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UFC Vegas 76 results: Sean Strickland overwhelms Abus Magomedov for second-round knockout win

Sean Strickland and Abus Magomedov squared off in a Middleweight contest earlier tonight (Sat., July 1, 2023) at UFC Vegas 75 inside UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Magomedov started quickly with an offensive barrage of kicks before an eye poke in the opening 30 seconds slowed the action right back down. When Strickland was ready to fight again, Magomedov chopped into his lead leg and swung wide. The Russian was really hunting for his left hook, and his front kick up the middle landed well too.

Midway through the first, Magomedov was tearing up Strickland’s lead leg. Strickland was doing well in blocking the punches, but he wasn’t landing much of his own offense. Glancing high kick scored for Magomedov, who then tripped Strickland to the canvas! Strickland popped up immediately. Magomedov looked a touch fatigued by the bell, but he clearly won the first frame.

Strickland is punching more to begin the second, and he quickly tagged Magomedov with a right hand. The momentum shifted quickly, as Magomedov was suddenly backing into the fence and looking uncomfortable in that position. The kicks were coming a lot slower. Another good combination scored for Strickland.

Two minutes into the round, Strickland was teeing off. Magomedov landed the occasional jab and tried to clinch up, but his offense had dropped off considerably. Magomedov’s feet continue to slow, and Strickland lands more and more as a result. The Russian was completely and utterly gassed.

Finally, a Strickland combination sent the wobbly veteran to the canvas. Strickland followed up with a flurry from top position, forcing his first finish since he stopped Brendan Allen in 2020. If anyone needed proof that Strickland can pummel opponents outside of the Top 10, well, you got it!

Abus Magomedov wasn’t ready for the Strickland barrage. It wasn’t as much fun, but this felt like an old school Nick Diaz overwhelms his power punching opponent type of fight.

Result: Strickland via second-round knockout

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