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Video: Was this incredible one-second head kick KO a cheap shot? | Titan FC 83

Fight fans were treated to a combat rarity earlier tonight (Fri., July 21, 2023) at Titan FC 83 live on UFC Fight Pass from inside Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Fla., as Luis Hernandez delivered an epic head kick knockout over Brian Topp that was officially called at one second of the first round.

But was Hernandez’s split-second finish simply a cheap shot gone right?

Evident by the stoppage this fight was almost over before it started. Hernandez put his arm out the second the round started seemingly to signal a touching of gloves. Topp didn’t completely commit and as Hernandez was stepping in he delivered a brutal left head kick. It connected and Topp instantly dropped to the canvas. The referee didn’t even need to rush in (but he did).

Check out the stoppage in the above video player.

While this is a crazy finish that Hernandez will cherish for a lifetime an argument can be made that this wasn’t officially a one-second stoppage. There’s little chance both fighters walked to the center of the cage, Hernandez delivered the kick, and the referee slid in for the stoppage all in one second. It’s almost impossible, but the official stoppage was one second so I guess that’s that.

In addition, by Hernandez holding out his arm this almost feels like a cheap shot of some sort. Topp was probably thinking that the two would touch gloves and settle into their main card fight, but Hernandez launched the kick as his arm was still extended in the air and caught Topp when he was least expecting it.

MMA is clearly a “protect yourself at all times” type of sport, but was this a cheap shot from Hernandez or an all-time legendary knockout?

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