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Conor McGregor rails against Irish government corruption: ‘A nation in shambles, ran by lizards!’

The Irish sports star had some severe words for national broadcaster RTE, and the Irish government that funds them.

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Conor McGregor is unhappy with the current government running Ireland.

And “The Notorious” let his unhappiness be known in a new Twitter rant, which he then deleted soon after (shocker!). But, the Internet never forgets, and we have the whole thing from start to end for you to read.

The whole fracas began with McGregor taking aim at the government-funded Irish broadcast service, RTE. He shared a video of his phone scrolling through Google results for “McGregor RTE,” and the results ... were not complimentary toward the Irish sports star.

“Conor McGregor’s lawyer says allegations ‘false’” one headline result read. Another was, “Conor McGregor charged with assaulting man in Dublin Pub.” And on and on: several screens worth of headlines detailing McGregor’s many scrapes with the law.

He then typed, “McGregor donations” into Google, and got a long list of articles about his many charitable donations ... none of which were covered by RTE.

“Scheming, lying, fake c—ts!” McGregor wrote. “We want our money back! RTE, ROBBERS OF THE IRISH PUBLIC!

“RTE, an arm of the Irish government cartel,” McGregor continued. “Robbing, lying, fake hypocrites! WE DESPISE YOU!” another since-deleted tweet read. “TV3, what’s up? TG4, conas atá! [How are you!] Into the bin with RTE!”

McGregor then upped the ante on his rant, calling out the entire Irish government.

“I despise our government!” he declared. “To even lambast RTE in the oireachtas [parliament] in some sort of high and mighty position is in itself the absolute height of hypocrisy! Let’s see your books now! The amount of corruption in Ireland is horrific. A nation in shambles, ran by lizards!”

It’s clear that McGregor is feeling attacked and unappreciated by those in power in his home country. It doesn’t help that he was accused of (another) sexual assault recently. Perhaps if he stopped randomly punching people and getting himself into legal trouble, he would receive better coverage?

McGregor hasn’t competed since breaking his leg badly against Dustin Poirier in 2021 (see it). He is currently serving as a coach opposite Michael Chandler on ESPN’s The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 31. Chandler is confident that the pair will fight each other “in the next six months,” but the bout is shrouded in mystery.

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