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Kingpyn flasher apologizes (sort of) for baring breasts on DAZN after boxing win

Daniella Hemsley made quite the impact during Kingpyn Semifinals after exposing herself on air. Hear what she had to say about the viral moment.

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The boxing world is in a bit of an uproar today after a fighter flashed her breasts in the ring after winning a bout via unanimous decision during a recent influencer boxing event on DAZN.

Daniella Hemsley was barely mentioned leading up to the Kingpyn Semifinals event last night (Sat., July 15, 2023) in Dublin, Ireland (full results here). But, she was certainly the talk of the Internet after she lifted her top and exposed herself on the broadcast and to everyone live inside 3Arena.

Hemsley — whose influencer fame comes via her 120,000 Instagram followers — had just defeated Polish Love Island contestant, Ola, with 48-47, 48-47 and 49-46 scores. She was so elated she flashed the crowd, leading to a ton of controversy.

Now Hemsley is apologizing ... sort of. It’s less of an, “I feel terrible for the wrong thing I did” apology and more of an, “I’m sorry if you are a prude” apology.

“I DID IT! Ola definitely didn’t have a walk in the park (her words) but Big respect, that was true WAR,” Hemsley wrote on Instagram. “I also apologies to anyone who may have felt offended by my excitement, I did actually have tassels on but the sweat stuck them to my bra lol.”

Over on Twitter — where it’s a wild west and nudity is allowed — she threw up a nude for good measure, writing “In case you missed it.”

The move was widely panned by the boxing world, which still hasn’t decided in general whether Influencer boxing is good for the sport overall or the work of the devil. After Hemsley’s stunt, the devil’s getting a lot of credit, especially from legit women’s boxing champions.

Note that both of them shared the video because you just gotta see it ... even if only to be outraged by it.

We’re not about to pass judgment on the move. As we mentioned, no one cared about Hemsley’s participation on the card until she flashed everyone. Now she’s everywhere. I’d say ‘Social media influencer does edgy thing for attention’ is hardly news any more, but clearly it is.

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