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Francis Ngannou making ‘eight figures, not $8 million’ to box Tyson Fury

Jake Paul went on Twitter to clarify how much Francis Ngannou is earning to box Tyson Fury ... and it’s a lot more than an $8 million sum being thrown around.

2023 PFL 5 Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

While the amount of money Francis Ngannou is set to earn against Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia on Oct. 28, 2023, hasn’t been disclosed. However, we do know this: it’s a lot of money. Life changing money, according to Ngannou’s representative, multiple times the amount of money he made across his entire Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) career.

Now we have another data point on Ngannou’s upcoming payday: it’s an eight-figure sum, which may have been misreported by some outlets to be $8 million. Not so, according to Ngannou’s friend and Professional Fighters League (PFL) partner, Jake Paul.

“Francis got 8 figures. Not $8 million. Get it right,” he tweeted. “To all the twitter geniuses, 8 figures = $10,000,000+ and Francis deserves every bit of it.”

Maybe mixed martial arts (MMA) fans just aren’t used to hearing the words, “eight-figure payday” since the only fighter to make $10 million+ in UFC off a single fight would be Conor McGregor (details here). Not even Brock Lesnar came too close to the eight-figure mark — he reportedly banked $8 million for his fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

How much above the $10 million mark Ngannou sits remains a mystery, but we’d be shocked if he didn’t make at least twice that much. For reference, Deontay Wilder made around $25 million for his second and third fights against Fury, and this match between Ngannou vs. Fury should blow the Wilder fights out of the water pay-per-view (PPV)-sales wise.

It’s a shame that UFC fighters (not named McGregor) have to crossover to boxing to make this kind of money. Any PPV selling more than 500,000 units is making enough for both fighters in the main event and the promoter to earn eight figures. Everyone could be making big money. But, instead pay toward fighters represents just 18 percent of UFC’s revenue (with some reports having that figure dropping down to 13 percent in recent years).

As Ngannou’s boxing bout with Fury in Saudi Arabia approaches, we’re sure a clearer picture of just how much he’s making will appear. And given the big money purses the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been splashing sports players with, we expect the number to be really big.

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