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Kingpyn Semifinals results, live stream updates | AnEsonGib vs. Jarvis coverage

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Boxing in London - KSI v FaZe Temper Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Coming to you live from 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland, Kingpyn Boxing will TONIGHT (Sat., July 15, 2023) deliver its latest iteration of influencer boxing. We’ve got YouTube boxers AnEsonGib (Ali Loui Al-Fakri) and Jarvis Khattri locking horns in the DAZN-streamed main event (the semifinals of the tournament). The winner of that will take on the winner of the other men’s semifinal match, “King” Kenny Ojuederie vs. Whindersson Nunes. Meanwhile, in the other tournament, the women’s finals will also be decided when Emily Brooke faces Jully Poca and her sister, Elle Brooke, takes on 6ar6ie6 (for those unaware, the “6’s” are silent). Also of note, former Floyd Mayweather opponent, Aaron Chalmers, will be in action against Conor McGregor teammate, Kiefer Crosbie.

Kingpyn Semifinals will be stream exclusively live on DAZN, with the main broadcast commencing at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT) on the streaming service.

And to give equal time to the other main social media platform, here are the men’s weigh-in pictures:

Kingpyn Boxing: AnEsonGib Vs. Jarvis Quick Results

170 lbs. AnEsonGib vs Jarvis Khattri — Unanimous decision (49-46 x2, 48-47)
170 lbs. Kenny Ojuederie def. Whindersson Nunes — Unanimous decision (50-44 x3)
140 lbs. Jully Poca def. Elle Brooke via Unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46 x2)
140 lbs. “6ar6ie6” Avery Pongracz def. Emily Brooke via Unanimous decision (50-45 x2, 49-46)
140 lbs. Whitney Johns def. Amber O’Donnell via Unanimous decision (50-45 x3)
140 lbs. Daniella Hemsley def. Aleksandra Daniel via Unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47 x2)
168 lbs. Kiefer Crosbie def. Aaron Chalmers via Unanimous decision (50-45 x2, 48-45)
168 lbs. Cian Cowley def. Connor Tierney via Unanimous decision (39-37 x3)
147 lbs. “GldnBoyz” Louis Brow def. Declan Kenna via Unanimous decision
168 lbs. Ben Williams def. “Black Paddy” Fabio David via TKO at 1:04 of round 1

AnEson Gib Vs. Jarvis Play-By-Play Updates:

170 lbs.: AnEson Gib vs Jarvis Khattri

Round 1: Gib in brown, Khattri in black. Khattri the aggressor early. Clubbing right. Gib 1-2. Khattri to the left side of Gib’s ribs. Gib lands the 2 of a 1-2. Overhand by Gib and a right. They clash heads. Khattri hits a left. Gib with a hook, Khattri lands a right.

10-9 Gib

Round 2: 1-1-2 by Jarvis, but doesn’t land solid. Ref warns Gib about... something, I couldn’t catch it. Forearm striking? Nice right hand catches Gib on the offense and it backs him up. Gib hits a right and a body jab. Both men connect on lefts.

10-9 Khattri

Round 3: Gib to the body, eats a right. Left by Khattri, right by Gib. Nice combo from Gib draws “ooohs” from the crowd. Overhand for the Gibber lands. Khattri looks like he’s slowing. Gib right-left. Picture perfect jab lands for the Saudi/Brit. Jarvis bites down on his mouthpiece and starts swinging. He lands a right, but it isn’t enough to reclaim the round.

10-9 Gib

Round 4: The DJ screwed up and called this round 5, but it most certainly is not. Jarvis looking to counter heavy, but he’s not landing clean or often enough to handle the good pressure and volume from Gib. Gib backs Khattri into the ropes and he’s landing a lot here. Almost 6:1 in the traffic in favor of Gib. Lots of nice body work, too. Jarvis is taking a ton of body shots and he has correspondingly slowed down. I think Jarvis Khattri landed two good shots the whole round, and ate at least 20.

10-9 Gib

Round 5: Sweet looking 1-2 by Gib. Another heavy one. Khattri lands a liver shot. Rights by both men. Right-left by AnEson. Good variety by Gib this round. Khattri is still game, but the sting has been taken off his power shots.

10-9 Gib

Final result: AnEson Gib def. Jarvis Khattri, unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Whindersson Nunes vs. King Kenny Ojuederie

Round 1: Kenny in yellow, Nunes in black. Kenny with a huge 9.5” reach advantage and he sticks it out twice quickly. Sharp straight punches, utilizing his long limbs. Uppercuts. shovel hooks and more jabs. Kenny showboating as he’s landing clean and not been hit so far. Nunes hits a right. The jab is very crisp. Three jabs in a row. Nunes gets in another right.

10-9 Kenny

Round 2: Both men crack to the body, Kenny follows his up with a good right that stuns Nunes. Sweet counter left hook drops Nunes. Jab-uppercut mostly hits Nunes’ gloves. Nunes gets Kenny on the ropes, lands a right, but gets hit with one, too. 1-2 by Kenny. Kenny playing with his food here, gets a right hand to the cheek for his efforts.

10-8 Kenny

Round 3: Nunes tries a rush, slips and is pushed to the ground. Correctly ruled a slip and not a knockdown. Kenny Ojuederie has easily the best jab by anyone on this card, and that includes the professional fighters. Nunes trying, but Kenny’s movement both in and out of the pocket is too much so far. Kenny with a body jab and a pair to the nose. Kenny peppering Nunes on the outside this round.

10-9 Kenny

Round 4: Three Pez-dispenser jabs from Kenny. Nunes has been completely taken out of his game. He’s just standing there, not throwing while being popped. There’s a left by Nunes. Bip, boop, bap, repeated jabs and uppercuts by Kenny. Two body shots by Nunes. Kenny with a right-left.

10-9 Kenny

Round 5: Kenny pawing and pushing Nunes away whenever he advances. Rights by both men. Kenny sparring here and getting in that nice pop-pop repeatedly. Nunes hits a right. Kenny backs Nunes into the ropes and is sending big volume into Nunes. Nunes with a nice uppercut, but nothing on it. They break. Bunch of uppercuts smashing into Nunes’ chin. Hell of a shutout by Ojuederie.

Final result: “King” Kenny Ojuederie def. Whindersson Nunes, unanimous decision

140 lbs.: Jully Poca vs. Elle Brooke

Round 1: Poca in black, Brooke in white. Poca with a huge pop from a travelling Brazilian crowd. Poca firing Brooke heavy to start. Brooke slips down, Poca keeps punching and gets a lecture from the ref. Poca still landing with her big reach advantage. Brooke gets in a right that pushes Poca back. Brooke eats a jab. Good left catches Brooke flush in the mouth.

10-9 Poca

Round 2: Replays show that should have been a knockdown, but the extracurriculars from Poca kept the ref from giving her credit for it. Brooke with a nice right, and then another one that bloodies Poca’s nose. Overhand right from Poca. There’s a left, too. Brooke with a right, then Poca gets one.

10-9 Brooke

Round 3: Poca comes forward, eats a right for her troubles. Lands one seconds later. Brooke’s turn to come forward and get punched on the way in. Brooke with a right, Poca gets in two lefts. Again a Brooke right and a Poca left. Poca with a good flurry that causes Brooke to clinch.

10-9 Poca

Round 4: Nice hook by Poca. Ref warns Brooke about holding the back of the head. Southpaw Poca is landing that left with regularity. Both women are getting a bit tired now. Brooke eats a right-left. Gets in a left of her own a few seconds later.

10-9 Poca

Round 5: Brooke gets in close and punches to the body. Poca clips the chin with a straight left. Gets an uppercut in ten seconds later, and another left hook to the nose. Brooke lands a jab, eats a right.

10-9 Poca

Final result: Jully Poca def. Elle Brooke, unanimous decision

140 lbs.: “6ar6ie6” Avery Pongracz vs. Emily Brooke

Round 1: I’m always a bit surprised that Avery fights with the makeup on. No offense to her, but as her name is pronounced “Barbie”, that’s how I’m gonna type it. Absurd 10” height and 5” reach advantage for Barbie. Both of the Brooke sisters should probably be fighting at around 115 and not 20-25 pounds up. Barbie in black, Brooke in white. Barbie sticking out a jab. Then she seems to get mad and starts right-left-right-left swinging hooks. She lands a couple of them, too. Brooke gets in one, but got hit more. 1-2 from Barbie. Barbie eating up the space well and is landing a power right frequently.

10-9 Pongracz

Round 2: Barbie’s punches aren’t super technical, but her range is decent enough that she’s able to get in some cracking shots. The jab is there and she’s able to be out of range of most of the Brooke swings. Brooke with a right, goads Barbie forward, who obliges with a right-left. Jab by Brooke. Better round from Brooke, but

10-9 Pongracz

Round 3: Barbie flurrying and doing a good job at staying out of range. Jabs by both women. And right hands now. Barbie jab. Brooke 1-2. Close round as both women are slowing.

10-9 Pongracz

Round 4: Brooke gets in a right to open up. Barbie with a right-left. Connects a nice left hand as they step in and combo against each other. Barbie hits an overhand. Brooke gets caught coming in. Barbie smells blood and she’s putting up volume on a stumbling Brooke. She finishes the last 30 seconds unloading with very little answer.

10-9 Pongracz

Round 5: Barbie’s punches are slowly becoming slapping arm punches as she’s tiring, but she’s still put a lot of leather on Brooke over the first four rounds. Brooke with a good right, eats a slightly lesser one. Barbie with a double jab. Triple. Quadruple. Quintuple. Sextuple. There’s a right hand finally. Now Barbie is unloading. She can’t put Brooke away, but she’s trying. There’s a shot after the bell, but whatever.

10-9 Pongracz

Final result: Avery “6ar6ie6” Pongracz def. Emily Brooke, unanimous decision

168 lbs.: Kiefer Crosbie vs. Aaron Chalmers

Round 1: Crosbie in green, Chalmers in white. Chalmers closes the distance, but hits gloves. Crosbie returns fire, gets in a left. Chalmers hits a nice 2 in a 1-2. Chalmers with a right hand around the guard of Crosbie. Crosbie sneaks in a left. Shovel hook by Chalmers. Chalmers works him back, hits to the body. Jab by Crosbie, but replies with a clean right that stumbles Crosbie.

10-9 Chalmers

Round 2: Crosbie with a jab. Chalmers backs up Crosbie, tries a double jab. Crosbie with a clean right-left as Chalmers comes forward. Chalmers to the body, uppercut by Crosbie. 3-2 from Chalmers. Jab by Crosbie gets answered by a Chalmers counter. Crosbie hits a right on a break. Crosbie with a left that glances off the top of Chalmers’ head. Crosbie left, Chalmers right. Chalmers being the aggressor, eats a perfect jab.

10-9 Crosbie

Round 3: Right by Chalmers. Crosbie slides out of range from a Chalmers counter attempt. Crosbie with a double jab. Crosbie switches southpaw and lands a nice straight right. Chalmers’ volume has gotten very low here. There’s a left. Uppercuts from both men as they get into a clinch. Right by Crosbie.

10-9 Crosbie

Round 4: Big 1-2 and Chalmers is down! Right on the jaw. Uppercut and a right from Crosbie. There’s another uppercut and a right and the ref steps in for an 8-count. Chalmers lands a right and clinches up. Chalmers hits in a combo and he looks like his legs are back underneath him. Crosbie nearly lands a haymaker, but Chalmers is able to get out of Dodge. Chalmers hits a right to the body. Crosbie gets a right to the chin. Crosbie is tiring, but obviously winning this round in a huge manner. Chalmers has won the last 30 seconds of this round, but not gonna change the numbers.

10-7 Crosbie

Round 5: Nice right by Crosbie. Crosbie gets in a jab, in return, Chalmers lands a left, but it hit mostly shoulder. Dirty boxing by Crosbie, lands an uppercut. One minute to go. Chalmers pops in a right. He’s not trying to get this fight back - there’s a good 2-3.

10-9 Crosbie

Final result: Kiefer Crosbie def. Aaron Chalmers, unanimous decision

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