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Video: Tag-team partners nearly rumble during ridiculous staredown | Misfits Boxing 8

A pair of social media influencers nearly fought each other during Friday’s official weigh ins for their tag-team boxing match tomorrow night (Sat., July 22, 2023) at Misfits Boxing 8 live on DAZN from Nashville, Tennessee.

These Misfits Boxing events are getting even more wild by the show. Not only did a matchup get canceled after one fighter chucked hot dogs at another fighter during Thursday’s press conference, but now a pair of teammates almost brawled at official weigh ins on Friday. Luckily, cooler heads ultimately prevailed.

On Saturday, popular social media influencers, Walid Sharks and Deen The Great, will collide with fellow fighters, OJ Rose and Kimbo Slice Jr., in a tag-team boxing match. The idea of a tag-team boxing match is ridiculous to begin with, but when you stack two enemies on the same team things are bound to take a turn for the worse.

Of course, that’s exactly what happened when the two teams stepped on stage for a final staredown on Friday. Partners, Walid Sharks and Deen The Great, kept jockeying for position and had to be separated on multiple occasions. In fact, they nearly exchanged blows a few different times.

You can check out the madness in the above video player.

At this time it’s unknown how these two fighters will work together tomorrow night at Misfits Boxing 8. But considering they both tend to show out at these boxing events it’s safe to say Walid Sharks and Deen The Great will somehow bury the hatchet for their tag-team showdown.

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