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UFC Vegas 77 results, streaming play-by-play updates | Holm vs. Bueno Silva

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to its APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the UFC Vegas 77 mixed martial arts (MMA) event TONIGHT (Sat., July 15, 2023), streaming LIVE on ESPN and ESPN+. UFC Vegas 77 will be headlined by a 135-pound showdown between former women’s bantamweight champion, Holly Holm, and surging Brazilian bruiser, Mayra Bueno Silva. Before that five-round clash of styles gets underway, fast-rising welterweight phenom, Jack Della Maddalena, takes on 170-pound late replacement Bassil Hafez in UFC Vegas 77’s co-main event.

LIVE! Stream UFC Austin On ESPN+

LIGHTWEIGHT CONTENDER COLLISION! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to “The Lone Star State” on Sat., Dec. 2, 2023, with a 155-pound main event showdown between top-ranked division contenders, Beneil Dariush (No. 4) vs. Arman Tsarukyan (No. 8), both of whom are looking to inch closer to a division title shot in 2024. In UFC Austin’s co-main event, Bobby Green will looks to continue his resurgence against short-notice “Tarantula,” Jalin Turner.

Don’t miss a single second of face-punching action! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 77 fight card below, starting with the ESPN/ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 7 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN/ESPN+ main card start time at 10 p.m. ET. Bet on all the UFC Vegas 77 action with our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook right here.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Holm vs. Bueno Silva.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Vegas 77 results. (Note: This will be updated from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).


Holly Holm vs. Mayra Bueno Silva — Bueno Silva def. Holm by ninja choke at 0:38 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS!
Jack Della Maddalena vs. Bassil Hafez — Della Maddalena def. Hafez by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
Ottman Azaitar vs. Francisco Prado — Prado def. Azaitar by TKO (punches) at 4:05 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!
Albert Duraev vs. Junyong Park — Park def. Duraev by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:45 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS!
Chelsea Chandler vs. Norma Dumont — Dumont def. Chandler by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Terrance McKinney vs. Nazim Sadykhov — Sadykhov def. McKinney by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:07 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS!
Tucker Lutz vs. Melsik Baghdasaryan — Baghdasaryan def. Lutz by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Viktoriya Dudakova vs. Istela Nunes — Dudakova def. Nunes by TKO (arm injury) at 0:34 of Round One — WATCH HERE!
Melquizael Costa vs. Austin Lingo — Costa def. Lingo by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x2)
Evan Elder vs. Genaro Valdez — Elder def. Valdez by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28 x2)
Azat Maksum vs. Tyson Nam — Maksum def. Nam by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Carl Deaton vs. Alexander Munoz — Munoz def. Deaton by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28)
Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Ailin Perez — Perez def. Evans-Smith by unanimous decision (30-25 x2, 30-26)


135 lbs.: Holly Holm vs. Mayra Bueno Silva

Round 1: Holm doing her usual three-piece rushes to start. Low kick from Bueno Silva, head kick from Holm. Holm shoots and takes her to the fence, eating an elbow as she does. One minute in. Holm grinding against the fence. Short knees. They separate just under two minutes in. Bueno Silva eats a three-piece as she tries to walk Holm down. They trade, knees from Bueno Silva before Holm puts her on the fence again. Elbow on the exit with two minutes to go.

Holm puts together a combo, eats a short left hand in the clinch. Knees from Silva, short punches from Holm. Holm body kick. Bueno Silva falls way short with a spinning back fist, eats kicks and comes back with a left hook. Holm ties up with a minute to go. Knees to the thigh. 10-9 Holm.

Round 2: Body kick from Holm, then another clinch. She ducks her head to deal with Bueno Silva’s frame and Bueno Silva wraps up a ninja choke. Holm twists desperately, but she’s soon forced to tap.

Final result: Bueno Silva def. Holm by submission (ninja choke)

170 lbs.: Jack Della Maddalena vs. Bassil Hafez

Round 1: Hafez shoots in the opening seconds and bullies Della Maddalena to the mat. Della Maddalena tries a guillotine, Hafez gets to side control. Della Maddalena trying to use the fence to stand, unable so far. Slick hip toss by Della Maddalena a minute in, but Hafez scrambles up and looks for the back. He tries an elbow on the exit. Solid left hand, avoids a head kick in return. Della Maddalena knocks him off-balance and they slug it out on the ropes until Hafez takes him down again, avoiding a guillotine to land on top in side control. Della Maddalena stands. Two minutes to go.

Again they slug it out on the fence until Hafez shoots. Della Maddalena defends with an underhook, eating a shot on the break. One minute to go. Della Maddalena stalking forward and they blast each other against the fence. Hafez hoots and again Della Maddalena gives up a takedown chasing a guillotine. Hafez on top in half guard. Looking for an arm triangle in the final seconds, stuck on the wrong side. 10-9 Hafez.

Round 2: Hafez looks for another quick takedown, lands a back fist on the break. Throwing combinations as Della Maddalena advances. He shoots again, denied again, trades on teh fence. They’re knocking the hell out of each other a minute in. Straight left by Della Maddalena, avoiding a spinning back fist. Hafez shoots again and takes DElla Maddalena to the opposite fence. They separate two minutes in. Della Maddalena puts together a combo, denies a shot, and lands knees. 1-2. Vicious body shots against the fence. Hafez feeling the pace and Della Maddalena punishes the body after defending a shot. 1-2 by Hafez, another shot, gets sprawled on with two minutes to go.

Again Della Maddalena tries a guillotine and again he ends up on the bottom in half guard. Hafez looking for mount. One minute to go. Heavy shoulder pressure by Hafez. Side control. He ends the round on top. 10-9 Della Maddalena; not enough damage from Hafez.

Round 3: Trading hands to start. Big right hook by Hafez. He shoots, denied. Quick exchange on the fence. Hafez shoots again and hauls him to the other side of the Octagon a minute in. Della Maddalena denies both it and the follow-up. Big straight left. Hafez shoots again, denied via underhooks. Shoots again, denied again. Huge right hook from Della Maddalena and Hafez waves him on. Two minutes in. Combinations from Della Maddalena against the fence. Hafez shoots, denied. He shoots again, denied again. Rib roasters from Della Maddalena, then a vicious volley to the head. Hafez tries to shoot and Della Maddalena tears into him. Two minutes to go.

Hafez shoots yet again and Della Maddalena takes his back, dropping heavy punches. Looking for the RNC. Hafez survives and spins into top guard. One minute to go. Della Maddalena looks for an armbar, can’t get it, scrambles to his feet. Hafez loses the front headlock and shoots again. Della Maddalena flips him with a kimura. 10-9 Della Maddalena; comes down to how they scored the second.

Final result: Della Maddalena def. Hafez by split decision

155 lbs.: Ottman Azaitar vs. Francisco Prado

Round 1: Prado on the front foot to start. Low kicks from Azaitar. Harder low kick from Prado, then a single-leg attempt. No dice. Good check from Prado a minute in. Azaitar to the body, whiffs on an overhand right. Prado tries a head kick, eats another body shot. Lead elbow lands for him. He shoots again, denied again. Teep by Azaitar. Two minutes in. Liver shot hurts Prado, who comes back with an elbow and left hook. Prado shoots again, denied again, fires elbows and left hooks. Azaitar catches a body kick and they trade elbows against the fence. Spinning elbow from Prado glances off. Two minutes to go.

Teep and right hand from Azaitar. Hard liver shot. His right shin split open at some point. Prado lands a 2-3, then a spinning elbow that drops Azaitar. He follows into top position and goes to work with heavy shots. Nasty hammerfists piling up and the onslaught continues until the ref steps in. Azaitar’s furious, but it’s over.

Final result: Prado def. Azaitar by TKO (punches)

185 lbs.: Albert Duraev vs. Junyong Park

Round 1: Low kick from Duraev to start. Park tries a 1-2. Low kick. Big left hook lands for Duraev. Another one to the body. Leg kick a minute in. Park lands one of his own. One minute in. Jabs and low kicks by Park. Heavier jab from Duraev, then a counter left hook. Low kicks, jabs, low-high 3-2. Duraev opening up with heavy shots. Two minutes in. Both land calf kicks, then another left hook by Duraev. Park continuing to pressure and land jabs, but Duraev lands a nasty 1-2. Again. Duraev to the body, low kick checked. More Park jabs with two minutes to go.

Both continue to target the calves. Swatting overhand by Duraev. More jabs by Park, another overhand by Duraev. One minute to go. Duraev’s nose isn’t in great shape. Park catches a kick, then latches onto a guillotine. It looks deep and he jumps guard on it, squeezing for his life. Duraev waits it out. 10-9 Park.

Round 2: Heavy body shot from Duraev to start. Stiff jabs from Park in return. Duraev shoots and puts Park on his seat, triangling Park’s legs. Park trying to use the fence to stand a minute in. Duraev holds onto the rear body lock as Park stands, but can’t maintain it. More body work from Duraev as Park swats him with jabs. Good overhand right dings Park, who comes back with a 1-1-2. Short uppercut. Park continuing to pressure, denies a level change. Combos from Duraev met by a straight right. Big straight right by Duraev and again Park walks through it to tee off on the fence. Heavy shots by Park. Body shots piling up for Park and he folds Duraev with a left hook. He jumps on Duraev’s back, flattens him out, and goes to work with punches until the RNC presents itself. Impressive survival by Ruraev. One minute to go.

Park softening him up with short punches, goes for the RNC again. This one’s deeper and there’s the tap.

Final result: Park def. Duraev by submission (rear naked choke)

145 lbs.: Chelsea Chandler vs. Norma Dumont

Round 1: Chandler plodding forward, looking for combos. Low kick exchange. Heavy counters by Dumont against the fence, then a clubbing right that hurts Chandler. Chandler literally turns her back and sprints across the cage to escape, only for Dumont to hunt her down and land more punches before Chandler ties up. One minute in. Knee from Chandler, then a pair of left hands on the exit. Body kick by Dumont. Chandler still stalking forward, lands a hard straight left and looks for a trip two minutes in. Short punches from Chandler. Jockeying for position. Two minutes to go.

Chandler tries an outside trip and Dumont shoves her down to land on top in guard. Hard left hand. One minute to go. Dumont staying tight on top. She fires some short punches in the last 10 seconds. 10-9 Dumont.

Round 2: Early punches from Dumont, then a body kick behind it. Solid overhand right. Chandler still pushing forward, lands a straight left. Calf kick appears to bother Chandler. They tie up against the fence a minute in. Chandler continues to advance when they separate, but Dumont’s landing heavy counters a minute in. Nice Dumont body shot. 1-2 visibly hurts Chandler. Another one behind it, then a body kick and left hand. Easy body lock takedown into guard. Two minutes in. Dumont chilling on top, keeping Chandler stuck against the base of the fence. Two minutes to go.

Chandler looking for a triangle, but Dumont slips her other arm back in. Upkick from Chandler spurs some more aggression from Dumont, who looks for the rear crucifix as Chandler turns to her knees. One minute to go. Chandler makes it to her feet and gets a body lock. Knees from Chandler, left hook from Dumont on the break. 10-9 Dumont.

Round 3: Chandler wades after Dumont while winging punches, but gets hauled to the fence. Chandler hits a takedown, holding onto an arm triangle grip as Dumont stands. One minute in. Solid combo from Chandler on the exit. She lands a nice left hand, only for Dumont to tie up and dump her into side control. Chandler gets to her knees and rolls for a leg two minutes in. Dumont pulls her leg free and drops punches from turtle. Looking for the back. Two minutes to go.

Dumont considers a guillotine setup, settles for half guard. Potential arm triangle. Chandler pops her arm out with a minute to go. Now a triangle attempt from Chandler, Dumont postures out. Again she avoids a triangle. 10-9 Dumont.

Final result: Dumont def. Chandler by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Terrance McKinney vs. Nazim Sadykhov

Round 1: Hard counter left from McKinney early on, then a level change. Sadykhov reverses after eating a knee, then has to fight off a trip. McKinney gets him down at the base of the fence, then again when Sadykhov tries to stand. Looking for the back, got the body triangle a minute in. Nice elbow. Sadykhov protecting his neck, not doing anything to remove the triangle. Two minutes in. Continuing to control. Two minutes to go.

More of the same for the next minute. Sadykhov finally spins into top position, then tries to take the back in return. Exchanging on the fence. Big left hand from Sadykhov, then a clash of heads as McKinney ties back up. 10-9 McKinney.

Round 2: Sadykhov stalking to start the round. Big 1-2. He just misses with an uppercut, denying a level change and sprawling on the second to land on top. He takes mount, then the back, pinning McKinney’s arm to immediately wrap in a fight-ending rear naked choke.

Final result: Sadykhov def. McKinney by submission (rear naked choke)

145 lbs.: Tucker Lutz vs. Melsik Baghdasaryan

Round 1: Heavy body kick from Baghdasaryan to start. Crescent kick just misses. Another body kick. Both land hard right hands in sequence. Head kick from Baghdasaryan, body kicks from Lutz. One minute in. Lutz left hook to answer a body kick. He tries a combo in the center. Baghdasaryan body kick. Lutz shoots and hauls him to the fence two minutes in. Successful double-leg puts Baghdasaryan on his seat. Two minutes to go.

Lutz maintaining control, though he’s not landing anything. One minute to go. Baghdasaryan makes it to his feet, gets dragged back down. Still no ground-and-pound from Lutz. Baghdasaryan stands again, grabs the fence to defend a takedown. 10-9 Lutz.

Round 2: Trading body kicks in the opening seconds. Axe kick just misses for Baghdsaryan, who lands a nasty counter left that hast Lutz retreating. Hard knee from Baghdasaryan. One minute in. Another good left uppercut. Lutz comes back to the body. Sneaky jab. Body kick. Stiff jabs from Baghdasaryan, then a body shot that bounces off of Lutz’s arm and into his groin. The ref tries to call a pause and Baghdasaryan lands a head kick before he can separate them. They return to action two minutes in and get right back to exchanging. Big right hook from Baghdasaryan. Low kicks from Lutz, who eats hard jabs. He tries to shoot, denied. Knee and left hand from Baghdasaryan in return. Two minutes to go.

Counter right from Baghdasaryan, then a strong sprawl to deny a shot and a low kick behind it. They trade body kicks, then punches. Lutz body shot met by a left hook and another clean jab. One minute to go. Hard jab by Baghdasaryan, wheel kick whiffs. Lutz changes levels and scores a takedown against the fence. He eats an elbow in the final seconds. 10-9 Baghdasaryan.

Round 3: They trade hands in the opening seconds and Lutz takes a gnarly eye poke. Damn, Baghdasaryan got two whole knuckles in there. Baghdasaryan comes out swinging. Nasty body kicks. Body shot from Lutz in return. Axe kick whiffs for Baghdasaryan, 3-2 does not. Stiff counter jab. Low-high two-piece. They trade knees inside and Lutz hauls him to the fence. One minute in. Lutz gets him to a knee, eating short shots. Two minutes in. Lutz takes the back. Elbow from Baghdasaryan, who turns and stands. Big elbow in the clinch. Knees to the body with two minutes to go.

Lutz reverses, eats another big knee. Elbow from Baghdasaryan. Lutz keeping him against the fence. One minute to go. Baghdasaryan separates and lands a spinning back kick. Head kick, spinning back kick, huge left hand. Baghdasaryan with some heavy shots in teh clinch. Lutz hauls him to the fence, gets reversed. Knee and elbow from Baghdasaryan. Baghdasaryan stalks him around the fence and lands one more good knee before the bell. 10-9 Baghdasaryan.

Final result: Baghdasaryan def. Lutz by unanimous decision

115 lbs.: Viktoriya Dudakova vs. Istela Nunes

Round 1: They trade in the center to start. Dudakova flashes a combo before firing a low single, and as Nunes posts her arm to defend, it dislocates Shogun-Coleman style. She’s screaming in pain as the ref waves things off, though thankfully she’s able to leave the ring under her own power.

Final result: Dudakova def. Nunes by TKO (arm injury)

145 lbs.: Melquizael Costa vs. Austin Lingo

Round 1: Early left hands from Costa as Lingo pushes forward. Low kicks and body kicks. Good lead left a minute in. Solid jump knee and body kick. They trade in the center, right hand from Lingo after absorbing another body kick. Continuing to trade hands. Costa body kick. Straight left, body kick. Spinning back kick. Lingo punches into the clinch, where Costa hits a foot sweep to separate. Two minutes in. Lingo struggling to get inside as Costa plugs away with kicks and straight lefts. Hard body kick forces Lingo to switch stance. Straight left, then another body kick that visibly hurts Lingo. Costa punishing the body, freezes him with a spinning back kick. Straight left. More body kicks, 1-2, knee with two minutes to go.

Another spinning back kick by Costa. Knee upstairs, body kicks. 2-1-2, more body kicks. Head kick sneaks past the guard, wheel kicks falls short with a minute to go. Flurry by Costa, low kick by Lingo. Lingo spinning back kick falls short. Hard head kick from Costa behind a feint. Lingo barrels in with a flurry. Costa digs in another spinning back kick. 10-8 Costa.

Round 2: Hard counter left from Costa to start. He continues to punish Lingo’s head and body. Low kick exchange. Good leg kick spins Lingo around a minute in. More body kicks by Costa. Lingo low kicks. Lead left by Costa, then two in a row. That body kick is money. Two minutes in. Body kick and knee on the exit. Lingo still trying to push forward. Two minutes in. Head kick to body kicks. Costa slips, pops back up. Both land left hands. Another body kick by Costa. Another. They trade with two minutes to go.

Hard counter left lands for Costa, then a lead down the pipe. Straight left rattles Lingo. Costa follows with a head kick on the fence. They trade lefts as Lingo advances. One minute to go. Knee from Costa on the exit, then another body kick. Straight left. Both fire combinations inside. Low kick and left hand buzz Lingo again. Costa tries one more spinning back kick. 10-9 Costa.

Round 3: Costa continuing to punish Lingo as the latter steps in. He tries a hip toss, settles for landing knees inside. Body shot a minute in. Body kick behind it. Double body kick. Sharp counter left. Sneaky side kick to the chin. Counter 2-3. Lingo falling short with his punches, walks into a jump knee. Head kick to body kick from Costa two minutes in. Costa lands a combo, absorbs a hard left hook, then takes Lingo down and looks for the back. Lingo makes it to his feet, gets tripped back down. Both hooks in for Costa with two minutes to go.

Costa looking for the RNC, can’t find it. Lingo manages to regain guard. Lingo tries to kick him away and gets caught in a front headlock with a minute to go. Costa spins to the body lock, landing a knee along the way. Brief mat return, knee to the body, mat return. Costa cinches up a guillotine, can’t finish it. One-way traffic for “Melk.” 10-9 Costa.

Final result: Costa def. Lingo by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Evan Elder vs. Genaro Valdez

Round 1: Elder counters a low kick with a right hand to drop Valdez, then tries to latch onto a guillotine. Valdez scrambles his way free and they resume at range. Body kick from Elder, stiff jab soon after. One minute in. Valdez trying to jab, eats a low kick. 1-1-2 from Elder and a body kick behind it. Left hook around the guard, low kick. Elder getting the better of the low kick exchanges. Two minutes in. Both just miss with big right hands. Jabs from Valdez. Overhand right. Two minutes to go.

Valdez whiffs on an overhand right, eats body shots. Lead right by Elder, who backs away from the return fire. He looks the faster of the two and definitely the sharper. Hard low kick to counter a Valdez body kick. One minute to go. Lead right from Valdez, who’s seemingly the busier of the two. Decent right hand. Low kick from Elder in return. Counter right by Valdez, who avoids an overhand right. 10-9 Elder.

Round 2: Elder again drops Valdez in the opening seconds and again Valdez pops right back up. Hard low kick by Elder. Valdez front kick just misses. Valdez staying active a minute in. Nice body shot from Elder. Overhand right, left hook. Hard jab and body shot, then another stiff jab that buzzes Valdez. As Elder tries to open up, Valdez floors him with an overhand right and tries to swarm. Hard shots by Valdez, but Elder survives and resets two minutes in. Body shot and overhand right from Elder, then a finger in the eye. Valdez says he’s good after 90 seconds, so back to the action they go. Good combination by Elder. Stiff jab, clubbing right by Valdez in return. Elder knocks him back with a 1-2, then cracks him with an overhand right. Leg kick with two minutes to go.

More low kicks from Elder. Valdez answers in kind. Elder 1-2. Low kick and body kick. Sharp jabs by Elder with a minute to go. Another low kick. Valdez 1-2, Elder body shots. Nice overhand from Valdez, who eats one in return. Elder follows with a clean stepping knee. Body shot, overhand right, straight right, low kick. 10-9 Elder.

Round 3: Elder continuing to land clean jabs and low kicks. A jab badly hurts Valdez and Elder goes to work with combinations against the fence. Big overhand right. They pause to give Valdez his mouthpiece back and Elder goes back to lancing him with jabs. Valdez body shot and leg kick. More Elder jabs a minute in. Contining to split Valdez’s guard and he cracks him with a clean right. More heavy jabs two minutes in as Valdez falls short with his return fire. Valdez is swinging hard but Elder is constantly picking him off. Two minutes to go.

More Elder jabs. Clean combinations to the head and body. Valdez missing badly. Left hook from Valdez after absorbing an overhand right. Elder floors Valdez again with a minute to go, again Valdez immediately gets to his feet. More jabs from Elder. With 10 seconds to go, Elder turns it on and they slug it out to cap off a great fight. 10-9 Elder.

Final result: Elder def. Valdez by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Azat Maksum vs. Tyson Nam

Round 1: Tentative start, both men feinting. Quick jab from Maksum. One minute in. Nam looks for the body, eats a jab in combination. Body kick from Maksum, who gets dinged by a counter right and comes back with a left hook. Nam low kick two minutes in. Maksum shoots, denied. Nam continuing to target the body. Low kick. 1-2 falls short. Two minutes to go.

Maksum shoots again, denied again, nice jab. Body kick behind it. Maksum briefly slips on a 1-2, eats another right to the body. Another on the counter. 3-2 from Maksum after a knee falls short. 1-2 with a minute to go. Lead knee from Maksum, combo comes up short. Low kicks from Nam, left hook by Maksum and a body kick behind it. Maksum with his best entry so far and this one briefly gets Nam to the mat. Nam stands, avoids a mat return, blocks a flurry on the break. 10-9 Maksum?

Round 2: Nice 1-2-3 from Maksum and now they’re trading properly. Nice knee a minute in. Straight left, then a left hook that wobbles Nam. Nam comes back with a jab and denies a level change. Low-high 2-3 by Nam. Nasty straight right lands for him two minutes in. Maksum slips on a body kick. Nice takedown defense by Nam. Clean jab, Maksum fires a combo in return. Nam denies a shot, eats a knee on the exit. Two minutes to go.

Low kicks from Nam. Body shot. Maksum shoots, denied. Knee falls just short. Combination from Maksum with a minute to go. Maksum knee, Nam body shot. Sharp two-piece by Maksum, his best shots in a while. Nam knocks him back with a straight right and they trade. More Nam low kicks. Nice counter left by Maksum to answer a low kick. Maksum just misses with a jump knee. 10-9 Maksum.

Round 3: They’re neck and neck so far. Low kick from Nam prompts an exchange. Trading in the center, both men working behind their jabs. Low kicks from Nam a minute in. Maksum jab, Nam low kick. Again. Two minutes in. More clean jabs from Maksum met by low kicks. Nam pushing forward with volume, finds the mark with a right hand. 1-2-3 by Maksum. Straight left. Nam contining to push forward, lands another right hand with two minutes to go.

Maksum shoots, denied. Nam to the body. Right hand up top into the clinch. Dirty boxing with a minute to go. They separate and trade in the center. Big overhand right and leg kick by Nam. He hauls Maksum to the fence. where Maksum hits some big suplexes before the bell. 10-9 Nam. First two could go either way.

Final result: Maksum def. Nam by split decision

155 lbs.: Carl Deaton vs. Alexander Munoz

Round 1: Solid left hook from Deaton to start. 2-3 from Munoz. He takes himself off his feet with an overhand left. Deaton rushes, eats a knee. One minute in. Munoz catches Deaton coming in with a left hand for a flash knockdown, but can’t capitalize. Lead right from Deaton in response. Two minutes in. Bit of a sparring pace so far, neither man knuckling down. Quick counter right by Deaton, two-piece falls short. Two minutes to go.

Munoz ducks a looping left but can’t take him down. He follows with a hard overhand left, only to walk into a jump knee. Deaton tries to blitz but falls short. Hard lead right lands flush. One minute to go. Munoz whiffs on a lead elbow. Munoz catches a jump knee at the bell. 10-9 Munoz.

Round 2: Both men darting around quite a bit, but not landing clean. Deaton by far the more active of the to. Another quick straight left from Munoz drops Deaton, again he can’t capitalize. One minute in. Fast lead right lands for Deaton. Deaton body shot, uppercut misses, straight right connects. Short combo inside. Two minutes in. Short uppercut from Munoz, head kick behind it. Hard counter right rattles Deaton with twoo minutes to go.

Body kick from Munoz. 1-2 falls short. Body kick. Counter right by Deaton. Munoz lands a quick jab with a minute to go, then avoids a looping overhand. Deaton to the body. Munoz body kick, Deaton right hands. 2-3 by Munoz. Munoz shoots, denied. 10-9 Deaton.

Round 3: Deaton comes out swinging, only to get absolutely blasted by a counter left. He somehow wakes up as Munoz hammers him with punches, working his way to his feet but getting dumped back down. Good knee to the body by Munoz as he controls from turtle. One minute in. Deaton unable to separate as Munoz lands short knees. He makes it to his feet two minutes in. Munoz responds by slamming him to the mat. Deaton again works his way up, eating knees to the thigh. Big elbow from Munoz. Deaton uses the front headlock to deny a takedown with two minutes to go.

Deaton briefly threatens a kimura as Munoz continues to grind against the fence. They stalemate there for a while, then go back to Munoz grinding on the fence with a minute to go. Muscling for position, knee from Deaton on the exit. Deaton puts together some combos, but can’t land clean until the final seconds. 10-9 Munoz.

Final result: Munoz def. Deaton by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Ailin Perez

Round 1: Evans-Smith looking to kick early. Perez lands a solid flurry, then catches a kick to dump Evans-Smith down into side control. Solid elbow a minute in, then back to half guard. Perez maintaining control, landing punches where she can. Full guard two minutes in. A few right hands have Evans-Smith eager to stand and Perez absolutely batters her on the way up. Two solid knees, then another takedown into side control. Full mount, then the back with two minutes to work.

Perez landing heavy punches and elbows. Evans-Smith again works her way up, eating knees and punches. More heavy blows, but Evans-Smith manages to break free with a minute to go. 1-2 from Perez. Body kick to left hand. Pure dominance from Perez so far. 10-8 Perez.

Round 2: Body kicks from Perez to start, then an easy body lock takedown into side control. North-south. Evans-Smith stands a minute in, gets pulled back down. Dirty boxing from Perez on the way up. They trade on the break, then another quick trip by Perez into side control. Two minutes in. Perez staying tight on top. Good elbow. Evans-Smith preventing her from mounting but not doing much else. Two minutes to go.

Hammerfists by Perez, who tries to jump on Evans-Smith’s back on the way up. One minute to go. They separate. Evans-Smith re-enters the clinch and looks for her own trip. No dice. Left hook from Perez and a takedown at the bell. 10-9 Perez.

Round 3: Another body lock takedown by Perez in the opening seconds. Solid knee on the way up, still attached. Another trip a minute in into half guard. Perez puns down a forearm and drops solid punches, denying Evans-Smith’s attempt to bridge and resetting in half guard. Evans-Smith gets to her feet, Perez still attached. Another takedown into side control with two minutes to go.

Evans-Smith again works her way up, eating knees gainst the fence. She avoids the next throw attempt, but trying to come back with punches allows Perez to grab another body lock and take her down into half guard. One minute to go. Full mount for Perez, big elbow. She takes the back , loses position in the final seconds. Near-flawless performance by Perez. 10-9 Perez.

Final result: Perez def. Evans-Smith by unanimous decision

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