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Not-banned topless boxer blames bra-bonded ‘nipple stickers’ for Kingpyn controversy

“I actually had flame nipple stickers that I intended to wear for my post-fight celebration.”

Daniella Hemsley is injured, not banned.

That’s why the social media sensation is no longer appearing for Kingpyn Boxing after flashing her breasts to unsuspecting spectators last weekend in Dublin. The decision to go topless traumatized longtime promoter Eddie Hearn and drew harsh criticism from her fellow pugilists.

Fortunately for those fans who supported the post-fight celebration, Hemsley has every intention of coming back to the “sweet science” by the end of the year.

“There is a lot of speculation in the media at the moment about me being banned,” Hemsley said on YouTube. “Article after article after article. I am not banned from Kingpyn, guys. I have simply decided to take a few weeks off from training, to recover, to recover my body, and I plan on coming back fighting again hopefully in the winter.”

The 22 year-old OnlyFans star claims her original goal was to flash her breasts under the protection of “flame nipple stickers,” but her sports bra bonded to the accessory and left her completely exposed. Hemsley later apologized for her wardrobe malfunction.

“I won my fight, I pull my top up and the stickers got stuck in my bra so the whole world saw my tits,” Hemsley explained. “My tits were out to everyone. I mean, I’m sure most of you aren’t complaining. After my fight, came out, got into the medical room and I’m being checked out by the doctor ... I said to him, ‘I think I’ve broken my thumb.’ I literally even now I can like barely move it and I think I’ve also broken my elbow. I still need to get it scanned but I’ve been so lazy but I literally can’t straighten it.”

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