accepted.

“Let’s do it,” he replied.

He then deleted that tweet (what’s with all the deleting?) and made another post, which was less thirsty for a fight and more critical of Till.

“In MMA, this would result in a quick and one-sided fight for me,” Danis wrote. “Why understandable he wants a boxing contest, but Darren Till doesn’t seem to understand that I would dominate him in any sport with ease. Remember, once a quitter, always one bitch.”

Chances of Darren Till vs. Dillon Danis being added to the Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul undercard? Near zero. But, we actually don’t mind the idea of a Till vs. Danis match in general. Neither men are doing anything particularly worthwhile right now, so why not?

Alas, both guys are known for talking a lot on social media. Following through on that talk? Not so much.

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