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Pic: UFC champion Jon Jones dwarfed by 7’4” basketball player in ridiculous faceoff

Jon Jones is arguably the baddest man on the planet and one of the greatest fighters of all time, but the UFC heavyweight champion isn’t the biggest athlete in town. So when “Bones” met Purdue basketball star, Zach Edey, in person he looked completely dwarfed.

We’ve seen some pretty funny side-by-sides when it comes to UFC fighters and other athletes. The one that resonates the most is former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou coming face-to-face with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. Ngannou did lift Shaq high off the ground (watch HERE), but the NBA superstar looked far bigger than “Predator.”

On Saturday, a photo surfaced of Jones, who is 6’4”, meeting up with Purdue’s Edey, who is listed at 7’4”. You would think a one-foot difference wouldn’t look that ridiculous, but the photo of the two facing off is pretty funny.

Check out some of the photos above courtesy of ESPN MMA.

Jones, who has two brothers who have played in the NFL, was once an athletic freak when he competed at the light heavyweight level. The undefeated UFC legend has since bulked up to heavyweight where he captured gold at UFC 285 this past March, but Jones still looks to be in incredible shape.

That said, Edey is a true sight to behold. He’s a 21-year-old center from Canada who at 7’4” is the tallest player in Big Ten Conference history.

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