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Raul Rosas Jr. fires back at fighters hating on him: ‘I don’t want them talking s—t if they don’t got that belt’

MMA: APR 08 UFC 287 Photo by Alejandro Salazar/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Raul Rosas Jr. has heard enough from the haters.

The 18-year-old Bantamweight prospect was on the fast track in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) after winning his promotional debut with a first round rear-naked choke over Jay Perrin (watch highlights). Landing the main card opener of UFC 282 for the appearance, Rosas immediately attracted some jealousy from his peers.

Rosas’ sophomore appearance was the same story when he fought at UFC 287 this past April 2023. Taking on Christian Rodriguez, Rosas tasted defeat for the first time in his eight-fight career, losing a unanimous decision. Since then, the critics have been out in full force, calling his arrival in UFC premature, “all hype,” and various other claims.

“To all the fighters talking s—t, I don’t want them talking s—t if they don’t got that belt,” Rosas Jr. told FULL SEND MMA. “It’s pretty upsetting when they’ve been dedicating all their life, all their life, bro, into this sport. All they do, they’re UFC fighters, all they do is fight for the UFC. They’ve got nothing to do but train, and still can’t be the best at it.

“So, don’t come talking s—t to me if you’re a UFC fighter and you’re not a champion. Because that’s all you do, bro, and you can’t be the best at the only thing you do, bro. So don’t come talking s—t to me if you don’t have a belt wrapped around your waist.”

While he currently has yet to book his third fight inside the Octagon, Rosas intends on returning to action before 2024. From there, he can get back on his quest to try and become a three-division champion.

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