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Video: Misfits Boxing 8 bout canceled last-minute after hateful hot dog juice prank triggers press conference melee

A fight has been canceled last-minute for Saturday’s Misfits Boxing 8 event after right-wing social media troll, Alex Stein, threw a bucket of hot dogs on Muslim opponent, Mo Deen, during a pre-fight press conference.

The incident occurred on Thursday as Stein and Mo Deen were on stage to promote their fight. Both fighters have exchanged trash talk leading up to Saturday’s event, but the controversial Stein decided to up the ante. Out of nowhere the politically-driven influencer launched a bucket of pork meat at Mo Deen on stage. The meat and subsequent juice crashed down on Mo Deen and prompted an absolutely chaotic melee between the two.

Check out the incident in the above video player and more footage below:

“I brought you a little gift, since I knew you love hotdogs,” said Stein right before he chucked the contents of the bucket. “You love pork, right?!”

Luckily, security and officials quickly stepped in to prevent any physical harm to either fighter. Stein kept chirping on the microphone to get under the skin of Mo Deen, who was doing his best to break free.

“I think those are Halal,” Stein said. “Welcome to America! It’s just a little bacon. You don’t like bacon?!”

While nobody was hurt during Thursday’s pre-fight press conference Misfits Boxing was left with no choice but to cancel the bout between Stein and Mo Deen. The promotion eventually terminated Stein’s contract and sent him the following letter (via Instagram):

“Dear Mr. Stein, at the press conference today you threw sausages, that were believed to be pork meat, at Mr. Mohammad Kubba a/k/a Mo Deen, your scheduled opponent, causing a fight between Mr. Kubba and yourself. This fight caused the destruction of the press conference stage.

“You put the name and reputation of Misfits Boxing, its shareholders and its partners into disrepute.”

The post by Stein was captioned with the below message:

“My fight got canceled for throwing turkey dogs at my opponent but they still allowed a domestic abuser to box.”

In addition to Thursday’s press conference melee, Stein and Mo Deen nearly threw hands during open workouts in Nashville. You can check that out below:

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