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Kingpyn Boxing yanks breast-baring boxer from upcoming finals, issues cack-handed apology to PC police

***UPDATE: Hemsley has since responded to her removal with an explanation for both her wardrobe malfunction, as well as her post-fight injuries RIGHT HERE.

Amber O’Donnell grabbing Whitney Johns and forcing her to kiss during the Kingpyn Boxing face offs didn’t seem to ruffle any feathers, but having Daniella Hemsley bare her breasts while celebrating her Dublin victory over Aleksandra Daniel was apparently way over the line.

Poor Eddie Hearn is probably still in therapy.

Following the (cough) “controversy,” Kingpyn Boxing issued a blanket apology to “anyone upset” by Hemsley’s behavior. Yes, the same promotion that headlined a pay-per-view (PPV) with AnEsonGib vs. Jarvis Khattri is suddenly worried about its reputation in the boxing world.

As we strive to bring fans the best influencer boxing events possible, we accept that Saturday’s post fight incident may have offended some viewers and appreciate that this incident didn’t meet the standards expected from Kingpyn fight nights.

We apologize fully to anyone upset during the broadcast.

The fighter involved in the incident will not be appearing in the Final event and has decided to take some time away from boxing. We will now be turning our attention to the Kingpyn finals, with all of us more determined than ever to hold the greatest night of influencer boxing and showcase the very best of the sport we all love.

But some supporters are calling out the sport’s “contradictory” standards.

“I’ve seen Eddie Hearn standing with a title next to an OnlyFans girl. It’s very contradictory,” Hemsley’s boyfriend, Akonne Wanliss, told Talk Sport. “If I ever meet Eddie Hearn I’d be like, ‘Bruv, come on. You promote the thing.’ It doesn’t align with what he’s said before, but I don’t really care.”

See that photo of Hearn and the body paint boxer right here.

Hemsley, who is still just 22 years old, continues to post openly on social media, apparently unfazed by the promotion’s decision. No word yet on when or where the Kingpyn Boxing finals will take place, but they won’t include Hemsley. That means young, impressionable minds can once again focus solely on the merits of influencer boxing.


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