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Misfits 8 results: Live stream boxing updates, full fight coverage | Dazn X Series

Influencer boxing, featuring tag team survivor matches and ... Alan Belcher!

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Boxing In London - KSI v Joe Fournier MF & DAZN: X Series 007 Photo by Paul Harding/Getty Images

What a wild circus of a card we’ve got shaping up tonight (Sat., July 22, 2023), live from inside Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. Misfits Boxing X Series 008 (Misfits 8) is full of last-minute surprises and changes; therefore, let’s start by going over said changes. The card got upended in the past two days due to injury and hot dog-related stupidity.

Yes, that sentence is real.

Let’s talk actual fighters: Alan Belcher. We all know him here, he’s the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight and Light Heavyweight who spent almost a decade with the promotion. He’s been a surprising post-UFC success story, diving head-first into the worlds of boxing and bare-knuckle brawls, so far going undefeated at a combined 9-0 and claiming BKFC’s Heavyweight strap, before relinquishing it to fight Hasim Rahman Jr. on tonight’s card. However, at the last minute, Rahman Jr. pulled out of the fight, citing an injured elbow, opening the door for last minute replacement (and Nate Diaz heel), Chase DeMoor.

Indeed, Demoor was the one who was disqualified from his fight, got into it with Diaz in the stands and then continued the antics onto Bourbon Street in New Orleans, where Diaz choked Logan Paul impersonator, Rodney Peterson, unconscious (watch it).

This is a ludicrous matchup, for the record, as Belcher is a serious, legitimate pugilist and DeMoor is ... not.

Moving along, we’ve got folks like Anthony Taylor squaring off with Paul Bamba. Taylor is a former Bellator fighter and made some Internet waves when he gave everyone’s favorite metaphorical punching bag, Dillon Danis, a black eye outside a press conference (see it here). Bamba — a Jake Paul sparring partner — was scheduled to fight Tommy Fury once, but pulled out.

And, in the main event, we’ve got a bizarre tag team survivor match between Influencers. Here’s an explainer:

Deen The Great and Walid Sharks had a boxing match back in Nov. 2022, with Deen gaining the win by way of knockout, and these two still don’t seem to like each other. They spent half of the press conference and weigh-ins barking at each other and nearly coming to blows, but now, they’re gonna work together.


Misfits 8 Boxing Quick Results:

Nicholai “NichLMAO” Perrett def. Ryan Johnston, Brendon “BDave” Davis & Brandon “Swarmz” Scott — 117 points
Nurideen “Deen The Great” Shabazz & Walid “Sharks” Muhsein def. Elijah “YuddyGangTV” Smith & Stamaur “AyyePap” Mitchell — Decision, 40-36 x2, 39-37 — HIGHLIGHTS!
Alan Belcher def. Chase DeMoor — TKO, 2:15 of Rd 3 — HIGHLIGHTS!
Anthony Taylor vs. Paul Bamba — Cancelled, Bamba “failed medicals” at the last minute
Brandon Herrera def. James Sellers — KO, 2:15 of Rd 3
Jack Grady def. David Bonfadini — KO

Misfits 8 Boxing Play-By-Play Updates:

Survivor Match: Ryan Johnston vs. BDave vs. NichLMAO vs. Swarmz

Round 1: Nich in black and purple, Dave in white and orange, Swamz in white and blue, Ryan in black and orange. Swarmz to start off vs. Johnston. Swarmz controlling center-ring. Nothing really landing and they tag both other men. Bdave going fast and furious for a bit before tagging in Ryan. He lands a good right on Nich. Good jab by Nich who re-tags Swarmz as Dave tags in. Dave moving forward, they flurry in a phone booth for a bit before Dave bounces out and lets Nich back in. Nich looking to counter Swarmz.

Round 2: Dave going full steam ahead, eats a nice shot by Nich. He tags out to Swarmz and Nich also tags Ryan. Good jabs by both men. Tags by both men. Dave plows forward, clinch and a break. Dave to the body, tags out Nich. Nice shot to Ryan’s body and one upstairs. Ryan gets in a right. Nich is looking the best of the 4 so far. Eventually tags in Swarmz, but the bell rings.

Round 3: Right hand by Swarmz who then tags Dave and Ryan tags Nich. They brawl for a bit before swapping back out. Nich with a small cut. Swarmz with a counter right hand and tags Dave. He gets in some nice right hands. Dave with a left. Ryan is tired and he touches Nich, while Dave brings in Swarmz. Nich with a jab and bails to Dave. Swarmz ends the round with a good combo on Dave to end the round.

Round 4: Dave and Nich to start off and Dave looking like a dervish here. Nice uppercut lands for Nich and a big right sends Dave into the corner to tag. Nich takes a break and tags in Ryan. Swarmz with a very nice counter left. Dave tags and for some reason, Swarmz tags out too. Nich lighting up Dave who tags out to Swarmz. Nich is upset he can’t put his hands on Dave more. Great right hand left hand combo by Nich at the bell nearly sends Ryan crashing to the canvas, but he stumbles to the ropes and that’s the end of the fight.

On my guess, it’s Nich or Swarmz

Final result: NichLMAO wins with a total score of 117

Tag Team Match: Deen The Great & Walid Sharks vs. YuddyGangTV & AyyePap

Round 1: Deen & Walid with the pink trim, YDG and AP in straight black. Walid and YD to start. Deen with some nice shots, fakes a tag to his partner. Another circle around the ring as they go back and forth and now Deen does get the tag. YD with a good counter right. They box back and forth, both men tag their partner now. Good lefts from Walid crack onto the fresh jaw of AP.

I’m not versed enough to know how to score tag team boxing, but I think Deen and Sharks won that round.

Round 2: We’re starting the round with Deen and YD going at it. YD being a bit of an aggressor on the smaller Deen. Nice right hand. They’re clinching and throwing from the pocket. Both men landing some good work, but YD looking like he’s getting the better of it. Finally at a pause, Deen tags Walid and YD takes the opportunity to get in the fresh AP. AP looks to be the quicker man, but it’s not translating into solid punches landing for the most part. AP looks like he just dislocated his shoulder. He grabs it, works it back and forth and tags YD back in. YD looks noticeably slower and this lets Walid crack in a few lefts as time winds down. We might be down 2-1 for the rest of the fight.

Round 3: Replays show that AP did indeed pop his shoulder out on a big swing. YD in vs Deen. Deen with a neatly placed right, YD hits to the body. Deen tags and Walid is going to work. He’s equal in size to YD and that means he isn’t going to get big brothered the way Sharks was on occasion. He’s firing in combos as YD looks to be tiring. He does tag in AP, who’s fighting on a bum shoulder. Let’s see if it stays back in place now. He certainly looks fresh, but he’s not throwing much. Deen tags in and he’s able to do more work on the smaller AP than he was against YD. Deen flurries as the round ends.

Round 4: We’re starting the final round with Deen and a tiring YuddyGang. Good right hand from Deen wallops YD. Walid’s turn and also AP’s turn. AP using his quickness to avoid Walid when they’re out in the open, but when Sharks is able to cut him off and back AP to the ropes, he’s able to do good work. Clean right to the body right there. Dirty boxing along the ropes and AP is holding his own for the most part. YD lets him know he can tag, but he’s fighting off Walid. Both men tag each other. Only a few seconds left and it’s a good fight. I honestly like the format for what it is.

Final result: Walid Sharks and Deen the Great def. YuddyGangTV and AyyPap via unanimous decision

Alan Belcher vs. Chase DeMoor

Round 1: Belcher in white, DeMoor in black. Gotta say, I don’t predict this goes well for Chase - unless Alan decides to carry him, this could be over real quick. Belcher starts with a couple jabs and a 1-2. DeMoor trying to parry, but not really doing much. DeMoor with a jab. Belcher overhand and Chase ties him up. DeMoor with a quick right, but doesn’t look like it has too much on it. He’s using his length decently - tying Belcher up when he gets close and pawing to keep him at bay. Belcher hits a left. Pawing strikes from DeMoor, who avoids a big right.

10-9 Belcher

Round 2: DeMoor jabbing and working his uppercut when Belcher crouches down. Thudding right hand by Belcher. Belcher pops DeMoor’s head back with a left. Lead right for Belcher. Overhand right by Belcher just glances off the chin. Belcher smacks the lead hand away and hits a right.

10-9 Belcher.

Round 3: I get the feeling Belcher is treating this like a sparring session as he’s certainly not looking worried about anything that DeMoor has thrown, or even landed. Belcher pressuring, DeMoor looking to hold on to stay out of the buzzsaw. DeMoor is throwing out some stuff, but it’s straight arm punches with nothing behind it. DeMoor gets his mouthpiece knocked out and the ref intervenes. Not sure if he gave him a standing 8 or just straight up called time. We’re back in with about 90 seconds left. Belcher’s got finishing energy to him and DeMoor looks like he’s done with it. DeMoor tries to grab him, Belcher reaches around before the ref can get in to break em up and pops him a good one in the mouth.

That gets DeMoor’s corner on the apron and the ref calls it.

Final result: Alan Belcher def. Chase DeMoor. TKO, 2:15, Rd. 3

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